Mere Brother ki Dulhan: Music Review (Sohail Sen)

Sohail Sen for the first time gets something worthwhile outside Ashutosh Gowariker’s camp, and he looks keen on making it big. Here is a review of his entry into YRF, Mere Brother ki Dulhan.

The album starts with the title song Mere Brother ki Dulhan, a fast paced, quickly addictive, likable number with some interesting lyrics from Irshad Kaamil sung by KK.

I was still in the first song when a chorus broke into some rocky words and Neha Bhasin into Dhunki Dhunki Dhunki laage. While the music is lovely, it’s Neha who surprises me with her lovely singing here. She’s been good in some Salim-Sulaiman songs earlier, in Fashion, as well as Pyaar Impossible, but this could be the song that would restate her entry into Hindi film industry.

The next song Chhoo Mantar is, I would say, a typical Sohail Sen piece, with his signature beats, and if I didn’t know it from the cover, I’d say is sung by him as well. Yes, it’s bad how I still don’t get Benny Dayal’s voice after so many of his songs that I completely love. Aditi Singh Sharma is as soft and husky with her voice here as she always is.

Isq Risk, the next song, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, gives a little small surprise in the beginning as you hear a radio (read AIR) style prologue to the song, telling whose music and words the song has. Sohail Sen’s melody is a bit ’90s in its treatment, but with Rahat singing, the song sounds pretty nice. Irshad Kamil’s words are lovely here.

Ali Zafar’s only entry in the soundtrack, Madhubala is simply enjoyable. I don’t think I want to use any other word for the song. It’s his signature ‘Masti’ that literally shows up here, nicely supported by Shweta Pandit.

Shahid Mallya, another name that is a bit new for me, is growing up quite fast nowadays. After Naina wali Whiskey in Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande and with Mausam lined up for him, it’s the third place I have seen his name in this week, for Do Dhaari Talwar here. The song, with a little Punjabi flavor in it, mostly because of Shahid’s singing style and percussion based arrangements, is quite fast paced and enjoyable, though doesn’t look like very long lasting.

Overall, MBKD is a typical Yashraj album with songs that will be liked instantly by the public. Be it the title song or Dhunki, Isq risk or Madhubala, the composer is quite clear on what he wants the song to do and I feel that it would be a big plus for the movie. Go buy it if you like typical hit soundtracks of Bollywood.

PS: One interesting thing about the album is that even though Yashraj use a new composer here, many of the singers are the ones who have sung a lot for YRF, with their regular composers Salim-Sulaiman, especially Benny Dayal, Neha Bhasin and Shweta Pandit.

Jhoom – Ali Zafar – Music Review

Yashraj Music was launched with a movie which had Indo-Pak ties in its background, Veer Zaara. But now, a bit surprisingly, Yashraj Music actually gets their first private album by a singer from Pakistan, Ali Zafar. Yes, Ali’s third album, Jhoom is out on none other than our very own YRM.

Well, after the small surprise on the cover, I was in for another surprise as I heard the first song, dil jhoom jhoom chale soneya, or simply Jhoom. The song is a Sufi style one, quite different from the songs Ali is known for. And while the song relies less on Western instruments and more on Tabla etc, Ali’s heavy voice (remember teri yaad aayi and jugnuon se bhar le aanchal) makes the song a bit heavy, but good nonetheless. One expects the song to be liked in time as one listens to it.

The second song ‘Tu jaanay na‘ is a lighter one, which Ali sings in that easy going style he has been most popular for. The way instruments in the background are not kept limited to background only, it reminds one of older songs of the industry. Easy on ears, and quite lovable.
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Lafangey Parindey: Music Review (R Anandh)

It’s strange to see how Yash Raj Films suddenly picked an unknown composer called R Anandh for their new project Lafangey Parindey. Lafangey Parindey is the new movie of Pradeep Sarkar who has made Parineeta and Laaga Chunri mein Daag and this time moves to a totally different genre.

The album starts with a rock-ish title song sung by another newcomer called Rohit Sarkar. The song has a punch feel attached to it and Swanand Kirkire’s lyrics quite help that. Nothing great but the song certainly sounds good as a background in the promos. I think good promotion will make the song popular for at least some time, till the release or so.
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Badmaash Company: Music Review

When Pritam composes for YRF, things somehow don’t happen to be his best. At least for past sometime, with an exception of New York to some extent. Dil Bole Hadippa went bad, and Badmaash Company doesn’t look too good, though the soundtrack of Badmaash Company is good enough to hear for some time. Here is a review.
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Pyaar Impossible: Movie Review

It wasn’t really what I was expecting. I thought of a college, a girl, a guy, an impossible love story and the guy running behind the girl while Salim-Sulaiman’s beautiful songs were in the air. Thankfully, Pyaar Impossible isn’t that. The movie has a good story. But since it’s a YashRaj, the kahani gets filmi at times and movie loses a lot of its potential.
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Movie Review: Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year

Warning: Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year is NOT Chak De India.

Rocket Singh is not a typical Yash Raj product. It’s real time, not larger than life, and it has small people. The way Rocket Singh says in the advertisement, 37 percent, with grace marks. So do not expect a Shahrukh Khan who spreads his hands and the world falls between them. Rocket Singh is not about Spiderman, it’s about a salesman.

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YRF vs SRK: Can Uday Beat Him?

If it happens as it is supposed to happen, it will be for the first time in history that Shahrukh Khan will be competing a Yash Raj film.

Yes, Mudassar Aziz’s Dulha Mil Gaya is finally slated for a release on 8th January 2010 and YashRaj’s Pyaar Impossible which is directed by Jugal Hansraj and stars Uday Chopra and Priyanka Chopra seems all set to release on the same date. In fact one song of the movie is already out and my guess is that now it will release on the second Friday of January only.

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10 on 10: Pyaar Impossible

Song: Ten on Ten
Music: Salim-Sulaiman
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan
Singers: Mahua Kamat, Anushka Manchanda, Naresh Kamath

Pyaar Impossible’s 10 on 10 video is out there in the market. The song is sung by Anushka quite well, while the male singer for the song, providing voice for Uday Chopra, is Naresh Kamath who is relatively new. And though the song is not a 10 on 10,since Anvita Dutt Guptan’s lyrics are easy and Salim-Sulaiman’s music is a bit catchy here, it will only need some good promotion by YashRaj to be a hit, and YRF will be most certainly providing that.

So here is the song. Check it out.

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Alisha (Pyaar Impossible): Anushka Manchanda

Composer: Salim-Sulaiman

Singers: Anushka Manchanda, Salim Merchant

Lyrics: Anvita Dutta Guptan

Salim Sulaiman are now the official composers for YashRaj Films. Well, for most of their movies, their BIG projects. And the new name in the list is Pyaar Impossible. The first promo of the movie is out and you can listen to a two and half minute clip of ’Alisha.’ Heard the song just once and loving it. Hope you like it too. The official YRF channel’s video is here:

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