Tum Chain Ho (Unplugged): Milenge Milenge: Lyrics and More

Ask me which singer gets the best track of Milenge Milenge and the answer may surprise you. At least if you haven’t heard the album. Well, with so many big singers around, if the name of Vineet Singh comes up, it IS big. But surprisingly, his version of Tum Chain ho, the unplugged one, looks like the best song of Milenge Milenge to me.

The song, a simple, sweet composition of Himesh Reshammiya, has its original version sung by Sonu Nigam along with Alka and Suzanne D’Mello while the unplugged version is sung by Vineet. And while Sonu sings the song amazingly like ever, Vineet looks no less and then he gets some more plus points for the calmness and purity of the song. Awesome singing by the guy. Must Listen.
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Milenge Milenge: Music Review

This is something rare. The music is out, but then I couldn’t find the CDs as yet, neither the music was there on Nokia Music Store, so I couldn’t buy it from there either. And then, it wasn’t there for free download. So I’m writing a review based on the 30 seconds Preview tracks I could find.

The first track of the album is a well known, typical Himesh Reshammiya thing, Kuch to baaki hai. The song is a slow, nostalgic, painful one, something like Humko Deewana kar gaye title track. Not bad, at least after a long break as I haven’t heard this type of a song for quite some time now.
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