Bhindi Bazaar Inc. Music Review (Sandeep Surya)

The album opens with Akkad Bakkad sung by Suraj Jagan. The song is a parody of many things and almost every word in the song seems to remind of something or the other. Though, interestingly, the song sounds new even with pieces from Kishore Kumar’s songs to what not.

The next, maaldaar ki jeb, is more interesting in its singing and lyrics more than anything else. Tochi Raina, the man who has sung some wonderful songs, sings this one in a different style. A second different in a row.

After two ‘different’ songs, a classical sounding aa ja re piya is definitely music to ears. Well sung by Sandeep Goswami and Shweta Pandit, the song almost reminds me of kaare kaare badra of Mirch in the way it’s arranged, though Shankar Mahadevan was an added advantage in the latter. Anyway, a worth listening to song.

The next comes Taan ke Seena which is sung by Shibani Kashyap in her well known style, but the lyrics of the song are a bit on the other side, more of real-life lyrics instead of her more common-popular romantic ones. Okay, but probably Sunidhi could be a better choice for this one.

The last song of the album, Kitni Baatein, sung by Roop Kumar Rathod is a deeply sad one and Roop seems drowned in the depths of the song right from the start. A good, but very slow and quite sad number, that is not for everyone. Should work well as a background song in the movie.

Overall, Bhindi Bazaar is not really a musical, but the songs are good enough to be liked at least in the movie. Most of the songs have an instant appeal, especially the first two ‘different’ ones. If you like to check out new things, I’d say it’s worth a try.