3 years of Blogging

It’s 11th September, 2010. While many are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, many are celebrating Eid too. My best wishes to both. The USA on the other hand, is mourning the 9th anniversary of terrorist attacks. And I realize that I today complete 3 years of almost regular blogging.

I wrote my first post on Blogger on 11th September 2007. I wouldn’t certainly have remembered that if it wasn’t for Google where I still am active with the same account I held three years ago too. And I wouldn’t probably remember it either had the date been anything other than 9/11.

Anyway, now that I know, like always, I’ll see some numbers, and even you will if you’re not too bored and not decide to leave the post.

My first blog was My Big Big World on Blogger, where I wrote exactly 100 posts, both big and small. My first post written on September 11th was about a college ‘reality’ show called Besuregama which was arranged by some of my friends at a very small level, so small that only the 9-10 of us present there enjoyed it. Sadly, I have lost most of the footage of the show, though it was completely captured.

Anyway, after blogging there till July ’08, I shifted to a new blog called ‘Zehreelay‘ and I tell you, the name was more inspired by my reputation in college for my PJs rather than the Rock On song. Again I had some one plus year’s posts (some 75+ posts) there until I started my blog Happysing.

But before that, there was more in between. With Zehreelay, I blogged on musicalised and musicalized about music only with more than 160 posts on the latter. The latter also boasts of some 14k visits till date.

Today, I’m blogging on HappySing, that is this blog, which has some 320 published posts, and BollyMeaning, which I have started some two months ago, which has some 150 posts and gets some 2k+ visits everyday at present.

I just wish I keep writing. Wish me all the best.

Everybody says I can Write

OK. Maybe not everybody, but certainly people around me think I can write. So much so that sometimes even I fall into the trap and start thinking that I can write.

O come on, I hardly can write!

For one, if I could write, I would have written a book by now. For sure.

Yes, I have an uncle who used to make caricatures. At the same time he was a poet too. And then, he started writing. Writing as in, he started writing books for children. First it was mostly stories, with illustrations all around, of course. And then, he got all those suggestions, and ideas, and he started writing non-fiction for children. Oops! Haven’t you heard of that? Well, non-fiction for children here are books that tell children what a bank is, what a post office is, or how a computer works. As I ‘write’ this, I can think of those books as children’s Wikipedia. Easy, Simple, Illustrated, and short. I mean, if you start telling someone how a bank works and what are their benefits to people and government, all those basics, how long would it take? A few pages. He wrote them, and they sold like anything. OK. Not like anything, but when I get to see the books by a Meerut author in Bangalore’s book festivals, he must be selling something.

So, the question is, what has this got to do with my writing? Well, the point I was trying to make is that my uncle writes so many books, my father has been published (my father writes small poems and sometimes stories too, you can also count most of the speeches I gave on Independence days and republic days and Gandhi Jayantis and even my debates during school) and as long as my mother had time to spare, she went on to give talks on AIR. To be very straightforward, I have been given numerous offers to write almost any type of book and I will be published, but…

I can’t write.

I sometimes blog (Should I count those reviews too as blogging? I don’t think so!) and somehow get a few hundred followers everyday for my so called blog where most of the visitors reach only because of my reviews, of albums, songs, and some movies. Even out of the remaining ‘blog’ posts, more than half are half-reports of what-happened-with-me-in-the-city. Rest half (or less than half) are, maybe, some writing.

OK. I guess, to some extent, I can write. But can I, really?

Alone and Hungry!

Living alone may have its own advantages, or rather it does have its own advantages, but then it also has a long list of disadvantages. And food comes on top of them. For me at least.

Well, generally I happen to keep a lot of junk with me for such times. Times when I am alone and hungry. But today it so happens that I am out of my stock of junk and as I had an early dinner and have not slept as yet (it’s 2:46 am right now), I am hungry.

