Shivam: Music Review (Ramen Barua)

The album starts with a hopeless sounding Bam Bam Bhole. The song can only give you confidence that you too can compose and write lyrics. And probably sing too.

Gusse mein O soni lagti ho kya is an interesting piece though. There is hardly anything new to the song but the way the old elements are used, they make the song passable. Okay kind. The quality of recording is a questionable thing here. I mean in a time when Farhan Akhtar can sing, I wonder why the singers sound bad here.

The next song, Khoye se tum Khoye se hum, though, is something that would remind you of good old days of ’90s when we listened to Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik singing words which probably had no meaning, or the same meaning all the time. The best I can say about the lyrics is that it was a nice use of Anupraas (alliteration) in khoya-khoya-khoye. Still, not bad, at least giving some standard to the album.

The next song is a solo by Alka Yagnik. Something I am getting to hear after a long, long time. Kyun ye nazrein hain gumsum is probably the second best track in the album. This one is a kinda sad, romantic number, and though a bit too slow by today’s standards, it almost stands out in the album.

And the best track of the album happens to be Zindagi aye zindagi, sung by Shaan and Mahalaxmi Iyer. The song is a heard-so-many-times, effervescent (in a Rajesh Roshan kind of mood) track, where music sounds almost in the background as Shaan and Mahalaxmi almost decide to take the song ahead on their own. Likeable one there.

So overall Shivam is almost as ignorable as I had thought earlier, but not so much as Bam bam bhole had made me think. After Alka’s solo and Shaan-Mahalaxmi number, I’d say the album deserves more than one star, probably one and a half.

Action Replayy: Music Review

Pritam’s Action Replayy starts with a Zor ka Jhatka given by Daler ‘paaji’ along with Richa Sharma. The now-so-sober Daler goes all mad in the song and you can hear him singing words like shaadi ke mandap se khud ko tu bhaga. Anyway, the song has a punch and Daler does make it even more wonderful. Richa’s nasal avatar makes the song more interesting than anything and what you get is an addictive song that will keep running everywhere for some time.

The next song O Bekhabar seems to be on the lines of Tum jo aaye of OUATIM and even though in this one Shreya sings alone (as compared to tum jo aaye’s Tulsi-Rahat) she sounds good enough to equal the hit. Likeable song.

The third song, Nakhre, sung by Francois Castollino, is a step ahead of zor ka jhatka when it comes to lyrics. The song has some matter-of-fact lyrics (according to boys that is) which can make you laugh even before you reach the theater to watch the movie. Definitely interesting, again.
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Sadka Kiya – I Hate Luv Storys: Lyrics n More

Vishal-Shekhar have one of the kings of rock among themselves, one who is called for rock songs by so many composers in Bollywood. But then, Vishal-Shekhar themselves call upon Suraj Jagan to sing this song, so definitely the song had to be good. And so it is.

Well, Sadka kiya is not really a rock song, but it has its lower notes as well as higher notes, and Suraj sounds awesome singing sadka kiya yoon ishq ka. Mahalxmi gets to sing mostly the lower notes in the song and does play her part perfectly.

The best part of the song is that even the lyrics of the song are good, probably better than most other songs of the album. Especially the part of mukhda, Sadka kiya yoon ishq ka, ke sar jhuka jahan, deedar hua, is really good.

Here are the lyrics of the song. (Full meaning here)
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I Hate Luv Storys – Music Review

Vishal-Shekhar’s I Hate Love Stories had been a long expected album, at least for me. And I guess they have done it. Bin tere, I hate Love stories, and Sadka kiya, I’m loving it.

The album starts with Jab Mila tu, which is quite like Dostana’s Jaane Kyun. That way, the song cannot be called very fresh but sounds fine, and will be stuck to our tongues the way Jaane kyun did. I think.

The second song of the album is one of the best, or probably the best, Bin Tere (how many songs are called Bin tere, any idea?). Well, the song, sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and Sunidhi Chauhan is a wonderful piece of music and definitely worth a listen. Go for it.

The third song of the album is a peppy title song, bas pyaar ka naam na lena, I hate love stories, sung by Vishal Dadlani. Very, very tongue sticking,though I don’t think it’s one for longer times.

Bahara is the next song of the album. The song came as a surprise to me as I had not expected Sona Mahapatra in a Vishal-Shekhar album. I wonder if she has ever worked with the duo. Well, Sona is not the only singer in the song, in fact she is more in the background while the song is actually sung by Shreya Ghoshal. A medium-fast-paced song with a touch of folk. Definitely a good one again.

They had one king of rock with them. But they brought in another one. Yes, Vishal Shekhar call in Suraj Jagan for their next number Sadka Kiya, with Mahalaxmi Iyer. Frankly, Sadka is probably the song I have loved the most till date and the more I am listening to it, the more I am falling into the song. A song that keeps itself light, has beats something like Falak tak (Tashan), with Suraj going high in places, in a way that you would love. The best part, on top of the wonderful music and singing, there are those great lyrics, sadka kiya yoon ishq ka, ke sar jhuka jahan, deedar hua. M lovin’it.

If this was not enough, here is more in remixes, no, reprises and mixes and remixes. The first to come up is Shekhar with a reprise of Bin Tere. Now there’s only a guitar (I hope I didn’t miss anything) and Shekhar’s voice. A real reprise, with hardly any background music. One of the toughest and the best things Shekhar has done. Kudos boy.

Now, a chill mix, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing what Shreya and Sona sang earlier. Definitely good work by Rahat and worth listening to song, but I think I have fallen for the original version already.

At the end there is a remix version of Bin Tere, which doesn’t sound bad.

Overall, I Hate Luv Storys seems to be a soundtrack which is better than plain good. A few songs may remind you of things here and there, but overall, almost every song of the album is good, which is a big deal. Well done Vishal-Shekhar.

My Picks: Bin Tere, Sadka Kiya.