Na Ghar ke Na Ghaat ke: Music Review

And then, I found this album called Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke, composed by Lalit Pandit. So here is a music review.

The album starts with the title song, Na Ghar ke Na Ghaat ke munna, sung by Remo Fernandes, who is singing rarely for Bollywood movies for quite some time. The song gets me quite some hope as it starts, but it gets kind of confused in between as the antara goes banal and Remo alone struggles to make the song what it started as, not really succeeding to get the same effect as comes in the first minute of the song. Still the song is a good try by Lalit and makes me feel that if he tries to do new things like this and does that with persistence, the results can be good. Try and listen to the song 2-3 times and then decide if you liked it. It may be a bit loud, but it’s not bad.
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