Nanachi Taang!

and, oh, btw, the meaning of Nana-chi Taang, which is incidentally a song sung by Akshay Kumar in Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha now, is what you call in Hindi ‘teri aisi ki taisi.’

nanachi tang is a Marathi Phrase which would literally mean nana ki taang. Now, it also happens to be the title of Akshay Kumar’s first ever song in a movie. The Punjabi guy reportedly speaks good Marathi and now his first song is based on a Marathi Phrase too. This Singh is really a King!

Khatta Meetha Trailer looks Typical Priyadarshan

“apne desh mein jitne bhi road contractor hain, sab apni zindagi aaram se guzaar dete hain, ek hi road baar baar bana ke.” I found myself actually laughing when I heard the sentence from Sachin Tichkule aka Akshay Kumar in the promo of Priyadarshan’s coming laugh riot Khatta Meetha.

Here comes the promo of the film.