Movie Review: Rann: Yeah, Rann Hai!

If you ask me how many stars I would give to Rann, I won’t go for anything less than four if I gave a four to 3 Idiots. The movie may have it’s own shortcomings, which even 3i had, and may not even be that entertaining, but then, it’s not always about entertainment, as the movie itself says.

Rann is a lot. It’s a good movie on a good topic. It’s Ram Gopal Varma back to the form; quite as he was in Sarkar. It’s an actor’s wonderful entry in Bollywood (though he was in Phoonk and is a well known Kannada hero). And above all these, it’s something that we should see.
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Rann Music Review

Ram Gopal Varma has never been known for music in his movies, if existing. Rann is no exception. Rann has seven songs, which are not to be sung and danced on, but to be played in the background of the movie. The only problem is that like the news channels he’s making the movie on, the lyrics of the some songs are way too blunt.

The music composers for the film are Bapi-Tutul, a regular with RGV; Amar Mohile, one of the most popular background composers; Sanjeev Kohli, and singer Jayesh Gandhi.

The only point worth mentioning is that the song Jan Gan Man Rann is not there in the soundtrack of the movie. Here is the detail about the rest.

Besharam is a 3 minute song sung by Abhishek Naiwal who had earlier sung a wonderful song called Jalte Hain in Sorry Bhai. Here the song is completely different. The song is the type of Gulaal’s Aarambh, but, stop, it’s almost a thousandth part (or maybe less) of the Piyush Misra’s wonder.
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