Naughty at 40: Music Review

Monty Sharma has in recent days turned out to be a composer who has at times failed to do as well as expected. Probably because he has not been able to create as much as the ‘market’ here demands, or maybe it’s just that he’s not getting good enough movies. Anyway, here is a review of his Naughty at 40.

For starters, Satya Prakash’s Bichhade hue is probably the only thing worth a listen in the album, and here to the singer sounds like Udit Narayan in the first instant and later becomes something between Udit and Shaan. Still, the song has a ’90s touch to it and still sounds okay. Not bad if there is more.

But sadly, there isn’t. The next, Der se Sahi, sung by ‘Monti’ Sharma, a female singer, has a ’90s pop touch but doesn’t sound worth a lot. Just okay again, that if you listen to it enough number of times.

The next two songs feature Abhaas Joshi, out of which Hey yaar.. is more like a parody where you can hear a voice like Shakti Kapoor’s. Another obsolete song, as the style of such type of songs has completely changed.

At the same time, thoda main adjust karoon sounds bad right from the title, and my opinion doesn’t change much after listening to the song. Nothing much in the song.

In all, Naughty at 40 is, avoidable. Something I say about few albums.

Right Yaaa Wrong: Music Review (Monty Sharma)

When I was listening to the first song of the album, Meri Aashaon ki bhor tu, I was wondering why Monty Sharma’s music doesn’t click. Probably after Saanwariya he has got all strange movies with not a very good fate. While Chamku had Bobby Deol (enough to flop a movie, even if it is good), Heroes and Fox both had Sunny Deol and I am not very hopeful about Right yaaa Wrong either.

I quite liked the first song of the album, even though after that I never found that touch again in the album. The song, Meri Ashaon ki, is a melody based, slow song, that makes me feel good about the album. The song is sung by an unheard of singer, Amitraj. And frankly, I loved the singer as well.
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My Best Music Album of 2009: Dev.D

I am writing this post with my poll, best music of 2009, in the next tab. The poll results yet are almost the same as I expected, except for a few changes caused by one factor, a species called fans, which I had almost never seen until I started the poll. Anyway, today I am planning to give MY view on the topic.

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