dhan dhan dharti re – Vande Mataram (Raajneeti)

Shankar Mahadevan. Sonu Nigam. Gulzar. Wayne Sharpe. and Vande Mataram. Don’t u know it’s going to be something even before you hear this one?

Well, let me explain a bit. Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti has a song that is based on Vande Mataram and has been composed/arranged by Wayne Sharpe, the American composer who has composed tracks for Jha’s Gangaajal and Apharan before this. He also created the background music for ‘Lahore’.

The words for the song are set by none other than Gulzar who has kept words quite close to Vande Mataram while giving them a more earthy touch by using simpler words. Of course, there is more to the song that just the words from Vande Mataram but then, you can some up the words as ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘bow to thee, mother’. Touching lyrics from Gulzar once again.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “dhan dhan dharti re – Vande Mataram (Raajneeti)”

Shankar n Ali Zafar sing Ullu da Pattha in Tere Bin Laden?

Now that sounds like something big n worth waiting for. And I am getting desperate to hear this song that is supposedly sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Pakistan’s Prince Pop Ali Zafar. The song is called Ullu da Patha and is featured in the movie Tere Bin Laden, where Ali Zafar is playing lead. The music for the song is composed by none other than Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

The movie, also starring Piyush Mishra, is due for release on 16th July, 2010 and the music release is expected soon as reportedly told by Ali Zafar.

Akriti: Music Review (Akriti Kakkar)

I didn’t have much hopes when I started listening to Akriti Kakkar’s debut album, Akriti. But then, I liked the first song I heard from the album. And liked some of the songs quite enough, so much so that I decided to keep some pending things there and first write about ‘Akriti’.

The album opens with Mehrmaa ve, composed by Shankar Mahadevan. The song is a slow, good song with an oldie touch. Akriti sings the song well even though it’s not the best song of the album and the girl fares better in some forthcoming songs.

Gazab, the second song of the album, is the first composition of Akriti Kakar in the album. The song is not great but certainly good for a first time composer of 23 years of age. The composition reminds me of Sona’s aaja ve, mostly in terms of its programming. An average song, that you will like if you listen to it a few times.

The next song, Chhoone do, is again composed by Akriti herself and written by Neelsh Misra. Now this is an impressive composition by the singer and arrangers/programmers Tubby and Parik keep the music light there. A well composed, well written, and overall impressive song.

Na re na na re was the best song of the album the first time I heard it, without much pondering. The words might remind you of Guru but the song has nothing to do with that na na re. The only thing that matches is that even this one is a wonderful song to listen to. Interestingly, even though composed by Shankar Mahadevan, the song feels like coming from A R Rahman’s school of music, the soft madness it is composed with. No disrespect intended to Shankar; he has certainly created some good stuff. Good work by Gulraj Singh on arrangement and programming.

Dil vi diwana tera is an old, traditional Punjabi song that Akriti tries to sing and does sing pretty well, except that she seems to be trying too hard in some places to get that authentic Punjabi touch. No questions about the song that sounds perfect in its place. Good work by Akriti but she still has a long way to go. (The song is credited as a tribute to Noorjehan ji on the album cover)

The next song, Taabeez, is again a composition by Akriti, this time with a slight touch of Arabic style. The composition needs some full throated singing and the singer seems to do it quite well for herself.

The last song of the album Chal kahin sang mere is a soft, techno song with some good beats. A good, likeable song.

Overall, ‘Akriti’ turns out to be something much above my negligible expectations and certainly worth a try. The album is not very great when compared to those launched by biggies but certainly above an average debut album. Also, the album establishes Akriti Kakar as more than just a singer as she manages to come up with some decent to good tunes of her own. Now I have some expectations from the girl.