Tees Maar Khan Meaning

Tees Maar Khan is a phrase that is used generally for a person who claims to be extremely brave though he is not actually one. Tees maar khan is one of the characters of Sheikh Chilli stories.

For more details on the word, please check the source article here at Bollymeaning.

Sadka Kiya meaning

If you’re not much into Urdu, this one may bowl you over as Sadka/Sadqa has a meaning that doesn’t come easily from the song Sadka kiya. Sadka literally is ‘giving voluntarily in the name of God’. So the lines Sadqa kiya yoon ishq ka actually mean that the person in question has given love in such abundance that the one who takes, finds the giver whenever s/he bows his/her head.

Bit tough to understand, but that was the meaning I could get out of the lines.

Naav – Udaan: Lyrics

Naav or chadhti lehren laangh na paayen is probably the best song of Anurag Kashyap’s next production, Udaan, which has been composed by none other than Amit Trivedi and with lyrics of Amitabh Bhattacharya. The song, sung by Mohan, has a folkish touch and has Amit’s signature rock mood too. And somehow, I agree with my friend Dunkdaft who says the song reminds him of SD Burman too. Anyway, the song has some real good singing with some superb music but it’s the lyrics that I’m loving the most, so here are the lyrics of the song, as best as I could hear them.

chadhti lehren laangh na paayen kyun haanpti si naav hai teri naav hai teri
tinka tinka jod ke saanse kyun haanpti si naav hai teri naav hai teri
ulti behti dhaar hai bairi dhaar hai bairi
ulti behti dhaar hai bairi dhaar hai bairi
ke ab kuch kar ja re panthi..

jigar juta kya baat baandh le hai baat thehri jaan pe teri jaan pe teri
Haiya Ho Ki Taan Saath Le Jo Baat Tehri Jaan Pe Teri Shaan Pe Teri

Chal Jeet Jeet Lehra Parcham tu laal Phehra Ja
Ab Kar Ja Tu Ya Mar Ja Karle Taiyari
Udja Banke Dhoop Ka Panchi chura ke gehri chhaon Andheri Chaao Andheri
Tinka Tinka Joodle Saase Kyun Haanphti Si Naav Hai Teri

Rakh Dega JhakJhor ke tujhe
Tufano Ka Ghor Hai Dera Ghor Hai Dera
Bhanwar Se dar Jo Haar Maan Le
Kaheka Phir Jor Hai Tera Jor Hai Tera

Hai Dil Mei Roshni Tere
Tu Cheer Daal Sab Ghere
Lehron Ki Gardan Kas Ke
Daal Phande Re

Ki Dariyan Bole waaha Re Panthi
Saar Ankhon Pe Naav Hai Teri Naav Hai Teri
Chadti Lehren Laangh Na Paaye
Kyun Hanpti Si Naav Hai Teri Naav Hai Teri

Ulti Behti Dhaar Hai Bairi Dhaar Hai Bairi
Ulti Behti Dhaar Hai Bairi Dhaar Hai Bairi
Ke Ab Kuch Kar Ja Re panthi..

Update: Full meaning of the song is Here.

Nanachi Taang!

and, oh, btw, the meaning of Nana-chi Taang, which is incidentally a song sung by Akshay Kumar in Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha now, is what you call in Hindi ‘teri aisi ki taisi.’

nanachi tang is a Marathi Phrase which would literally mean nana ki taang. Now, it also happens to be the title of Akshay Kumar’s first ever song in a movie. The Punjabi guy reportedly speaks good Marathi and now his first song is based on a Marathi Phrase too. This Singh is really a King!

Madhno Re – Lamhaa: Lyrics n more

Well, as I said, Mithoon is back with Lamhaa. And here is the first song of the album, out there. Sung by Mithoon (as far as I can guess) and Chinmayee (as per sources), madhno re is an instantly likable song. The best part of the song is that it is Mithoon’s type, it’s good, but it doesn’t sound repetitive. In short, I am loving the song already, check it for yourself.

Here are the lyrics of the song, the last part here looks like Dogri/Kashmiri as it sounds a bit close to Urdu. Lyrics of the may not be fully correct. Corrections, if any, are invited.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Madhno Re – Lamhaa: Lyrics n more”

Kites in the Sky (Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne De’Mello): Lyrics and More

So finally Hrithik sings too. And that in an English and Spanish song, though the Espaol parts are sung by Suzanne D’Mello alone. The song has some good music and lyrics and Hrithik sings his part well. Suzanne is of course a wonderful singer and has done her work wonderfully.

Here are the lyrics of the song, as best as possible. The English lyrics are there as it is and the Spanish parts have been translated to English in brackets.

