Jhootha Hi Sahi: Music Review

No, it’s never easy to comment on a song composed by Rahman. Reasons are many. For one, they’re never ‘bad.’ You’ll always like them at least a bit even if at the start they sound strangest thing in the world. Secondly, he has built so high reputation and expectations in people’s minds that it’s not easy to get to that level even with the best songs. And then, he has so many fans. But the worst thing is that u can not always be sure of disliking a song of his. Probably that is why he is Rahman.

Anyway, here is a review of his new album, Jhootha hi Sahi.

The album starts with the child’s play called Cry Cry. A song that is going to be a hit simply because of it’s simplicity. Though I didn’t like the lyrics of the song much, the message the song gives is good and Rashid Ali and Shreya’s singing is sweet. Not too good in terms of music, but a likeable thing.
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He’s Such a Loser – Housefull

Housefull might not have turned so good as expected but Vivienne Pocha and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s ‘Loser’ is being loved in the movie. So here come the lyrics of the song. He’s such a Loser.

Haathon ki rekha isse rulayen, kisi rubber se mit na paayen
Life kuch bhi deti nahin hai, badle mein leti hi rahi hai
Such a panauti, such a panauti, duniya mein kahin dekha hi nahin
He’s such a loser, He’s such a loser (o yeah)
He’s such a, such a, such a, such a loser
He’s such a loser, He’s such a loser (o yeah)
He’s such a, such a, such a, such a loser
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Housefull: Music Review (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy)

Housefull’s music is not great. It’s what it is supposed to be – Total Time Pass and Entertaining. Like it, love it, use it, throw it. Well, almost.
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