Damadamm: Music Review (Himesh Reshammiya, Sachin Gupta)

Himesh Reshammiya in Sufi style, with background all bass, makes a nice start, but Damadamm masti masti mast kalandar part of the title song could be a bit more innovative I guess. Still, the song does sound nice, and with all those voices, there is almost no nasal factor in the song. Nice one. Worth a try even if you’re not a Himesh fan.

No touching (toucheeng). Only sing (seeng). Or Umrao Jaan, as they call it. Interesting. Not really quality stuff. Nasal too. But highly addictive. Dhol. Tabla. And not too much western background stuff. Not high quality, but interesting, I repeat.

Meri Gali Aaja ve Mahiya, the next, has strong bass in background, and is a bit of typical Himesh, but is a bit slow and if you don’t mind a slight nasal touch, or simply don’t hate Himesh’s voice, I guess you might well like it. Not bad, at least. Especially liked the last minute of the less than one minute song.

The next comes Madhushala, or Ishq Unplugged, that was earlier the title of the movie. Aditi Singh Sharma is really nice in her English rendition, while Himesh is highly nasal, beating even Saigal and at the same speed, for two lines, and then for two lines he comes to his natural self. In the second part Aditi also gets nasal, while Himesh gets all un-nasal immediately after. And while listening to all these ups and downs, I liked the song. Highly experimental, kinda addictive, and definitely worth a listen for the ups and downs it has got.
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