EarthSync: more music

When I left Nothern India to shift in Vellore for four years and started listening to Telugu songs, followed by Tamil and later Kannada, I thought I knew the meaning of the sentence ‘Music does not have a language.’ But when I heard Earthsync’s Laya Project, after listening to the samples given on the website itself, I had an idea that I was going to get more music beyond the barriers of language.

Actually my first chance to know about the Laya project came not so long ago when I got to know about Earthsync through my Twitter friend Nadhiya. I happened to check out their music and liked it. And in what is thought usual by people at Earthsync, I happened to love the Laya project the most right from the start.

Now that I am well into Laya, Earthsync has come up with ‘A New Day’, which is remixes from The Laya Project. Also, there are many other projects they have launched. I will be reviewing some of their albums soon. To listen to the music of Earthsync, log on to

Made in India: Biddu: Book Review

Frankly, it’s not really a book review. It’s more of a love affair with a book which happens to be my hardly-known-to-me hero’s autobiography.

Biddu was a name that I had read a lot of times, on a lot of tracks that I loved during the Indipop revolution of mid to late ’90s. And so, somehow without even knowing him much, he was a hero for me. At that time, all I knew about Biddu was that he was a guy who didn’t know much Hindi (that was my reason that he didn’t sing himself and didn’t take out his own album) and most probably he lived outside India. That he was a south Indian was my common sense because he didn’t know Hindi.
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While Rahman was receiving Grammys…

I love Rahman. But I am still trying to guess what was there in the song Jai ho that the world is suddenly setting it up on fire. Anyway, I love Rahman for the hundreds of really great songs he has given us and I’m happy that he is getting recognition. And so is India, in a different way.

Well, that is anyway not the topic I want to talk about. The topic is that while Rahman was receiving Grammy awards, I was doing something that told me a lot more about Indian music. As I was reading Ganesh Anantharaman’s book Bollywood Melodies where he has written about Hindi film Industry’s music and the people who made it.
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