Music Review: Mallika: Pritam

Mallika is an album composed by Pritam and others. Here is a review.

KK and Sunidhi’s Chahun Tujhe is nothing different from a lot of KK Pritam songs that do NOT appear in Bhatt Camp movies. Too complex? OK. Pritam has got KK to sing a number of rock-ish numbers, but in the past some Bhatt camp movies the combination goes a step above and got us songs like Alvida, Dil Ibadat, and Mere bina of crook, but this one stays a level below, something like mere falak ka tu hi sitara. Quite okay, maybe good, but nothing great.

The thing that surprised me, though, is Ittefaq to Nahi. I had started the song quite hopefully because of Shilpa Rao’s name. But seems that her male counterpart, Raaj, is going better than Shilpa in the song. The song has two versions, namely rock and sensuous versions, though the rock version is not too much rock while sensuous version isn’t very sensuous either and the difference between the versions is less than I had expected going by the names. Still, the song is quite good, and certainly worth a listening. Raaj sounds quite KK-like in his singing. In good probability, it’s the guy who sang that slow, slightly jazzy Ajnabi in superstar.

The next song, Shah-E-Khubaan, is a beat based thing that would have been declared quite fine had it not been reminding of Kaal’s Tauba Tauba, in its percussion and, in almost all its beats. The song, sung by Niti Mohan (totally unknown name to me) and Amjad (who?) is not bad but lacks originality required to enjoy it. At least for me.

The rest in the album are two remix versions of Woh Bhooli Daastan. I tried one, and left in between. No reviewing for them.

So overall Mallika is not too great, of course, but an above average ittefaq to nahi gets me more in the album than I had expected. Do listen to the two versions of the song, that’s all I have to say about the album.

Tujhko jo paaya, to jeena aaya..

When a Pritam album comes out, the first thing I look for is whether the album has a KK song or not. The next comes which song is sung by Mohit Chauhan and then what is there by Neeraj Shridhar. Then comes the rest.

But this time I was surprised with myself and the album, and of course with the guy who made it happen. There is a song called Mere bina, which goes like ‘Mere Bina main, rehne laga hoon/ teri hawaon mein, behne laga hoon/ jaane main kaise, tera hua hoon/ mujhe to lagta hai main shayad tere dil ki dua hoon/ tujhko jo paaya, to jeena aaya/ ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum dono ke darmiyaan.’ The song is sung by Mohit Chauhan, KK and that new guy called Nikhil D’Souza. By the way, if you have never heard the name, NIkhil recently sang Anjaana Anjaani ki Kahani for Vishal-Shekhar. For those who want to know more, he’s a SUTASI finalist, and probably a post-topic for near future.

Anyway, coming back to the song, the song has three instances, and since the makers don’t want people to think ‘why have they given one song thrice’ with their very first looks at the album cover, they have the song with two names, Mere Bina and Tujhko Jo paaya. Mere Bina and its Unplugged version are sung by Nikhil and KK respectively while Tujhko jo paaya, which also sounds like an even more unplugged version, is given to Mohit.

This was the detail. Now comes what is interesting, what makes me write this post. The interesting part is that even with Mohit Chauhan and KK present in the album with the same song, and have sung it in their well known, lovable styles, I’m falling for the version sung by this new guy, Nikhil.

Reasons. One. The guy has an awesome voice and has sung the song just wonderfully. Even though KK and Mohit are as good as ever, Nikhil sounds not just good but new too, and that might be an added plus. Two. His version of the song is really well arranged, the music is definitely good but the way all the experimenting is done on the song, like reversing the beats, it’s just wonderful. (Reversing the beats is not a technical term as far as I know but if you haven’t got what I mean by that, listen to the beats at ‘raahon pe teri’ near 1:52 minutes and observe the similar phenomenon happening in between the song. At the phrase, it gets quite pronounced.) Loved all of it.

And if I still need to say this, I am totally in love with the music of the song, and the lyrics are good too, if not very.

