Pangaa Gang Music Review

If there was any doubt in the fact that Panga gang is a useless movie, the soundtrack confirms it. The movie has some strange songs. Interestingly it’s the only album where only one song doesn’t claim to be a remix or some type of mix.

Here is the review. Point to be noted: the remix is relative and the good words need not be compared with good in general.

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Rann Music Review

Ram Gopal Varma has never been known for music in his movies, if existing. Rann is no exception. Rann has seven songs, which are not to be sung and danced on, but to be played in the background of the movie. The only problem is that like the news channels he’s making the movie on, the lyrics of the some songs are way too blunt.

The music composers for the film are Bapi-Tutul, a regular with RGV; Amar Mohile, one of the most popular background composers; Sanjeev Kohli, and singer Jayesh Gandhi.

The only point worth mentioning is that the song Jan Gan Man Rann is not there in the soundtrack of the movie. Here is the detail about the rest.

Besharam is a 3 minute song sung by Abhishek Naiwal who had earlier sung a wonderful song called Jalte Hain in Sorry Bhai. Here the song is completely different. The song is the type of Gulaal’s Aarambh, but, stop, it’s almost a thousandth part (or maybe less) of the Piyush Misra’s wonder.
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My Best Music Album of 2009: Dev.D

I am writing this post with my poll, best music of 2009, in the next tab. The poll results yet are almost the same as I expected, except for a few changes caused by one factor, a species called fans, which I had almost never seen until I started the poll. Anyway, today I am planning to give MY view on the topic.

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Plagiarism on Internet: The Copy Paste Story

It was the morning of 18th December when I suddenly saw that the songs of Veer were there in the market. I was planning to sleep again but I decided to download the songs so that I could write a review at the earliest. As I heard the songs, I decided to write the review then and there as I loved the songs. I did start at nine and at eleven in the morning I had the review ready, when I posted it.

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Bolo Raam: Music Review

If you noticed, there is a small budget movie called Bolo Raam, featuring Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav, and a strange poster, coming up. The movie has Sachin Gupta’s music who is known for his song Ehsaan itna sa kar de from Dil Kabaddi. This time again there is something worth a try in Bolo Raam. Here is the music review.

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Veer Music Review

Salman Khan’s Veer was my first surprise of the year. When I saw the credits, I was surprised, nah, almost shocked to see the name of Rekha Bharadwaj and Sharib-Toshi with Shabaab Sabri, and I confirmed again that it was composed by Sajid-Wajid. And it was. And then, I heard it. Yes, it was a surprise. So here is my music review of Veer.

Composers: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Gulzar
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Raat Gayi Baat Gayi: Music Review

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi is a Saurabh Shukla directed, award winning movie from Pritish Nandy Communications, going to release on 31st December. So here is the music review for the last movie of 2009. Music and lyrics, and most of the singing, by Ankur Tewari.

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Pyaar Impossible: Music Review

Short and Sweet. These are the first two words I’d like to say about the the music of Pyaar Impossible. Salim Sulaiman have just five songs and two remixes in their new album Pyaar Impossible, out of which Alisha and 10 on 10 are already out and quite liked too. Other songs of the album are not bad either. Here is a review.

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Saari Raat (Devika): Review

Gems are generally found in the deepest places, and so you miss them. Devika Chawla is probably such a gem. At least some of her songs are. Devika’s second album Saari Raat consists of some touching songs. Barkha Bahar aaye to start with.

The album is called Sufi but I’d say it’s more a fusion album than Sufi. But then, it hardly matters to me what type it is as long as it’s good to ears. So here is my take on Saari Raat.

Barkha Bahar: Barkha Bahar aaye, piya nahi aaye. The lines say exactly what they are. A soft, soothing, slow song which is presented with some more western instruments, giving a fusion that is, I can say like the songs of Shibani Kashyap, to give you an idea.

Saari Raat: I thought it was the chorus and the original song will start. But it went on and on like that and I was kind of lost in the tune. Though just kind of and not exactly. Good, worth a try.

Unka Khayal Aaya: This one sounds more like a remix of an old song than an original song. The song has soul but seems the instruements have overtaken the voice. Could be better.

