Music Review: Mallika: Pritam

Mallika is an album composed by Pritam and others. Here is a review.

KK and Sunidhi’s Chahun Tujhe is nothing different from a lot of KK Pritam songs that do NOT appear in Bhatt Camp movies. Too complex? OK. Pritam has got KK to sing a number of rock-ish numbers, but in the past some Bhatt camp movies the combination goes a step above and got us songs like Alvida, Dil Ibadat, and Mere bina of crook, but this one stays a level below, something like mere falak ka tu hi sitara. Quite okay, maybe good, but nothing great.

The thing that surprised me, though, is Ittefaq to Nahi. I had started the song quite hopefully because of Shilpa Rao’s name. But seems that her male counterpart, Raaj, is going better than Shilpa in the song. The song has two versions, namely rock and sensuous versions, though the rock version is not too much rock while sensuous version isn’t very sensuous either and the difference between the versions is less than I had expected going by the names. Still, the song is quite good, and certainly worth a listening. Raaj sounds quite KK-like in his singing. In good probability, it’s the guy who sang that slow, slightly jazzy Ajnabi in superstar.

The next song, Shah-E-Khubaan, is a beat based thing that would have been declared quite fine had it not been reminding of Kaal’s Tauba Tauba, in its percussion and, in almost all its beats. The song, sung by Niti Mohan (totally unknown name to me) and Amjad (who?) is not bad but lacks originality required to enjoy it. At least for me.

The rest in the album are two remix versions of Woh Bhooli Daastan. I tried one, and left in between. No reviewing for them.

So overall Mallika is not too great, of course, but an above average ittefaq to nahi gets me more in the album than I had expected. Do listen to the two versions of the song, that’s all I have to say about the album.