Secrets (Ruskin Bond): Book Review

Secrets. Yet another book by Ruskin Bond. I saw the book at Flipkart website and I ordered it without even realizing that it was a story book. But then again, it hardly matters whether it’s stories or novels. When it comes to Ruskin, especially when he writes about his beloved Dehra, anything is everything is just unbelievable.

By now you must have understood how great a fan of Bond I am. Still, I’ll try to give an unbiased review of the book. But then again, a fan is a fan, so no guarantees attached.

The one hundred and fifty page book has seven stories, out of which, the first, called The Canal, was one of the best. Even the story doesn’t have so much of a ‘story,’ Ruskin is just superbly natural when it comes to depicting his childhood, when he talks about things he did with friends.
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