Badmaash Company: Music Review

When Pritam composes for YRF, things somehow don’t happen to be his best. At least for past sometime, with an exception of New York to some extent. Dil Bole Hadippa went bad, and Badmaash Company doesn’t look too good, though the soundtrack of Badmaash Company is good enough to hear for some time. Here is a review.
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Bekaraar (Paathshaala): Lucky Ali: Lyrics n More

Lucky Ali is back with a bang. While he is in the process of launching his album Xsuie online, he can be found in Paathshala too, singing Bekaraar in his well known style. The song, Bekaraar, is a good composition of Hanif Sheikh that suits Lucky’s voice well. The lyrics are good and though the song has only one Antara, one almost falls in love with the song listening to it for the first time as Lucky Ali sings in his typical, lovable voice that has such a huge fan following.

If I am sounding incoherent, just stop reading and go listening. Here are the lyrics of Bekaraar.
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Chance pe Dance: Movie Review

It’s predictable. It’s typical, old Bollywood material, with hardly anything new. As they say, Kahani poori filmi hai. It doesn’t have absolutely stunning performances. But Chance pe Dance is watchable, at least if you have nothing better to do, or, if you are a fan of Shahid’s dance.
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