Ghost: Music Review (Toshi-Sharib)

I don’t know how many today are interested in listening to an album with Shiney Ahuja as the main lead of its movie. But I certainly have interest in listening to a Toshi-Sharib album. And hence, a review.

Toshi and Akram Sabri’s Jalwanuma shows the good and the bad of the brothers. The song is just like almost all the other hits from the brothers, but still the song sounds as nice as any of them and sticks like anything. Basically, couldn’t help liking it, even with nothing new in it.

The next song, Sunidhi’s Aaja Khatam Sabr kar de, is a nice number again, and though the song doesn’t have anything too interesting or new, it’s a simple, nice number on a good melody.

Song number three Salame Salame gets Shaan singing with Sharib. And the song is the type that would need quite some publicity before it can be popular, which I presume is not gonna be there easily. Shaan almost gets into the color of Sharib-Toshi here. And yeah, I was wondering how come so many of Shaan’s song have that word ’tishnagi.’

The next singer happens to be Javed Ali, who in Dil ke Liye once again sounds a lot like Sonu Nigam, especially in the higher notes. In fact Javed’s singing here, though quite good, reminds me of Kumar Sanu and even hints of Udit Narayan. Still, the song doesn’t sound like coming from ’90s, but has effects of Toshi-Sharib quite clear. Still, worth listening to.

The last song of the album Kahan hai tu is sung by Sharib alone. The rock number with some sad lyrics has some nice sounds that make it worth a listen again.

Overall, Ghost is a VERY Sharib-Toshi album with almost nothing new but still almost everything very much listenable. Somehow Sharib-Toshi are still able to maintain interest in their songs even with their repetitive style. Big deal I guess.

Phhir: Music Review (Sharib-Toshi, Raghav Sachar)

The album starts with Sharib singing Yaadein, a song that goes in the typical Bhatt style, but with slight deviations from track, making it a little different, in a good way. Though the touches of Jashnn are there in the song, it does sound pretty good.

The second song, Satrangi Sathiya, sung by Toshi is a little more on the track and sounds more like a typical song, say maahi of Jashnn or Haal-e-dil or Murder 2. But then, the song sounds good and that is what matters. Can go for this one. Tried and tested.

Raghav Sachar’s first composition for the album, love is all I got is a nice one, with a likeable melody, and his typical style, with Hindi and English words mixed together. Like again.

The next by Raghav isn’t so good though. Karma Queen, sung by Sunidhi is quite unimaginative and boring. Could have been avoided I guess.

The next song, Gumsum by Shreya, is another feather in the cap of today’s melody queen, mainly because of the way she takes the song almost on her own. A nice composition by Raghav Sachar, a little unlike him, and well sung by Shreya. Try it, especially if you like the slow ones.

The last song Loot, from Raghav again, and sung by Neha Bhasin and Jankee Parikh with him starts kind of nicely but goes into have-heard-it-earlier mode quite soon and though Raghav seems to try hard with the arrangements, the song doesn’t impress too much. Passable for now, may consider with some promotion.

Overall, the album is okay with some typical Bhatt songs (the ones by young Sabri Brothers) which sound as good as they always do, and some good try by Raghav as well, especially in gumsum.

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Veer Music Review

Salman Khan’s Veer was my first surprise of the year. When I saw the credits, I was surprised, nah, almost shocked to see the name of Rekha Bharadwaj and Sharib-Toshi with Shabaab Sabri, and I confirmed again that it was composed by Sajid-Wajid. And it was. And then, I heard it. Yes, it was a surprise. So here is my music review of Veer.

Composers: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Gulzar
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