Poll: Composer of the year 2009

Here comes another poll. This one should not be very difficult for you. There have been a number of music directors with a number of movie albums this year. You have to select who is the music composer of the year according to you. I have given the names of their composed albums in front of composers, finally Pritam too. 🙂

So here is your poll.

Who is the composer of the year 2009?

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Poll: Best songs of 2009

Can you select one best song of 2009? Nah, not easy for sure. The year has had too many good songs. And so, here is a poll. Select your best songs of 2009, vote for the five of your choice, and we’ll see who comes to the top.

So what are you waiting for? Vote. But take care, the list is long. If you think a song of your top 5 is missing, put that in comment. It will be considered, especially if we get more than one request.

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