The Dirty Picture: Music Review (Vishal-Shekhar)

..and Vishal-Shekhar are almost back to being Vishal-Shekhar.

Ooh la la is, as it is supposed to sound, does sound like an average famous song of ’80s n earlier ’90s. Bappi Lahiri is a nice choice for the song and Shreya is not even questionable. The ‘gira ke apna pallu’ part is a total twenty-years-ago material. Awesomeness in its own way.

The first notes of Ishq Sufiana remind me of badmash dil, but from the very rendering of ‘rab ki kawali hai’ the song sounds like making of something big. The song is definitely nice, but as of now I am loving Sunidhi’s female version of the song more, a rare thing as I mostly prefer male versions of songs, just an observation. At the same time would like to tell that Kamal sings really well (expected after his performances in Saregamapa) for a new singer.
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Music Review: Help: New-neW Thing

Remember that sweet movie called Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar aka MP3? There was this awesome title track sung by KK and some more beautiful songs, composed by Ashu-Dhruv, Ashutosh Phatak and Dhruv Ghanekar if you explain. The two guys also worked with Kailash Kher on summertime rocks and are well known for their Blue Frog in Mumbai.

Anyway, out of this Dhruv-Ashu/Ashu-Dhruv, Dhruv Ghanekar had given music for Drona almost two years ago. And now, Ashutosh Phatak is coming with his composed album for this horror movie called Help. And I like this one. Here is a review.

The album starts with Kehna hai. And as the music plays, you know why Dhruv and Ashu are/were together, as the song starts quite similar to Teri Bandagi, the best one from Drona. Though, as you move forward into the song, the songs go on different lines. This one is sung by Joi Barua, the man who is known for his songs with Amit Trivedi, along with Suzanne D’Mello. Good one.

The second song, kyun Gum Hain Khushiyaan is a different piece. I don’t think this one is for those who love only the old typical model of Hindi movie songs, but if you welcome change, this might well be your thing. The song with a good rock base, and kind of away from the typical Mukhda-Antara thing, the song is not short and gets even repetitive inside as gum hain khushiyaan khushiyan gum hain keeps going on and on and on. But somehow it’s addictive and you grow to love it. At least I did. In love with this one. The new thing for sure.

The next song is the title track, Help, sung by Rana Majumder, a Pritam regular this time. With him comes a Barkha who is interesting to hear to. Made on the old beat model, the song has heavy beats, giving you a DJ feel but somehow this one is done pretty well and even with the typical and so-heard-type beats, the song is likable and a good hear, from the first time. Quite electronic a song, but at the end of the day, it sounds good and that is what matters.

The last thing from the album is a two minute piece called Incubated, and its the one full of rock. I’m not deep into rock but my guess is that lovers of Hard Rock will love this one, and will surely welcome this type of thing coming to Bollywood.

Overall, Help is a small, but good, and quite appreciably, new album. Must hear if you like to experiment with your music or love those who do experiment with theirs.

Best things: Kehna hai, Kyun gum hain khushiyaan.

Hello Darling: Music Review (Pritam)

Pritam is something like the name of a national Cricket team. Just like countries have a national team and then a second grade national ‘A’ team for some tours, we have ‘Pritam’s music’ and then ‘Pritam A’s music’ for some movies. This one is Pritam A.

I was wondering if I should even listen to the album but then I thought of Sharman Joshi and Tabu’s Toh Baat Pakki and decided to give it a shot. Here is the result, nothing great.
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Toh Baat Pakki: Music Review (Pritam)

The cast of Toh Baat Pakki might not give big hopes about the movie but the songs seem worth a try with music composed by Pritam and songs sung by Mika, Sonu, Rahat, Shilpa Rao, Javed Ali.

The album opens with a happy-go-lucky Jis din mera Biyah Hovega by Mika. The song is somewhat like Bhootni ke (Singh is Kinng) without the bad words. The song is full of masti and looks like it will rock the marriage parties like anything if it gets some publicity. Full marks to Mika for the singing.

By the way, check for any similarities of the song with tauba ye matwali chaal, jhuk jaaye phoolon ki daal. Just in case.
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