Agneepath: Music P-review (Ajay-Atul)

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The music of Agneepath is supposed to released in 10 days still, but the promotional tracks are out, somehow the thirty second previews were enough to make me write a review, based on promo track, so you can call it a preview as well.

Kamsin kamariya saali ik thumke se lakh maare, note hazaaron ke khulle chhutta karane aayi. Well, Chikni Chameli, featured on Katrina Kaif, is not just interesting with lyrics, its music is attractive and more than everything, Shreya Ghoshal’s singing is surprising. Gonna wait for the song.

Ajay-Atul. Roop Kumar Rathod. A song that says ‘sehme hue sapne mere haule haule angdaiyaan le rahe, thehre hue lamhe mere nayi nayi gehraiyaan le rahe, zindagi ne pehni hai muskaan.’ Seriously, do you need to know more? Again, I am waiting for the album! 😐

Deva Shree Ganesh is one song that is a little regular, probably because of the subject as well. Reminds me of Don’s bappa moriya, and probably not as zealous, but can’t be sure about the latter in a 30 second preview again.

What again beats me is Sonu Nigam’s Abhi mujh mein kahin. Sonu’s singing is getting worth songs after some long break it seems. Recently he sang a nice song in Lanka and now this. Lovely.

Shah ka Rutba sung by Sukhwinder seemed to be Dabangg pattern from the name, but the song has a different flavor and goes more in Azeem o shaan shehenshah in terms of lyrics, and the music is a little qawwali’ish. Not too great from the promo, but definitely a like.

Gun Gun Guna ye gaana re sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Udit Narayan seems to be a break from Sunidhi’s recent series of (mostly average) item numbers, as the song sounds like a light number. Also, Udit Narayan, who does not feature in the promo track should be something to cheer as he is not generally seen in albums nowadays and lately I have started missing his voice to some extent.

So all in all, Agneepath looks like something that can be bought on the day it gets launched. I don’t think anyone’s going to be disappointed. And yes, Ajay-Atul are definitely here to stay.

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Shivam: Music Review (Ramen Barua)

The album starts with a hopeless sounding Bam Bam Bhole. The song can only give you confidence that you too can compose and write lyrics. And probably sing too.

Gusse mein O soni lagti ho kya is an interesting piece though. There is hardly anything new to the song but the way the old elements are used, they make the song passable. Okay kind. The quality of recording is a questionable thing here. I mean in a time when Farhan Akhtar can sing, I wonder why the singers sound bad here.

The next song, Khoye se tum Khoye se hum, though, is something that would remind you of good old days of ’90s when we listened to Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik singing words which probably had no meaning, or the same meaning all the time. The best I can say about the lyrics is that it was a nice use of Anupraas (alliteration) in khoya-khoya-khoye. Still, not bad, at least giving some standard to the album.

The next song is a solo by Alka Yagnik. Something I am getting to hear after a long, long time. Kyun ye nazrein hain gumsum is probably the second best track in the album. This one is a kinda sad, romantic number, and though a bit too slow by today’s standards, it almost stands out in the album.

And the best track of the album happens to be Zindagi aye zindagi, sung by Shaan and Mahalaxmi Iyer. The song is a heard-so-many-times, effervescent (in a Rajesh Roshan kind of mood) track, where music sounds almost in the background as Shaan and Mahalaxmi almost decide to take the song ahead on their own. Likeable one there.

So overall Shivam is almost as ignorable as I had thought earlier, but not so much as Bam bam bhole had made me think. After Alka’s solo and Shaan-Mahalaxmi number, I’d say the album deserves more than one star, probably one and a half.

Music Review – Life Express – Roop Kumar Rathod

Life express is a lesser known, small movie with music by Roop Kumar Rathod. And as expected, Roop gives some likeable music for the album, though not all that good as I expected. Here is a review.

The album starts with Udit Narayan-Shreya ghoshal’s Pyaar ka Namak. The song is a usual Udit Narayan thing, that sounds a bit like the title of Koi Mil Gaya. Sweet, Simple, but very common.

The second song, Thodi si Kami, is sung by Roop himself. A beautiful composition with some sadness, some philosophy and romance at its very heart, Thodi si Kami appeals and clearly is one of the best of the album. Roop composes and sings the song himself adds to the fullness of it. Worth listening for sure.
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Anjaana Anjaani: Musical Surprise?

Siddharth Anand and Vishal-Shekhar look like in a mood to give some huge surprise with the music of Anjaana Anjaani. After the strange demand of Siddharth, of music being not-good-to-listen-for-the-first-time, there is this soundtrack list which I have got and this too has some surprises in it.

For starters, the album starts with a song sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. Frankly, I don’t remember which was the last album that started like that. The second thing, Vishal Dadlani sings a hopping three out of six songs. Well, personally I’d like Shekhar to sing too, after his bin tere in IHLS, but he’s not there. And yes, as it had to be, Lucky Ali sings yet another song.
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Raftaar: Music Review

Mostly I write reviews to tell people about good music. But there are instances when I have to write to warn people about the things to refrain from. And today is one such day.

So here is this album called Raftaar that I somehow managed to convince myself to listen to once. And the result was as bad as I had not even expected.

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