Living in a Van

It would be nice. A middle-class family might think it would be nice to have an in-ground swimming pool. A millionaire might think it would be nice to have a yacht. The billionaire, a private jet. Someone, somewhere might think it would be nice to have food to feed her family tonight. Someone, somewhere might think it would be nice to live in a van in order to afford to go to a wonderful school. I could begin satisfying my desires and buying comforts, but I’ve learned to appreciate what little I have instead of longing for what I do not.

An adventure of loving in a van by a debt-ridden US student. Read it here.

Rocket Singh ka Take Off Formula

Let me ask you a question. On an average, how long before the release of a movie do you get its songs? A month? two months? More??

OK. Let me give some recent examples. Kurbaan released on 20th November, while you can see my review of Kurbaan dated 12th October here. De dana dan is due for a release on 27th November, but I had written a review for its music on 3rd November, some 24 days before the release. 3 Idiots is going to release on 25th December, but I had the album in my hand on 17th October itself. And even Paa, a movie that had not shown Amitabh’s face until 4th November evening, released its music more than 15 days before the release. No questions about Radio, whose song are on air for months now.

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Pizza, Pasta, me

It seems I am very much inspired by Shashi Tharoor’s Elephant, Tiger and Cellphone. That could be the only explanation of my every fourth blog post title being in three words. Anyways, this time it’s about Domino’s Pizza delivery services and me and since I could not think of anything else, I titled the post on Pizza, Pasta and me, the main three chracters of this story, as I do not know the name of the guy at the Domino’s.

Well, it’s been some time since Domino’s has been giving tempting advertisements on their newly found product, Domino’s pastas. Of course, they have tried to make the advertisements such that if you are hungry (or even if you’re not, do they care), you just pick up the phone, dial their number, and order a Pasta.

But if you actually do that, the answer would be “Sorry Sir, we do not deliver side orders”, or something like that.

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Convenience is Free

This is a cashless world. Or as some people say it more intellectually, this is a Plastic world. Well, yes, if people like me who possess no Credit cards and not even a flashy Visa Electron or something debit card, roaming with just an SBI Maestro survive without cash in most places, the world is quite cashless.

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