Murder 2: Music Review (Mithoon, Harshit Saxena, Sangeet-Siddharth)

Surprise, Surprise!

Murder 2 starts with Harshit Saxena not just singing the first song, but also composing it. Though somehow all the movies in Bhatt camp seem to have similarly arranged and even composed music, and this one, called Haal-e-dil, is no different. The song sounds a bit like Toshi’s ‘mahi’ of Jashnn. Still, the song is not a copy and sounds fine anyway.

The second song, Aa Zara, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and composed by Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur, is a different track though. The cabaret-ish song is slightly haunting and Sunidhi sounds like perfect singer for this one. Do listen to this one.

Third song, third composer. This time it’s Mithoon who sings his composition Aye Khuda with Kshitij Tarey and Saim. The six and half minute track is a different kind, even for Mithoon. The song is a slow, not too simple, but repetitive composition which gets a bit too long. But then the song slowly grows on you if you listen to it. The lyrics are of course good and the high pitched renditions (by Saim I think) add to the quality. Not an instant number, but should work okay for the patient enough.

The next song, Phir Mohabbat, is again a Mithoon composition and this time Mohd Irfan sings the wonderful composition with Arijit and Saim, and with very little in the background. I’m wondering why the song has just one version while its not only good, it’s almost as good as an unplugged version, at least in the first three fourth of the five and half minute duration of the song. Interesting, captivating.

The last original song in the album, Tujhko Bhulana, is again a composition from Haldipurs. This one is a clubbish number sung by Sangeet himself. Interestingly while the song can be irritating to your ears, the same elements may seem captivating to the mind. Interesting beats. Even though I almost hated the song as it started, I’m getting a feeling that it may click. Probably worth it. Interesting again.

As for the remixes, Aa zara reloaded gets a bit too Don-like. Though Hal-e-dil’s acoustic version is very acoustic and engaging, and very much worth listening to, especially at the beginning. Nothing special the last track, Aye Khuda Remix.

Overall, Murder 2 is an above average, would even say good album but it works only as long as you make sure you don’t compare it to Murder. As there is no Bheege honth tere here.

Ten ‘Pop’ songs you shouldn’t miss

‘Pop’ is a genre of music, but for me, it’s been private albums and bands, which made all the ‘pop’ for me in childhood, and I still use the word like that many times. Hence, today I present a list of my favorite ‘pop’ songs, in no particular order, hoping that some of the songs that deserve to be heard reach a few more people.

Tere Naina (Jhoomo re/ Kailasa): One song I love like anything. I can listen to this one at any time, anywhere. And I just love it always. Deep, soulful, moving Kailasa.

Kothay Uttay (Saari Raat/ Devika): A song based on Hindustani Classical music as per the album cover of Saari Raat. A piece with some soft beats and lovable music. Barkha Bahar of the same album is a close too.

Meri Tarah (Fitoor/ Mohit Chauhan): It’s difficult choosing one song in this nostalic-ish album of Mohit. My guess is I picked this one for its awesome lyrics, which are again penned by the singing genius himself. A soft, lovable one in that super voice.

Har Jagah mein (Tu hi mere Rab ki tarah hai/ Mithoon): Mithoon’s album never made it big, but there were some good song in the debut album of this little master of music and this one is probably one of them. I’d say a typical Mithoon song with him at his best.

Mann Chandre (Connections/ A R Rahman): A R Rahman. Sukhwinder Singh. And a bit-sad, bit-philosphical, punjabi song. Do I need to say more? I guess not. Still I’d say, listen to the awesome chorus in the song. Rahman is not one who uses a chorus too much, but when he does, the effect is something like you can see here.

Mehfooz (Mehfooz/ Euphoria): Euphoria at its best is not always euphoric. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it cries out loud. Mehfooz might not be the top selling album of the band but the title song of the album is as deep and touching as any of their best hits. At par with mayeri and ab na ja, mehfooz is something to cherish forever.

Rain bhai kaari kaari (Humsafar/ KK): I don’t know what I should call this song, but it’s like a mix of somewhat classical stuff with some rock mood. KK, in his album Humsafar, sings this wonderful song called rain bhai kaari kaari din ujiyara. All I’d say is, listen to it, at least once.

Kaise jiye hain hum (Maheroo/ Jojo): I remembered Jojo for that mad song called Woh Kaun thi since my childhood, and then there was Maheroo, his other album after a long time. Hoping for a great album, I did listen to the whole album. Well, album wasn’t all that great but there was a song that I completely fell in love with. Kaise Jiye hain hum. A nostalgic song from someone destroyed in love (line copied from Fanaa), it has a nostalgia mix too, with the sound of a train. Interestingly, the mix is worth a try too.