As the last word, I think I know that I’ll be looking for one new name on the album covers now.

PS: Mohit’s version of the song sounds really good too, as he’s been given a completely different task with same lyrics and melody.

Crook. Pritam Again.

Crook is once again something wonderful by Pritam, this time with Babu Mann’s support.

The first song, Chhalla, is definitely a superb thing. Babu Mann’s song, which is so-heard, so-lovable, so-wonderful thing, I need not say will be an instant hit. Babu’s singing is lovable too. Btw, the song has Suzanne D’Mello singing too. Though she comes a second this time as Babu steals all the magic. Tadada-Tadada-Tada-dada.

Enters Nikhil D’Souza. If you’re reading the album covers carefully, you’d easily be knowing that the guy is progressing like anything and has sung with as varied composers as Amit Trivedi, Vishal-Shekhar and now Pritam, all that in less than two months. Well, the guy sounds pretty good and quite easy on ears, especially here as he sings Mere Bina, a slow, not-too-soft, but quite beautiful song for Pritam. Listen to the song. I can tell you’ll love it more every time.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Crook. Pritam Again.”

Hello Darling: Music Review (Pritam)

Pritam is something like the name of a national Cricket team. Just like countries have a national team and then a second grade national ‘A’ team for some tours, we have ‘Pritam’s music’ and then ‘Pritam A’s music’ for some movies. This one is Pritam A.

I was wondering if I should even listen to the album but then I thought of Sharman Joshi and Tabu’s Toh Baat Pakki and decided to give it a shot. Here is the result, nothing great.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Hello Darling: Music Review (Pritam)”

Aashayein: Music Review

Salim Sulaiman’s Aashayein was such a long pending album, I was never expecting it to release. But it finally did. It seems in the long time they have added as many remixes as possible, that’s how I can see 13 tracks on the album, made out of 7 songs.

The album surprisingly starts with a Pritam song, Mera Jeena hai kya, sung by Neeraj Shridhar. Interestingly, the song is a bit different from their typical songs as this one seems aligned towards rock. I wonder why Pritam didn’t get KK to sing this one. KK and Nagesh Kukunoor has already been an old hit jodi. Good one but could be better.

Then the next, Dilkash Dildaar duniya comes which is again a Pritam composition and sung by Shaan and Tulsi Kumar. A beat-based song with a nostalgic feel. Shaan is fine but I’m not coming to terms with Tulsi very well. Okay song.

The third song, Rabba comes from Shiraz Uppal. Somehow, I don’t like Shiraz Uppal very much with lower notes. Shiraz is a guy who is best when he sings with his full throat. But here he sings more on lower notes and goes high only for ‘Rabba ye kya hua, Rabba ye dil gaya’ there too not so good I had expected. Some good lyrics and certainly not a bad song, but was expecting more from Shiraz. This is just okay.

Then comes the already heard Zubeen sung ‘Ab mujhko Jeena.’ The song starts somewhat like Summer of 69 but then it moves to a fast, inspiring type song. Can’t say much about the song as I’ve heard it way too much already. It’s even been my ringtone for a long time. So all I can say is the song is definitely good.

Next song of the album, Shukriya Zindagi, that starts on a lovely note and as Shafqat starts singing ‘chhan ke aayi to kya chandni to mili’ in an easy mood, you know you’re going to get an inspirational treat from Salim-Sulaiman and Shafqat. Beautiful lyrics by Mir Ali Husain in continuously second song.

As Shreya Ghoshal starts rendering Pal mein Mila Jahan, in her soft voice, with almost nothing playing in the background, you think it’s a sad version of some song, but then the song proceeds, and after a tough job done by Shreya, instruments appear in the background. A really good song and some superb singing by Shreya but I don’t know how many will have patience to listen to this song. Try to listen to the song anyway.

