Getting Lucky with Lucky Ali

I was not a huge fan of Lucky Ali until I was given that masterpiece called ‘Get Lucky’ by my brother. But then, that one cassette changed things for me and Lucky Ali was one of the biggest names in music for me. After some time I reached college and met a guy called Vaidyanathan aka ydntn aka YD (letters going with years), who was mad about Lucky Ali, and who happened to become one of my closest friends in the coming years. I guess at that time, the only thing he ‘actually’ knew about Hindi music was Lucky Ali. Yes, he had literally used up his cassette of Get Lucky and eventually bought another one after some time.

Six and half years down the line, we were all together, some of us college friends, actually for the Aero Show (which I skipped) in Bangalore but also planning to go for the Bryan Adams concert while I got to know from one of the friends that Lucky Ali would also be playing the same night, at UB City. Now, this YD guy and I were decided that we were going for the Lucky Ali show even thought we had got passes for Bryan Adams concert. Eventually, we all went to Lucky Ali and though we couldn’t get to hear Summer of 69, we got lucky with Lucky Ali, and also, Sachin Tendulkar.

Well, let me come to the concert first. When we reached there, there was a band called Junkyard Groove playing there. While I remember not taking the band seriously when they came to VIT when I was there, this time I liked a few of their songs, including a Twinkle Twinkle little star, how much I love you just the way you are. And after JYG were gone, there was Lucky Ali.
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Photography: Getting Started

So what is it all about?

When Harshit asked me if I was interested in writing a small series of posts about something I really like from the bottom of my heart, I took sometime before I said yes.

I had my own questions about my abilities, but then sometimes it’s just dil-logical (straight from the heart).

In this series of posts starting shortly, I will try to cover many aspects of photography, starting from the basics to slightly more advanced topics. Most of them will be from my personal experiences and I may get in some posts from my fellow photographers in

The whole point of this series of posts will be to “promote photography” as an effective way to lead a happier life!

That’s right… we are after all 🙂

Smile Please

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