Top IMDb Films to Watch on Netflix India

So you have a Netflix subscription, and are browsing endlessly through the titles, but don’t know what to watch? Well, How about looking for some highly rated films from IMDb top 250 chart? But which of these are there? Well, I may help a little with that.

Here is a list of some top movies which are there on Netflix, and feature in the IMDb top 250 chart.

The Godfather: Well, if you haven’t watched The Godfather yet, I think that’s a good place to begin. In fact it’s streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime. One of the most popular and critically acclaimed film based on Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel of the same name, it’s something everyone loves to watch.

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Aarakshan: Biased? Anti-Dalit? Anti-Anti-Dalit?

Prakash Jha is a master filmmaker. I mean, fine, he was into some advertising in here and had Star News, Tata Photon and what not in the time when he talks of Mandal Commission and introduction of 27% reservation, but he comes up with a good movie on a sensitive issue and manages to keep it almost as unbiased as it is possible, and gives views of both the sides.

But then, the movie has some anti-dalit dialogs that come from the alleged upper caste people. And again, I would say that Jha has handled things very carefully here because while it’s not possible to make a good movie on the subject without including at least some such dialogs, he has put the counter-views in the same place to keep the balance.

The interesting thing here is that while the villain here are clearly politicians and businessmen who try to get their own profits out of every policy, Jha has shown the plight of everyone who becomes a victim. While on one hand he explains the problems of ‘dissimilar start line in race’ very clearly, he also shows the pain of an upper caste peon’s son who could not make it to the college of his choice because of reservation.

And then, there is his hero who does not want to believe in caste, does not believe in untouchability in the least bit, but asks his ‘Pandit’ peon not to touch his feet saying he’d be a sinner if the peon does that, even though not seriously. But most important of it all, his hero believes that he as a teacher should be above caste etc. but gives free education to those who are less affluent and do not have ‘equal’ means, irrespective of caste, and on the same ground he personally supports reservations so that everyone can rise.

So, in a way, the movie can be called pro-dalit, or anti-anti-dalit as it goes against those who are anti-dalit, but it can not be termed as anti-upper caste. Calling it anti-dalit is not even a possibility, even with the presence of a few anti-dalit dialogs in the beginning of the movie, because while Jha has tried to show the problems and emotions of everyone, including a mother who thinks a rule that goes against her child’s life/career is wrong. Yes, she sounds biased, or rather is biased, but she is true too. And towards the end, he has tried to give a solution as well, though it is not too practically applicable at a large scale and which needs highly selfless politicians which looks next to impossible today.

But overall, I’d say that the movie is almost as good as it could be. And while watching the movie, at some point I was feeling that Amitabh was right in asking Rajdeep Sardesai to watch the movie and then comment, especially in view of the former’s own character in the movie.

(Views expressed here are my personal views about the movie and do not endorse any political or other agenda)

Susanna’s Seven Husbands: The story behind 7 Khoon Maaf

I hope you must be knowing that Vishal Bharadwaj’s Saat Khoon Maaf is based on Ruskin Bond’s story Susanna’s Seven Husbands. It’s the story of a Female with desires ahead of her time, Susanna’s Seven husbands is written in the well-known style of Ruskin Bond.

Now if you want to read the story, well, maybe we can help you a bit.

The story Susanna’s Seven Husbands is one of the stories in Bond’s book called ‘When Darkness Falls and Other Stories.’ The book can be found in major bookstores as well as online.

You can also buy the book online. Here is a direct link.

Allah ke Banday: The Must Watch Trailer

And here I find something that is compelling enough to make me watch a movie. Allah ke Banday, the acting debut of the movie’s director, is a something that moves you with its trailer itself. A story of two children who are called ‘born killers’, 11 years after they are put into Jail, for murders as can be easily guessed from the trailer. Interestingly, I can see Sharman Joshi and Atul Kulkarni together after long, in a movie that reminds me of Rang De Basanti. And yes, Naseeruddin Shah looks wonderful as always. Here is the trailer.

Madholal Keep Walking: iExpect

So many big things come in small packages. And the next weekend I expect one more such. This small package called Madholal Keep Walking could have a big thing inside.

It’s not really right to set expectations from something even before it has come, but since we do it with movies directed by Karan Johar and produced by Aamir Khan, I guess nothing wrong if I expect something from a lesser known movie too, even though my reasons might not be very strong.

Madholal Keep Walking is hardly a known movie. I don’t know the producer-director, Jai Tank, for whom it’s a first film. I don’t know the band, not even the star cast. But I’ve heard the music, I’ve seen the storyline, and when I searched some more, I got to know that one member of the cast, Subrat Dutta, won the best actor award at the Cairo film festival, while another, Pranay Narayan, has acted in Black Friday before this. All of these make me feel that the movie has something good for sure. Especially the way the music of the film was so good even though coming from all unknown people, it made me expect something from the movie.

As per IMDb, Madholal Keep Walking is the story of a common man with simple dreams and a routine life, who can be found in any corner of the globe, chasing their dreams and hoping to realize them. Madholal Dubey is one of them. On one fateful day everything changes in Madho’s life. He becomes a victim of an unfortunate incident and their dreams go upside down. He gets scared of death and loses all his faith in God and life. The film revolves around how Madholal and family encounter his fears and deceit.

On the whole, I guess while Aashayein should be worth a watch among the six movies releasing on August 27 (as per the information available right now), Madholal Keep Walking should be worth a consideration too.