Andheri Lagan: Another song in the same league. Nothing new in the song, sounds just fine.

Rehna Tere Bina: Music is fine, mixing interesting and singing OK. But the song doesn’t seem to click instantly. Probably due to its lyrics that sometimes don’t fit the music and sometimes mix too much of Hindi and Urdu together.

Kothe Utte Chand: About the last song, I said it didn’t click. About this one, I’d say, it clicks. There are no words in the first 45 seconds of the song, but I still had a feeling by that time that there was something in the song. And as the song proceeded, my ‘feeling’ was coming true. The song is definitely a good one. Though I don’t know exactly which dialect of Hindi/Punjabi it is, I get the gist. Lovable.

Sajan Kyun Nahi aaye: I am going to listen to Hindustani Classical Music. Yes, if a song like this credits Hindustani Classical Music in the composer’s place, I think I would love Hindustani Classical Music. No, the song is not some Aalap you need to be afraid of though there is an interesting aalap at the end of the song. It’s a slow, soft, touching song with beats and a lot of western instruments you would most probably love to hear. Try the song.

Barkha Bahar (Live): Heard the first one? By the time you’d be in love with the song and maybe not mind all the applause in the background. The song seems to be a bit faster than the original song and a bit more lively, though I don’t know if the song is fast or not. Worth listening to, again.

On the whole, the album is good and gives some songs worth listening to. Barkha Bahar, Kothay Uttay, Saajan kyoon nahi aaye are wonderful. Saari Raat, Unka Khayal and Rehna tere bina are fine. In short, out of eight songs, there is hardly anything that needs to be skipped, which is quite good by most standards.

I’d say if you like to go out and experiment, here is something you must check out. It’s definitely above average.

And if you are shy of experimenting, just find out Barkha Bahar (preferably live version) and listen to it.

Rocket Singh: Music Review

Rocket Singh calls himself ‘salesman of the year.’ And his first test is here. Rocket Singh has just three original songs. If he still is able to sell the music CDs of the movie, he certainly is going to be the salesman of the year. Tough job, though.

All three original songs of Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year are composed by Salim-Sulaiman. The first song of Rocket Singh is Pocket mein Rocket, which you all must have heard long ago. This addictive song, sung by Benny Dayal, gives you a brief insight of the movie. But more than anything, it attracts viewers and sells the movie.

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Raftaar: Music Review

Mostly I write reviews to tell people about good music. But there are instances when I have to write to warn people about the things to refrain from. And today is one such day.

So here is this album called Raftaar that I somehow managed to convince myself to listen to once. And the result was as bad as I had not even expected.

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Paa: Music Review

Paa is an album I had been long waiting for. No, it’s not something that you would be humming after listening to it once and forget by the next month. It’s something that will take its own time, to come as well as to go. One important thing about the album is that while Ilayaraaja has been good with his music in the album, Swanand Kirkire has been an equal with his pen as the lyrics are wonderful almost everywhere, without much of an exception.

Here is my review of the album, Paa.

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De Dana Dan Music Review

De Dana DanPritam is quite a man of incosistency. When I had almost stopped listening to him, he gave Tum Mile and Ajab Prem ki Ghajab Kahani, and when after these two non-stop albums I was expecting another great album, he beated my expectations De Dana Dan.

De Dana Dan may have its share of fine songs, but overall, it’s disappointing as it stands nowhere close to Tum Mile or even APKGK. In fact the one song that has been popularized and seems like one of the few good songs on the album belongs to RDB and thus Pritam’s share of good songs goes further down.
Out of twelve tracks of De Dana Dan, there are six songs as all songs have a remix or a second version. Here is the detailed review.

De Dana Dan may have its share of fine songs, but overall, it’s disappointing as it stands nowhere close to Tum Mile or even APKGK. In fact the one song that has been popularized and seems like one of the few good songs on the album belongs to RDB and thus Pritam’s share of good songs goes further down.

Out of twelve tracks of De Dana Dan, there are six songs as all songs have a remix or a second version except one. Here is the detailed review.

