Neeta Ambani Weight Loss!!

Google is great. But then, people are even greater and now that Google is telling us more about what people are searching, things become even more interesting. For example, I had missed Neeta Ambani lifted by Harbhajan Singh yesterday and was searching for any pics of the moment online. But as I typed Neeta Ambani on Google, there was my surprise. Right after Wikipedia, it was Weight Loss that was attached to the name of Neeta Ambani, something like this.
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Solar Eclipse Photos

Twitter is a wonderful thing. You not only get great thoughts there, but you find great people. Today I found one of the best pics of the eclipse taking place outside, Courtesy Prashanth (@Geekoo). And now that I have the permission, here are the photos of 15th January 2010 Solar eclipse. Hope you like them as I did. (Hover the mouse over the pic for more detail about the photo)
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Perfect Spamming?

It’s almost sure it was spamming. And if it was, it was perfect.

Some time back I saw on Twitter than #AamirKhanLive was trending. I decided to take a look and found that Aamir Khan was actually live on a site called ustream and the link was there in all tweets. It surprised me a bit but I was more interested in watching the live chat and was able to catch the last few minutes on the site.

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Photography: Getting Started

So what is it all about?

When Harshit asked me if I was interested in writing a small series of posts about something I really like from the bottom of my heart, I took sometime before I said yes.

I had my own questions about my abilities, but then sometimes it’s just dil-logical (straight from the heart).

In this series of posts starting shortly, I will try to cover many aspects of photography, starting from the basics to slightly more advanced topics. Most of them will be from my personal experiences and I may get in some posts from my fellow photographers in

The whole point of this series of posts will be to “promote photography” as an effective way to lead a happier life!

That’s right… we are after all 🙂

Smile Please

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Ranbir Kapoor at Forum, Bangalore

It was the first time I got to see a movie celebrity. And it happened to be Ranbir Kapoor, who had come to Forum Value Mall at Whitefield here for the promotion of Rocket Singh. When I entered the mall at 3.30, the mall was already full of fans.

Forum administration had set a small stage in the center and were passing the time with random acts till the star arrived. During that time even I got some share of stage and sang a few lines. While a young-at-heart telecom called Raja stole the show with a wonderful rendering ofkora kagaz tha ye man mera.

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