Finally, Chala Aaya Pyaar brings in Mohit Chauhan. A quite slow, deep song with some romantic lyrics. Somehow after ‘Pal mein’ the song sounds a bit sad as it seems to mix with its predecessor, but as Mohit comes towards the higher notes in the song, you start liking it. Good use of percussion, loved the tabla in the song. Go for it, but it may need some patience before you fall for the song.

Shankar Mahadevan is a choice of many composers when it comes to deep songs, and even more when there are less instruments in the background, as Shankar has got some awesome power in his voice. Therefore, after Raajneeti’s Dhan dhan dharti re, he gets to sing another earthy song with less instruments and more singing. And the song is none other than Shreya sung Pal mein mila Jahan’s male version, but Shankar gives the song much more power than Shreya did. I guess people would like this one more, if they have enough patience to decide.

After this, the album has five remixes but I wouldn’t even hear them as of now, after listening to seven songs already. Oh, btw, there is one sad version of Shukriya Zindagi which is again a wonderful listen for those who appreciate one minute long instrumentless pieces. Cuz I was a fan of Aashayein slow version and always played the song after the slow version.

Overall, the album is not bad, but not very good either. While no song is actually bad, only a few, namely ab mujhko jeena, shukriya zindagi, pal mein mila jahan look upto their level. Mohit Chauhan and Shiraz Uppal are a bit below their own set standards. The biggest problem is that few songs in the album catch you instantly, though I hope many of the songs will sound just perfect in the movie as background.

All I’d say is, I had some more aashayein from aashayein.

Khatta Meetha Trailer looks Typical Priyadarshan

“apne desh mein jitne bhi road contractor hain, sab apni zindagi aaram se guzaar dete hain, ek hi road baar baar bana ke.” I found myself actually laughing when I heard the sentence from Sachin Tichkule aka Akshay Kumar in the promo of Priyadarshan’s coming laugh riot Khatta Meetha.

Here comes the promo of the film.

Bheegi si Bhaagi si: Raajneeti

Is It Shreya Ghoshal? No. Antara Mitra.

Well, this is all that was running in my mind when I heard this song called Bheegi si, bhaagi si. I still don’t remember bheegi si bhaagi si reminds me of which song sung by Shreya Ghoshal, but I was certainly surprised to know that This one was sung by Antara Mitra. Oops! I know that name. From that Tabu movie with Pritam, Toh Baat Pakki. She had sung a really small, but awesome piece of Aarti, without music. And I was in love with that voice. And the voice is here.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Bheegi si Bhaagi si: Raajneeti”

Badmaash Company: Music Review

When Pritam composes for YRF, things somehow don’t happen to be his best. At least for past sometime, with an exception of New York to some extent. Dil Bole Hadippa went bad, and Badmaash Company doesn’t look too good, though the soundtrack of Badmaash Company is good enough to hear for some time. Here is a review.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Badmaash Company: Music Review”

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge: Music Review

Atithi tum kab jaoge is not the music album you were expecting. But then, it gives you an idea of what you can expect from the movie. Before anything else, I would like to say one thing: Be it composer, lyricist or singer, they all know what they are doing. Something that is not very common if not rare.

Atithi tum kab jaoge has six songs out of which none is a ‘typical’ song. Here is a review of the album.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge: Music Review”

Toh Baat Pakki: Music Review (Pritam)

The cast of Toh Baat Pakki might not give big hopes about the movie but the songs seem worth a try with music composed by Pritam and songs sung by Mika, Sonu, Rahat, Shilpa Rao, Javed Ali.

The album opens with a happy-go-lucky Jis din mera Biyah Hovega by Mika. The song is somewhat like Bhootni ke (Singh is Kinng) without the bad words. The song is full of masti and looks like it will rock the marriage parties like anything if it gets some publicity. Full marks to Mika for the singing.

