Shaitan: Music Review (Prashant Pillai, Ranjit Barot & others)

The opening ‘Baali‘ starts in a slightly Raavan’ish way, but the music turns such that you feel it’s all new. The music is quite techno and even gets telugu’ish in between. But the sounds are definitely used well. I suppose this one will fit people’s minds as what they are calling it, the Sound of Shaitan. Nice.

The next, Nasha, sung by composer Prashant Pillai along with Bindu Nambiar is again on the same track and continues the hazy effect that was present in the first one. But then this one has some singing as well and sounds comparatively more normal. I’m not sure how this hazy effect will sound in longer term but for now it sounds pretty interesting. Guess will sound good in longer run too.
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Muskura ke Dekh Zara: Music Review

Ranjit Barot has always been one of my underrated favorites because of the freshness he generally adds to music. And even though most of his soundtracks are completely non-popular movies, I enjoy some of them quite a lot, Holiday being the most prominent. Muskura ke dekh Zara again has some fresh tracks while some of the tracks have the same flavor as his previous work. Here is a review of the album.
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