Tata Docomo: 2+ Years, Benefits going, Network still missing

I bought a Tata Docomo connection the day it was launched in Bangalore. And probably in India as well, which makes me one of the first few thousand customers of Docomo. On that day, there was no reason not to buy it and since I had an extra phone, I went ahead and put the SIM on my secondary phone. And so lovely were the plans of Docomo that within a week, my Airtel SIM was on the secondary phone, and in almost two months, every provider was counting the benefits of one second pulse. And probably that’s the reason I love DoCoMo, besides because it’s a Tata thing.

At that time, Docomo was good mainly because of its plans. The network was not too great, but it was as good as one could expect from a company just launched. It was not there in basements, lifts, remote areas and in some buildings, for example Manipal Hospital was one place where it wasn’t there in almost half the places inside the building.

But things were manageable and with the speed Docomo was putting their towers, I had expected that maximum within a year they’d have network as good as Airtel or Vodafone.

Guess I was wrong.
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The Second Revolution

Tata DocomoIndian telecommunication has evolved through revolutions. While most of these revolutions were started by Reliance, first by Mukesh and then by Anil, this ‘Second’ revolution is definitely brought about by Tata Docomo.

Reliance gets the credit of getting us phones for Rs 500. Reliance gets the credit for forcing phone manufacturers to reduce their prices too. Reliance made calls cheap enough for an anybody to talk on phone. And when BSNL joined in, telecommunication in India truly expanded as even villages got cellular coverage.

But it’s been years since there was no progress in the telecom sector other than hopping increases in the number of subscribers every month. Yes, we have more than

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