dhan dhan dharti re – Vande Mataram (Raajneeti)

Shankar Mahadevan. Sonu Nigam. Gulzar. Wayne Sharpe. and Vande Mataram. Don’t u know it’s going to be something even before you hear this one?

Well, let me explain a bit. Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti has a song that is based on Vande Mataram and has been composed/arranged by Wayne Sharpe, the American composer who has composed tracks for Jha’s Gangaajal and Apharan before this. He also created the background music for ‘Lahore’.

The words for the song are set by none other than Gulzar who has kept words quite close to Vande Mataram while giving them a more earthy touch by using simpler words. Of course, there is more to the song that just the words from Vande Mataram but then, you can some up the words as ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘bow to thee, mother’. Touching lyrics from Gulzar once again.
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Apartment: Music Review (Bappa Lahiri)

Apartment, Rent at Your Own Risk definitely looks like a ‘watch at your own risk’ movie. The music for the film is composed by Bappa Lahiri. Here is a review of the album.

The problem of Bappa Lahiri till date seems to be the lack of newness. He has not been able to give much new with an exception of Jai Veeru. Apartment looks like a continuation of the same as there is not much really fresh though there are a few songs about and above average.
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Jaane Kahan se aayi hai: Music Review

Sajid-Wajid touched a high with Veer but it seems they won’t be able to maintain that high for long. Still, Jaane Kahan se aayi hai is a bit better than their average work before Veer. The album has just four songs and two remixes which are more or less all okay. Here is a review.
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Prem kaa Game: music review

Raju Singh’s music means mostly catchy tunes, and Prem kaa game is no exception. This time he comes up with some big names like Sonu, Sunidhi, Shreya, Javed Ali and even Vishal Dadlani. The result is nothing great but he manages to make an average album. Here is a review.
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Cham Cham: Striker (Sonu Nigam) Lyrics, meanings

Cham Cham Jani Ratein of Siddharth’s Striker is one of the best songs of Sonu Nigam I have heard in past some time. It’s a romantic song while the music of the song has a Sufi touch and it has been set in a qawwali tone. The best part of the song, besides Sonu’s singing, is the qawwali claps of the song which give the music a moving and stopping, kind of restricted rhythm. The lyrics of the song, written by Jeetendra Joshi, are wonderful. And so is Shailendra Barve’s music.

Here are the lyrics of the song, all typed on my own, as there were no lyrics available online still.
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Striker: Music Review

Striker is the new movie of actor Siddharth, the guy known for Rang De Basanti among Hindi cinema followers. The music for the album is created by various composers from Vishal Bharadwaj to Amit Trivedi to AR Rahman’s favorite Blaaze to Yuvan Shankar Raja who is composer of many Tamil and Telugu albums.

The best thing about the album is that it has six different composers and still manages to be good. Something that is not really common with music albums.
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Toh Baat Pakki: Music Review (Pritam)

The cast of Toh Baat Pakki might not give big hopes about the movie but the songs seem worth a try with music composed by Pritam and songs sung by Mika, Sonu, Rahat, Shilpa Rao, Javed Ali.

The album opens with a happy-go-lucky Jis din mera Biyah Hovega by Mika. The song is somewhat like Bhootni ke (Singh is Kinng) without the bad words. The song is full of masti and looks like it will rock the marriage parties like anything if it gets some publicity. Full marks to Mika for the singing.

By the way, check for any similarities of the song with tauba ye matwali chaal, jhuk jaaye phoolon ki daal. Just in case.
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3 Idiots: Review

The review doesn’t have the story, but some little points about it.If you want to avoid spoilers completely, leave the parts appearing between <spoiler> and </spoiler> tags.

Do you know what is Aamir Khan paradox? Simple. It’s unfortunate that we make a movie on college students with a 44 year old Aamir Khan, not believing any young actor to be able to perform the role and wondering how a 44 year old will look 22 (actually even less, 17-18 if you talk of first year of engineering) but end of the day he performs there and fortunately, looking 22 or not, he manages to make himself fit in the role, not even making people think if the role demanded a younger actor, of the age of Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan.

Yes. 3 Idiots is a good film, though solely for entertainment. And this, too, belongs to Aamir Khan aka Rancho.

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Veer Music Review

Salman Khan’s Veer was my first surprise of the year. When I saw the credits, I was surprised, nah, almost shocked to see the name of Rekha Bharadwaj and Sharib-Toshi with Shabaab Sabri, and I confirmed again that it was composed by Sajid-Wajid. And it was. And then, I heard it. Yes, it was a surprise. So here is my music review of Veer.

Composers: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Gulzar
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Dulha Mil Gaya: Music Review

I doubt if Jatin or Lalit alone will be able to reach the level of Jatin-Lalit. But they are trying. And here is one of those tries. Lalit Pandit composes for Shahrukh Khan-Sushmita Sen starrer, Mudassar Aziz’s Dulha Mil Gaya, which turns out to be a good album with a mixture of old and new tastes. Here is a review of the album.

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Kurbaan: Music Review

It was something I was waiting for a long time now. And now that it has reached me, I think it should reach you too. So here we go, with my review of Kurbaan’s music, that happens to be the third release of Salim Sulaiman in this year.

Shukran Allah: You hear the chorus, you love the music. You hear Sonu, you love the song. A wonderful love song by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal with a beautiful chorus and Salim Merchant for backing vocals. Listen to this and you’ll be found trying to sing the wordsShukran Allah Walahamidulillah soon.

Dua: In dua, Salim-Sulaiman bring the Fatak combination, Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher along with Marianne DCruz Aiman for background vocals. Dua hai dua hai is again a good song with music lying somewhere between a spiritual song and a dance number. In fact the same can be said about the song’s lyrics too.

Ali Maula: In the third song, Ali Maula, that happens to be the only song in the album with a remix, Salim Merchant has done almost aMaula mere le le meri jaan again. Though, this time he doesn’t have a Krishna with him and he has sung the song alone. The lyrics of the song are a bit more Urdu-ish than Maula mere. But the song goes deep and will turn out to be one with longer shelf life. Good again.

Rasiya: Background music is important. Not just in movies but in songs too. Yes, the specialists of background music have almost added background music to a semi-classical song sung by Shruti Pathak. The song will be liked in its own time and not everyone is going to like this part-classical thing. But I’d have to say, Salim-Sulaiman are great.

Kurbaan Hua: Even if it’s not rock, it’s rocking. Vishal Dadlani sings this rock-like-Bollywood-song for Salim-Sulaiman this time and I can tell you, not after listening to the song but after seeing the trailer itself that the song is going to be a hit.

Ali Maula Remix: I generally don’t write about remixes nowadays but since Kurbaan has just one remix and fashion had some good remixes, I was tempted to write this one. Well, the remix starts bad, but as it nears the mid of the seek bar, it goes a bit better, and then starts going bad again and experiments done don’t save the remix. In short, the remix by Abhijit Vaghani was not much was required, not at least with the song. They could have better done it with Shukran Allah but they probably wouldn’t have not tried to take that risk with the superb song.

Overall, with just five songs, Kurbaan is a wonderful album which has not just good songs but quite a variety available. Where Shukran Allah is a love song as good as Jatin-Lalit used to make, Ali Maula gives the album a serious tone and Rasiya gives the album a light classical touch. And finally it all completes with a rocking song by Vishal. Ten on Ten. Can say that.