Jhootha Hi Sahi: Music Review

No, it’s never easy to comment on a song composed by Rahman. Reasons are many. For one, they’re never ‘bad.’ You’ll always like them at least a bit even if at the start they sound strangest thing in the world. Secondly, he has built so high reputation and expectations in people’s minds that it’s not easy to get to that level even with the best songs. And then, he has so many fans. But the worst thing is that u can not always be sure of disliking a song of his. Probably that is why he is Rahman.

Anyway, here is a review of his new album, Jhootha hi Sahi.

The album starts with the child’s play called Cry Cry. A song that is going to be a hit simply because of it’s simplicity. Though I didn’t like the lyrics of the song much, the message the song gives is good and Rashid Ali and Shreya’s singing is sweet. Not too good in terms of music, but a likeable thing.
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Cry Cry, Itna Cry…

Beautiful. After a so-techno and confusing Robot, A R Rahman does something so simple and almost magical with the ever-so-sweet and innocent tune of cry cry itna cry in Jhootha hi Sahi. The song and the music are no big bang, and all he has done is make something that sounds ‘cute’, arranged some pretty light music and added two sweet voice singers. And the result is a tune that just goes and sits in the ‘to be hummed’ section of one’s mind. I love it.

Though, what I don’t love in the song is the try-too-hard lyrics of the song. In order to keep the rhyming, Abbas Tyrewalla, who is lyricist for the movie too, has added almost any word, way too unnecessarily at times. For example, the lines with chaanta and kaanta have no absolutely nothing to do with each other and the kaanta line almost breaks the entire flow of the talk, but he’s put it there to rhyme. Again, raatein and baatein are made to rhyme with an non-existent word haalaatein. Frankly, Haalaat is a plural for haal and there’s no meaning of Haalatein. Rest of the song, it’s all good. Rashid Ali sounds real, while Shreya sounds sooo-sweet.

Here are the lyrics and their meaning.

Jaane Kahan se aayi hai: Music Review

Sajid-Wajid touched a high with Veer but it seems they won’t be able to maintain that high for long. Still, Jaane Kahan se aayi hai is a bit better than their average work before Veer. The album has just four songs and two remixes which are more or less all okay. Here is a review.
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