Rishte Naate: In De Dana Dan Pritam puts forward his best song as the very first as you hear Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing at the start of the album, with vocals by Suzanne Demello. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has got the song a gear up than he generally sings at. For the reason, in the beginning you might feel the song a bit fast but ultimately the song sounds perfectly fine. Worth listening to.

Paisa: The second song of the album is the one you must have heard a lot of times on your television already. RDB’s Paisa, featuring Manak-E and Selina. Main Barish kar doon paise ki, jo tu ho jaaye meri is a song that is surely going to पढ़ना जारी रखें “De Dana Dan Music Review”

Fitoor (Mohit Chauhan): Music Review

Fitoor: Mohit Chauhan

Fitoor is not Mohit Chauhan the superhit singer who gives a hit everytime he sings. It’s Mohit Chauhan the artist who wants to share the art he knows. One who sings for himself. If you like him in this way, it’s good. If you do not, almost every movie has a Mohit Chauhan song, the hit one, anyway.

One thing worth noticing about the album is that Mohit has not only sung the songs but he has even composed and written all the songs of the album. Now that is a one man show for which he must be applauded. Brave guy Mohit.

Fitoor: The opening song. Opens well but gets lost somewhere in between and the song remains just OK. Mohit has tried to keep the song off the typical Mukhda-antara way and tried some changes. But the result doesn’t give something exceptional. Still, feels worth listening after listening a few times.

Challeya: Challeya is a good composition and a good song overall. The song is well written and well sung. The good quality of sound mixing is also visible in the song. Go for this one.

Sajna: Sajna is an offbeat song with hints of typical Mohit Chauhan at the beginning and end of the song. You may like it after listening to the song for a few times. Good one. पढ़ना जारी रखें “Fitoor (Mohit Chauhan): Music Review”

Kurbaan: Music Review

It was something I was waiting for a long time now. And now that it has reached me, I think it should reach you too. So here we go, with my review of Kurbaan’s music, that happens to be the third release of Salim Sulaiman in this year.

Shukran Allah: You hear the chorus, you love the music. You hear Sonu, you love the song. A wonderful love song by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal with a beautiful chorus and Salim Merchant for backing vocals. Listen to this and you’ll be found trying to sing the wordsShukran Allah Walahamidulillah soon.

Dua: In dua, Salim-Sulaiman bring the Fatak combination, Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher along with Marianne DCruz Aiman for background vocals. Dua hai dua hai is again a good song with music lying somewhere between a spiritual song and a dance number. In fact the same can be said about the song’s lyrics too.

Ali Maula: In the third song, Ali Maula, that happens to be the only song in the album with a remix, Salim Merchant has done almost aMaula mere le le meri jaan again. Though, this time he doesn’t have a Krishna with him and he has sung the song alone. The lyrics of the song are a bit more Urdu-ish than Maula mere. But the song goes deep and will turn out to be one with longer shelf life. Good again.

Rasiya: Background music is important. Not just in movies but in songs too. Yes, the specialists of background music have almost added background music to a semi-classical song sung by Shruti Pathak. The song will be liked in its own time and not everyone is going to like this part-classical thing. But I’d have to say, Salim-Sulaiman are great.

Kurbaan Hua: Even if it’s not rock, it’s rocking. Vishal Dadlani sings this rock-like-Bollywood-song for Salim-Sulaiman this time and I can tell you, not after listening to the song but after seeing the trailer itself that the song is going to be a hit.

Ali Maula Remix: I generally don’t write about remixes nowadays but since Kurbaan has just one remix and fashion had some good remixes, I was tempted to write this one. Well, the remix starts bad, but as it nears the mid of the seek bar, it goes a bit better, and then starts going bad again and experiments done don’t save the remix. In short, the remix by Abhijit Vaghani was not much was required, not at least with the song. They could have better done it with Shukran Allah but they probably wouldn’t have not tried to take that risk with the superb song.

Overall, with just five songs, Kurbaan is a wonderful album which has not just good songs but quite a variety available. Where Shukran Allah is a love song as good as Jatin-Lalit used to make, Ali Maula gives the album a serious tone and Rasiya gives the album a light classical touch. And finally it all completes with a rocking song by Vishal. Ten on Ten. Can say that.