Quiero volar
Con ustedes esta noche
djame gozar
este momento

पढ़ना जारी रखें “Kites in the Sky (Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne De’Mello): Lyrics and More”

Ab Ye Kafila (Lahore) Lyrics n meanings

Ab ye Kafila starts with a solo, soulful rendition by MM Kreem as he starts singing Zameen chhod bhar aasma baahon mein, Parwaz kar nayi dishayon mein (leave the earth, take the sky in your arms, and fly in new directions), to be joined by Karthik and KK to make a song full of hope. Here are the lyrics of the song.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Ab Ye Kafila (Lahore) Lyrics n meanings”

O re Bande (Lahore): Lyrics and More

O re Bande is the only composition of Piyush Mishra for the album Lahore, and is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shilpa Rao. The song is a Qawwali with some wonderful restraints and makes Rahat do what he does best, singing a great Qawwali, without unnecessarily straining his voice, something that has almost become a trend with many composers just because he can do it and does it in most of his public performances.

Anyway, the song is a really good piece of music and while Piyush Mishra certainly is responsible for that, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is equally important as he sings it wonderfully while Shilpa too plays her part superbly. The song catches you in the right mood from the very start but Jis mand si muskaan ke aage jhuki hain kudratein part gives the peak of the song which makes it certainly worth listening to.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “O re Bande (Lahore): Lyrics and More”

Cham Cham: Striker (Sonu Nigam) Lyrics, meanings

Cham Cham Jani Ratein of Siddharth’s Striker is one of the best songs of Sonu Nigam I have heard in past some time. It’s a romantic song while the music of the song has a Sufi touch and it has been set in a qawwali tone. The best part of the song, besides Sonu’s singing, is the qawwali claps of the song which give the music a moving and stopping, kind of restricted rhythm. The lyrics of the song, written by Jeetendra Joshi, are wonderful. And so is Shailendra Barve’s music.

Here are the lyrics of the song, all typed on my own, as there were no lyrics available online still.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Cham Cham: Striker (Sonu Nigam) Lyrics, meanings”

Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji: Full lyrics and Translation

I think this is my first ‘on-demand’ post. I talked about Dil to bachcha hai quite at length when I first heard the song in a promo. The song was loved by people and somebody asked me if I could give an English Translation of the lyrics. So I am giving it a try here.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji: Full lyrics and Translation”

ab mujhe koi intezar kahan (Ishqiya)

Rekha Bharadwaj is one great talent. And the best part is that she gets to sing Gulzar’s words on Vishal’s tunes. And while many singers might have reasons to be jealous, she keeps on proving her talent again and again. Ab mujhe koi intezar kahan is one such instance. The song is a great one by Gulzar and has been sung as deeply by Rekha. A slow, soft, deep song you’d love to listen to.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “ab mujhe koi intezar kahan (Ishqiya)”

Sajda: My name is Khan (Richa Sharma, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

So the promos of My Name is Khan are finally out. And so have some pieces of music from here and there. I got a 3 and half minute clip of the song and some additional information. The song sounds good as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sings for a full fledged SRK movie once again after Om Shanti Om, this time with Richa. Looks like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are ready to come back with a bang in 2010 after a comparatively dull 2009. Here is more:
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Sajda: My name is Khan (Richa Sharma, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)”

Ibnbatuta.. Bagal mein Joota.. Phurr Phurr..

It’s addictive. And I’m loving it.

Yes, the one odd minute trailer of Ishqiya is out and the one minute is enough to get you humming phurr phurr. Vishal Bharadwaj, Gulzar and Sukhwinder Singh. After giving a Dhan te nan, team Omkara is here again with a new magic. And my guess is that one partner of this magical song is Mika Singh too as the voice before Sukhwinder sounds like that of Mika only.

Here is the video released by Shemaroo.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Ibnbatuta.. Bagal mein Joota.. Phurr Phurr..”

Best of Rahman: Man Chandre

First things first. Mann chandre is one the very best songs of Rahman. Or at least that is what I personally felt.

I don’t understand Punjabi very thoroughly but courtesy Yash Chopra, i know quite a few words of the language and that helped me a lot in understanding the song, as it’s completely in Punjabi, which is probably the only limiting factor of the song.

पढ़ना जारी रखें “Best of Rahman: Man Chandre”

Meaning of Ishqiya


I know many people would be wondering what Ishqiya means. I was in the same situation until I happened to see the trailer of the movie. And as far as I can see from here, Ishqiya is not a word. It’s not a noun, pronoun, adjective or verb. Ishqiya is a replacement.

Yes, Ishqiya’s trailer has every second word starting with C. With a lot of C words in the movie, पढ़ना जारी रखें “Meaning of Ishqiya”