Saiyyan (Jhoomo re/ Kailasa): Another song of the best of Kailash Kher. Came after Teri Deewani. Though popular, the song couldn’t do so well as Teri Deewani, but I think I love this one more. Only two words for the song – Kailash Kher.

Door Kahin (Nine): I hope you reach the end of this post, because Door kahin of Pankaj Awasthi is not only a favorite of mine, it’s different too. It’s a romantic song, with lyrics deep dpwn in romanticism, but it’s nothing like a typical romantic song. A wonderful thing to listen to.

Just do tell me if you like the songs. And also if u don’t.

Tip: I’m bookmarking this page myself. 🙂

Main Kaun Hoon – Lamhaa

Sanjay Dutt-Bipasha Basu-Kunal Kapoor starrer Lamhaa is proving to be a complete musical with songs like Madhno and Main Kaun Hoon. And while Mithoon has surprised all by giving the first song of its type to Mika, he does an awesome thing by giving Main Kaun Hoon to Palsh Sen who sings the song like it was tailor made for him. The song has a touch of rock and Palash moves between low and high notes with ease and efficiency while Mithoon’s music is brilliant.

But above all, the song has some awesome lyrics which conveys the suffering it tries to. And successfully. Kudos to Amitabh Varma for that.

Here are the lyrics of the song.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Main Kaun Hoon – Lamhaa”

Lamhaa: Music Review (Mithoon Sharma)

I have been thinking of writing music review of Lamhaa for quite some time now but every time I get stuck to Madhno and forget to move ahead of the song. So, here comes the late review of the album.

The album starts with Madhno re, a slow, soft, romantic, typical Mithoon song, sung by his favorite, Kshitij Tarey along with Chinmayee. Kshitij sings Mithoon’s tune in a soulful way and the song comes out to be superb. And then, Tu hi to har pal bandha hai, lamhon ki in zanjeeron mein.. just awesome singing by Chinmayee.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Lamhaa: Music Review (Mithoon Sharma)”

Saajna (Lamhaa): Mika, Chinmayee

The combination might sound strange to you. But here you see the advent of a new Mika Singh, at least for one song. And that’s the other version of Lamhaa’s already hit song, Madhno. The Mika version.

More than anything else, the song comes as a surprise as Mika sings for Mithoon with Chinmayee. The surprise comes as a pleasant one as Mika renders the song quite good and well in control and doesn’t go mad anywhere. The way he ends his Saajnaa sounds like a usual ‘singer’ and you really wonder if it’s him. But then, the voice is almost unmistakable.

Chinmayee is as good in this version too as in the other one. The other difference of the two versions is that this one has lyrics completely in Hindi.

Madhno Re – Lamhaa: Lyrics n more

Well, as I said, Mithoon is back with Lamhaa. And here is the first song of the album, out there. Sung by Mithoon (as far as I can guess) and Chinmayee (as per sources), madhno re is an instantly likable song. The best part of the song is that it is Mithoon’s type, it’s good, but it doesn’t sound repetitive. In short, I am loving the song already, check it for yourself.

Here are the lyrics of the song, the last part here looks like Dogri/Kashmiri as it sounds a bit close to Urdu. Lyrics of the may not be fully correct. Corrections, if any, are invited.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Madhno Re – Lamhaa: Lyrics n more”

Mithoon Comes back with the Music of Lamhaa

Sanjay Dutt’s long pending Lamhaa is finally about to release. Lamhaa’s music will be out soon too. And my guess is, it will be worth waiting for. After a long gap, Mithoon is coming back with Lamhaa and this time he’s coming up with almost all new singers, for him that is.

This time Mithoon’s album is going to feature Rahman’s old favorite Chinmayee in at least two songs while in one of the songs she will be singing with Mika Singh. Another song in the album is given to Palash Sen of Euphoria while he also brings pop-singer Arun Daga for a song. Besides all these singers, Mithoon will be singing himself for the album too.

Here is the track list of Lamhaa:

01 – Madhno Re – Chinmayee, Kshitij Tarey
02 – Salaam Zindagi – Arun Daga
03 – Main Kaun Hoon – Dr. Palash Sen
04 – Saajnaa – Mika Singh, Chinmayee
05 – Zameen O Aasmaa
06 – Rehmat Zara – Mithoon