By the way, check for any similarities of the song with tauba ye matwali chaal, jhuk jaaye phoolon ki daal. Just in case.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Toh Baat Pakki: Music Review (Pritam)”

My Best Music Album of 2009: Dev.D

I am writing this post with my poll, best music of 2009, in the next tab. The poll results yet are almost the same as I expected, except for a few changes caused by one factor, a species called fans, which I had almost never seen until I started the poll. Anyway, today I am planning to give MY view on the topic.

पढ़ना जारी रखें “My Best Music Album of 2009: Dev.D”

Poll: Composer of the year 2009

Here comes another poll. This one should not be very difficult for you. There have been a number of music directors with a number of movie albums this year. You have to select who is the music composer of the year according to you. I have given the names of their composed albums in front of composers, finally Pritam too. 🙂

So here is your poll.

Who is the composer of the year 2009?

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Movie Review: Tum Mile

Tum Mile

How to make a good movie? One of the first requirements of a movie is a good story. Though there are film makers who have the talent to make a movie worth a watch even with an okay script, not every one can do that. And Kunal Deshmukh is not that great. At least not in making Tum Mile.

Tum Mile is a story of a modern day couple who are in a live-in relationship and facing real life problems. They have their good times, and the bad ones. And even though it’s not been perfect, director has been quite successful in reaching his audience with this one thing. He succeeds in showing that the problems we face after marriage exist almost as big even in a live-in relationship.

But then, he’s given the story a backdrop of Mumbai storm of 26th July 2005. This is the part where the director fails. The movie starts in the plane, goes into flashback, and keeps on moving back and forth from thereon. The flashback parts have good mixture of emotions, music and the daily problems of the couple, but the picturization of storm starts from okay and keeps getting worse as the movie proceeds. By the time of climax, Soha is breathing with a pipe in water and Emraan Hashmi seems to be part of the cast of Blue rather than Tum Mile.

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Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani: Movie Review

If you think Rajkumar Santoshi is the director of so-serious-movies like Ghayal, Damini, China Gate, Pukar, Lajja, Legend of Bhagat Singh and Khakee, you are missing something. He’s the man who gave us Andaz Apna Apna. And now he’s there with Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahani.

Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani

OK. Frankly, Andaz Apna Apna is a classic and nobody, I repeat, nobody can make it again. So let’s see APKGK from a new frame.

First things first. All good movies don’t need things like mind and reasoning. APKGK is one of those movies.

The movie starts on a light note with Ranbir Kapoor, or Prem, the President of Happy पढ़ना जारी रखें “Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani: Movie Review”

De Dana Dan Music Review

De Dana DanPritam is quite a man of incosistency. When I had almost stopped listening to him, he gave Tum Mile and Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahani, and when after these two non-stop albums I was expecting another great album, he beated my expectations De Dana Dan.

De Dana Dan may have its share of fine songs, but overall, it’s disappointing as it stands nowhere close to Tum Mile or even APKGK. In fact the one song that has been popularized and seems like one of the few good songs on the album belongs to RDB and thus Pritam’s share of good songs goes further down.
Out of twelve tracks of De Dana Dan, there are six songs as all songs have a remix or a second version. Here is the detailed review.

De Dana Dan may have its share of fine songs, but overall, it’s disappointing as it stands nowhere close to Tum Mile or even APKGK. In fact the one song that has been popularized and seems like one of the few good songs on the album belongs to RDB and thus Pritam’s share of good songs goes further down.

Out of twelve tracks of De Dana Dan, there are six songs as all songs have a remix or a second version except one. Here is the detailed review.

Rishte Naate: In De Dana Dan Pritam puts forward his best song as the very first as you hear Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing at the start of the album, with vocals by Suzanne Demello. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has got the song a gear up than he generally sings at. For the reason, in the beginning you might feel the song a bit fast but ultimately the song sounds perfectly fine. Worth listening to.

Paisa: The second song of the album is the one you must have heard a lot of times on your television already. RDB’s Paisa, featuring Manak-E and Selina. Main Barish kar doon paise ki, jo tu ho jaaye meri is a song that is surely going to पढ़ना जारी रखें “De Dana Dan Music Review”