The worst part about being hungry at this time (does time really matter?) is that even though I have things to cook, I won’t cook a thing. Something that happens only if you are alone. In case you got a roommate, or someone you can share your food with, or, even more interestingly, do not want to share your food with, you would probably have more chances of cooking than in case you are all by yourself.

Sitting alone, even Maggi doesn’t feel that great. Wait, I guess it does. Actually, anything you eat is fine when you’re alone. It’s cooking that is the difficult part. At least for the lazy bums like me.

What about u, btw?

PS: I’m still hungry and this post is hardly going to do anything to my hunger (won’t even add to it cuz it’s a short one writteen in no time). Wonder if I will have anything other than the Real Juice after the boring Amul Chocolate I had. O yes, Amul Chocolate without fruits n nuts n all IS boring. I agree.

Update: After writing this post, I cooked some tasty rice (with Butter) in the microwave (for the first time) and had with sauce.

Bhasad – Raavan calling Raam

Daddu n Motz’ room. Positions: Daddu with Laptop on chest. Baldz half asleep with his perpetual doubts still awake in his mind, with me trying to adjust somewhere between them. Loadz almost sleeping nearby.

Mika Singhing the adopted version of Lawaris’s Apni to jaise taise in the background. Discussions about the song just over.

Me: Daddu, u heard that Beera Beera?

Daddu: Which movie?

Me: Don’t worry about that. Start typing. (Daddu in the meantime had opened a youtube window)

Daddu: Arre, Raavan. Sahi hai. Kab aaya?

Me: Abhi kal hi aaya shayad.

Trailer is going on. Baldz suddenly starts moving a bit. I can feel the danger.

Baldz: Ye Aishwarya thi na? Ye bi hai?

Daddu: (busy with trailer) Haan.

Baldz: Abhishek Raavan bana hai isme?

Daddu: Haanji. Abhishek hai, aishwarya rai bhi hai, aur Vikram hai. Abhishek Raavan hai. Aur Vikram wo bana hai aapka… Raam. Tamil version mein ulta hai. Usme Vikram Raavan bana hai aur Abhishek Raam.

Me: Hain?

Daddu: (continuing) Saath mein Farhan Akhtar bhi hai. Picture ka naam hai Raavan calling Raam. Raavan Raam ko phone kar ke bolta hai, kyon be, tujhe kya lagta hai tu apni biwi ko chhuRa ke le jayega!

Baldz: Saale….

Me is smiling.

While Rahman was receiving Grammys…

I love Rahman. But I am still trying to guess what was there in the song Jai ho that the world is suddenly setting it up on fire. Anyway, I love Rahman for the hundreds of really great songs he has given us and I’m happy that he is getting recognition. And so is India, in a different way.

Well, that is anyway not the topic I want to talk about. The topic is that while Rahman was receiving Grammy awards, I was doing something that told me a lot more about Indian music. As I was reading Ganesh Anantharaman’s book Bollywood Melodies where he has written about Hindi film Industry’s music and the people who made it.
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What resolutions to take this New Year?

New Year is almost there. And everybody is planning as to what resolution to take on New Year. Well, I’ve had enough years on this earth to decide that I’m not going to take a New Year resolution. But here I’m listing ten resolutions I COULD take on this New Year.

1. I’ll take a bath everyday.
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Never Skip Lunches

When I was coming to join my job at Bangalore, I was getting heaps of advice from all, right from the oldest person in the neighborhood to the tiniest creature at home. The season of visits was on a high and while I was paying visits to some, more were coming home to congratulate me.

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Client Crash at CAT

UN-disclaimer: I’d have loved it if all the characters and incidents in this story were fictional. But unfortunately, it’s all True.

I had not given even an hour to CAT preparation in the last three months. I’m talking about just three months because that is the period I am certain about. As a matter of fact, I had not done any preparation in complete year. At least when compared to my first attempt two years ago.

After the reports of server crashes in the past three days, I was expecting one. But what crashed was not the servers. It was a crash at client side.

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