How to use Google’s Real Time Search

Today I was in an experiment mode. So I just went in and started Googling for my own Twitter updates on the Google real time search. And when I was putting up the results on Twitter, I got to know that many don’t know how the Real Time Search of Google works. So I’m giving the steps to do the real time searches on Google.

First thing, there is no new URL for Google’s Real Time search. Not that I know of, at least. I’m searching real time with the regular Google. Here is HOW:

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Bangalore Screenwriting Workshop

Ever had a great story in your head that you thought could be made into a film but never knew how to do it? Do you have a penchant for telling stories? Sitting in your office cubicle, your bed, bathroom or the neighborhood park and wondering how to turn your story into a screenplay and then on to the screen? Here is an opportunity for you to realize that dream.

Saurabh Shukla. Ruchi Narayan. Manish Gupta. Devika Bhagat. And finally, Rajat Kapoor. Screenplay writers for Satya, Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi, Sarkar, Manorama 6 Feet Under, and Mithya.

It’s a bit difficult to believe, but finally it’s coming true. The Bangalore Screenwriting Workshop is here. With the biggies named here as mentors.

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