Why I Do Not Give Star Ratings to Music Reviews

Whenever we review something, we decide how it is on the basis of stars. And we expect the same when we read a review. But I still do not prefer to give star ratings to my music reviews (many times I don’t rate even movies with stars, but I do not have a problem with that, and sometimes I do rate movies with star ratings).

I have got suggestions from some of my readers that I should give star ratings to my album reviews. But somehow, I do not feel like doing that. Here are my reasons for that.

Firstly, I feel that every song is a different song and so I do not put ratings for entire albums, as I feel individual songs get lost if there are good songs in bad albums.

For example, if a 2 star album has a 5 star song, there is hardly a chance many people will get to know about it

To try and reduce the burden though, I write about what songs one should try while summarizing every album n u can find every songs name in bold in the review. So u can just read the Summary n get to know about the album.

Also, mostly my n publics reaction depend a lot on the expectations from an album. This relativity cannot be adjusted with stars as the star rating has to be similar throughout a platform.

Basically, stars give a quick idea of things, but they fail to reach the motive of this blog in many ways. Hence, I avoid stars.

I just want u to read three or four sentences summary to know about an album. I hope u would understand what I am trying to do and cooperate with that.

Thanks for the visits, appreciations, comments and suggestions. Keep visiting the blog and loving it.

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi Ratings

After winning the best movie award at the New York South Asian International Film Festival, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi has become a hot property. And now that the movie is out, so are all reviews. Here is a brief analysis.

Taran Adarsh trashes yet another movie with RGBG as he gives the movie a mere one and half. CNN IBN’s Rajeev Masand is better in the choice of his words and gives a balanced review but his rating of 2 sounds a bit low after his words. Times of India’s both reviewers, Gaurav Malani, and a later updated Nikhat, both give the movie a good review with a 3. Anupama Chopra on NDTV almost trashes the movie as she gives away almost entire movie in the review (worst part) even though she gives the movie a 2. By the way, although the end of Anupama’s review is a spoiler I would not like to discuss, it’s something she has rightly found through her sharp eye (The Navneet Nishan story).

Personally, even with its slow pace, I liked the movie. As Rajeev says, the movie somewhere lacks the energy, I quite agree with his words but am not ready to agree that the movie is bad, or bad enough to be given a 2 at least. May be the reason for Rajeev’s (or even other reviewers’ too) bad response is that they thought of it as a full fledged comedy which may change opinions. Anyway, my personal opinion on the movie is Good, that means a 3 out of 5.

3 Idiots Rating

After I review a movie, a common question asked is, ‘What is your rating for the movie?’ as I don’t put ratings in my reviews. So here I launch the star ratings on my blog with 3 Idiots. Here I’ll not talk about review, the review will be separate and here I’ll give just the ratings.

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