Suno Aisha…

If you think Amit Trivedi is all rock, think again. The Dev.D guy is into a full-fledged filmy mode this time and as you hear a peppy Suno Aisha, you can’t stop humming the words. If you haven’t heard the song, I can give you a rough idea of the song, say it’s somewhat like Jaane Kyun of Dostana, somewhat like Jab mila tu, somewhat like Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, and still unique.

If you still want to know more, listen to the song. 🙂

Here are the lyrics of the song.

Tum ho kamaal, tum bemisaal, tum lajawab ho aisha
Aisi haseen ho, jis ko choo lo usko haseen kar do
Tum sochti ho duniya mein koi bhi kyun kharaab ho aisha
Tum chahati ho tum koi rang har zindagi mein bhar do, bhar do

Nikli ho likhne kismat ki seekhi apni hi dhun mein tum aisha
Yeh shauk kya hai, yeh zid hai kaisi, itna bata do humko
Suljaane mein tum auron ki uljhane, hoti ho jo ghum aisha
Apni bhi koi uljhan ko door kar ke dikha do humko
Suno aisha, itna to tum bhi samjho
Aisha, tum chahe jitna chaho
Aisha, tum jitni koshish kar lo
Aisha, tum sa na hoga koi…
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Suno Aisha…”

Shaam bhi koi – Aisha

And, as expected, Amit Trivedi does it. I was not even done with listening to Amit’s Udaan, and his Aisha is here. As per my rule, I decided to go for Amit’s self sung Shaam first, and the song just bowled me over. It’s a soft piece with Javed Akhtar’s matching lyrics. The song reminded me of Aamir and when I heard it the first time, there were times when I thought ‘here it goes into rock mode’, but the song never did. Soft, soulful, and Amit Trivedi’s typical. Well done by Neuman Pinto n Amit. Here are the lyrics of the song.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Shaam bhi koi – Aisha”

Bin Tere – I Hate Luv Storys

I was absolutely in love with the song from the very first time I heard Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan singing ‘hai kya jo tere mere darmiyaan hai’ and right through the song I kept loving him, until Sunidhi comes up to sing ‘raah mein roshni ne hai kyun haath chhoda’ which sounds like something additional to the song. The song is actually a sad, kinda mourning piece in a high note mode. Something that reminds me of KK’s songs from Bas ek Pal. Also, I felt a tinge of tumhi dekho na for a second or two in the beginning of the song.

Whatever I felt, the only thing that matters is that the song is a wonderful piece of music that you would love to listen to. Simply go for it.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Bin Tere – I Hate Luv Storys”

Bollywood Sucks T-shirts Sold Here!

No. I’m not changing my blog to a shopping website. In fact I’m sorry if the misleading title actually did mislead you. But then, I love I Hate Luv Stories and I loved the Bollywod Sucks T-shirt so much that I will surely be wearing it if I get one somewhere. Yes, I’m looking for a billboard saying ‘Bollywood Sucks Tees Sold Here!’

Frankly, I didn’t fall head over heals for the very first promo of IHLS, but then the way Imran goes What the F… after ‘ek ladki thi deewani si.. aur main bas yehi keh paata tha,’ I just loved that.

Yes Imran, Raj was never really my hero, but with Bollywood sucks, you have a better chance. 😛

bas pyaar ka naam na lena, I hate Luv Storys

Ek ladki thi deewani si, ek ladke pe wo marti thi, jab bhi milti thi mujhse, mujhse poochha karti thi,
pyaar kaise hota hai, ye pyaar kaise hota hai?
aur main, yahi keh paata tha.. What the f…..

I wonder if there could be a better start to the movie, or say, the trailer too. Imran Khan’s much awaited I Hate Luv Stories, Oops, Storys (It took me months to write The Pursuit of HappYness, n yes, it’s LUV storys here, not even LOVE).

“Love jaisa kuch nai hota, it’s like.. Bhagwan”, “Tum Raj ko apna bhagwan maanti ho, usme rab dikhta hai?” sound good coming from Imran Khan in the movie and I think you can expect more like that in the movie. And then, to top it all, Vishal Dadlani sings a catchy, foot-tapping “Mil gaye jo chhora chhori, hui masti thodi thodi, bas pyaar ka naam na lena, I hate Love Stories.” Hopes from Vishal-Shekhar’s music going up again. Enjoy the trailer.