3 Indian Movies in IMDb top 20 list of 2009

Now that was a surprise for me. And for everyone who heard or saw. In 2009’s list of highest rated movies, there were 3 movies in top twenty while I found 3 more in top 100.

The list had Anurag Kashyap’s Dev.D on 8th in the list with an average of 8.3/10 while 3 Idiots was on 13th with 8.1 and again Kashyap’s Gulaal was on 17th.

The other movies in to feature in top 100 were Kaminey (27), Luck By Chance (55) and Wake Up Sid (63).

The list featured Avatar on top with 8.6, followed by The Secret in Their Eyes, Up and Inglourious Basterds.

LINK to the list.

Sunil Pal’s film Bhavnao ko Samjho gets into Guinness Book

Finally our dear Sunil Pal did it. He not only made a movie but also got it recorded. That too in Guinness Book of Records.

The record made by the film is that of featuring 51 stand-up comedians in a film, which certainly is the highest number in the world yet.

Sunil was the winner of the first season of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He is the producer and director of the film Bhavnao ko Samjho and has acted in it too. The film features Raju Srivastava, Naveen Prabhakar and many other stand-up comedians from Sunil’s own season of laughter Challenge too.

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi Ratings

After winning the best movie award at the New York South Asian International Film Festival, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi has become a hot property. And now that the movie is out, so are all reviews. Here is a brief analysis.

Taran Adarsh trashes yet another movie with RGBG as he gives the movie a mere one and half. CNN IBN’s Rajeev Masand is better in the choice of his words and gives a balanced review but his rating of 2 sounds a bit low after his words. Times of India’s both reviewers, Gaurav Malani, and a later updated Nikhat, both give the movie a good review with a 3. Anupama Chopra on NDTV almost trashes the movie as she gives away almost entire movie in the review (worst part) even though she gives the movie a 2. By the way, although the end of Anupama’s review is a spoiler I would not like to discuss, it’s something she has rightly found through her sharp eye (The Navneet Nishan story).

Personally, even with its slow pace, I liked the movie. As Rajeev says, the movie somewhere lacks the energy, I quite agree with his words but am not ready to agree that the movie is bad, or bad enough to be given a 2 at least. May be the reason for Rajeev’s (or even other reviewers’ too) bad response is that they thought of it as a full fledged comedy which may change opinions. Anyway, my personal opinion on the movie is Good, that means a 3 out of 5.

No Movie to fight Veer

It’s been not long when there were three movies set to release on 22nd January. It was a triangular race among RGV’s Rann, Salman Khan starrer Veer and Vishal Bharadwaj produced Ishqiya. But things changed, and Ishqiya, which was earlier set for a December 11 release, was shifted to 29th January.

I was kind of happy with the development as I’d get 22nd January for Rann and Veer and I was certainly going to watch Rann first. With all three on same day it would be difficult as both Rann and Ishqiya are on my ‘awaited’ list.

But things changed even more, I guess after the music release of Veer, and even Ram Gopal Varma shifted his Rann to 29th January. Now while I’ll have only a Veer on 22nd, I will again have both Rann and Ishqiya coming on the same day. Salman Khan fan power?

By the way, My Name is Khan, which was supposed to clash with Amitabh Bachchan Ben Kingsley starrer Teen Patti, will be all alone too, as Teen Patti has been shifted to 26th February, a date with seven movies’ names on it right now. That means many more shifts in line.

Love Sex aur Dhokha: Trailer

Dibakar Banerjee has kept me on toes right from the day I got to know his next movie’s name. I’m continuously searching for more detail about the movie and finally I found the trailer.

Invented in 1895, it will destroy you in 2010. Camera has destroyed lives of many and continues to do so as Dibakar finally makes a movie on that. Here is the first promo of the movie.
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3 Idiots Rating

After I review a movie, a common question asked is, ‘What is your rating for the movie?’ as I don’t put ratings in my reviews. So here I launch the star ratings on my blog with 3 Idiots. Here I’ll not talk about review, the review will be separate and here I’ll give just the ratings.

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Drive Against Piracy not that Easy

So here is the latest in the drive against piracy. Vidhu Vinod Chopra produced musch awaited 3 Idiots will be available online twelve weeks after release. Producers hope this will help reduce piracy. And the hope is bound to remain just hope.

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Meaning of Avatar’s ‘I see you’

Most probably, when you were seeing Avatar, you would have wondered why they say ‘I see you’ so many times. Some research by a fellow blogger says it’s a greeting used by Na’vi.

When the Navi meet, they greet each other with, I see you. The phrase is more than a simple greeting though. I see you is an acknowledgement.

Source: Vimoh’s Commentary

Chori ka Poster: Love Sex aur Dhokha

I’ve never designed a movie poster. Neither do most of the posters I put here come from THE sources. I mean, half of them are indirect. In fact this one comes straight from a blog post written by the director of the film, Dibakar Banerjee. Oho, the guy who made a nest for Khosla Saab, Khosla ka Ghosla. And then even Oye Lucky Lucky Oye also. A film about a thief. Proving him right! He Deserves this. A chori ka poster. And why not, when the movie is called Love Sex aur Dhokha. Dhokha to dena padega na!

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Avatar: NOT a review

I don’t see many English movies, or at least did not use to, until a few months back. So I do not think I am good enough to write a movie review for a normal English movie, let alone Avatar. The Avatar.

First thing, I loved the movie. I loved the effects, and even with those strange glasses, I loved the whole experience.

But, I do not think Avatar is one of the best movies ever made, and most probably, future will have things more in favor of the sentence.

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