Dedh Inch Oopar

Today I was planning to write a review of this new album called Soch Lo, composed by Charu Moohan, a guy I had not really heard much about, and Nitesh Pires, a guy who had launched an album one or two years back and I had liked one song. But I was somehow interested in the album and I started listening to it.

I started listening to the song, Dedh inch Oopar hoon main, and I was stuck. Believe me, before going to the second song, I heard dedh inch upar some 5-6 times. And interestingly, after listening to the entire album, I was back to the song again.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Dedh Inch Oopar”

Tere Mast Mast do nain

With Salman Khan’s Dabangg, Sajid Wajid are back, and after the success of Veer’s music, this time they come up with one more song with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and this one is called Tere Mast Do Nain. The song is a romantic, melody, with a slight ghazal-ish mode and some beats that are going to stick in your head, and to your tongue.

taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere,
naino mein basiyaan jaise nain ye tere,
naino mein basiyaan jaise nain ye tere,
tere mast mast do nain,
mere dil ka le gaye chain,
mere dil ka le gaye chain,
tere mast mast do nain..

Look at us, we are a family..

Dharma Productions’ next, the much hyped, much in demand, Kajol, Kareena, Arjun Rampal starrer, Stepmom’s remake, is finally here. Here is the trailer that is running on TV nowadays, with the song that I can here in the background:

Look at us, We are a family,
all of us, we are a family..

Des Mera: Peepli Live: Lyrics

Indian Ocean are really wonderful musicians, and Aamir Khan gets them to sing for his production in a movie which totally suits them. Peepli [Live] gets Indian Ocean’s music and not talking much, I’d say Des Mera is a song that you must listen to. Typical Indian Ocean.

Des mera rangrez ye babu
Ghat ghaat yahan ghat-ta jadoo
Des mera angrez ye babu

Rai pahad hai kankar shankar
Baat hai choti bada batangad
Are India sir ye cheese dhurandar
Rang rangeela Parjatantar

Saat rang satranga mela
Bas ranga sa bada jhamela
Saat rang sat ranga mela
Bas ranga sa bada jhamela
Gira gagan se khajur ne dhela
Sukh-dukh pakdam pakdi khela
Ek rang duniyon ka nirala
Ek rang hathiyari
Rang rang mein hod lagi hai
Rang rangi manmani

Des mera rangrez ye babu
Ghaat ghaat yahan ghat-ta jaadu
Des mera rangrez ye babu
Ghaat ghaat yahan ghat-ta jaadu

Sukhe naina rukhi aankhiyan dundhla dundhla sapna
Aansoo bhi namkeen hai pyare jo tapke so chakhna
Dundhla dundhla sapna pyaare
Dundhla dundhla sapna
Sukhe naina rukhi ankhiyan
Sukhe naina rukhi
Dundhla dundhla sapna pyaare
Dundhla dundhla sapna

Des mera rangrez ye babu…. hoye!

Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol – Aisha (Tochi Raina)

After Dev.D, Amit Trivedi composes his next Punjabi song for Aisha. This time the song is sung by his favorite, singer of Pardesi and Iktara male version, Tochi Rainaa. The song is a not-so-fast dance number and instantly reminds you of Dev.D’s Punjabi numbers though the songs in Dev.D were sung by Labh Janjua. Anyway, the song is good and here are the lyrics of the song.

Gal mitthi mitthi bol, Bajne de taashe dhol..

Gal mitthi mitthi bol, ras kaano vich ghol
Bajne de taashe dhol, masti mein tu vi dol
Mann de naina tu khol
Chahat ke moti rol
Dil hunda ae anmol, ke daulat se na tol
Aa sohni tenu chaand ki main choodi pehrawa
Mainu kar de ishaara te main doli lai aanwa
Gal mitthi mitthi bol, ras kaano vich gol
Bajne de taashe dhol, masti mein tu vi dol
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol – Aisha (Tochi Raina)”

Lehren – Aisha

Lehren, sung by Anusha, Neuman Pinto and Nikhil is one of the best songs of the album, Aisha. The song is a slow, sad and deep one with some really good and touching lyrics by Javed Akhtar.

Here are the lyrics of the song.

khoyi khoyi si hoon main
kyun ye dil ka haal hai
dhundhle saare khaab hain
uljha har khayaal hai
saari kaliyaan murjha gayin
rang unke yaadon mein reh gaye
saare gharonde ret ke,
lehrein aayin lehron mein beh gaye.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Lehren – Aisha”

Shaam bhi koi – Aisha

And, as expected, Amit Trivedi does it. I was not even done with listening to Amit’s Udaan, and his Aisha is here. As per my rule, I decided to go for Amit’s self sung Shaam first, and the song just bowled me over. It’s a soft piece with Javed Akhtar’s matching lyrics. The song reminded me of Aamir and when I heard it the first time, there were times when I thought ‘here it goes into rock mode’, but the song never did. Soft, soulful, and Amit Trivedi’s typical. Well done by Neuman Pinto n Amit. Here are the lyrics of the song.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Shaam bhi koi – Aisha”

ik udaan kab talak qaid rahegi

It’s a small one, but definitely a good one. Udaan’s Nadi mein talab has some beautiful, inspiring lyrics coming from the pen of Amitabh Bhattacharya again. Here are the lyrics of the semi-rock song sung by Amit Trivedi, Joi Barua and Neuman Pinto.

Nadi mein talab hai, Kahin jo agar
Samandar kahan door hai
Damakti garaz hai, sone mein agar
To jalna bhi manzoor hai

Ik udaan kab talak yoon kaid rahegi
Roko na chhod do isse
Ik udaan hi sapno ko zindagi degi
Sapno se jod do isse
पढ़ना जारी रखें “ik udaan kab talak qaid rahegi”

Naya Kuch Naya to Zaroor hai

One of the most inspiring songs of Udaan is Geet mein dhalte lafzon mein, sung by composer-lyricist duo Amit-Amitabh. The song is simply some awesome poetry of Amitabh Bhattacharya and you can feel the zest in almost every line of the song. Be it a hardcore ‘haan ye umangon se phoola hua seena, lamha ye maanga nahi ise humne chheena hai,’ or a more Gulzar-ish ‘jebon mein hum raatein liye ghooma karen‘, the song never goes down a bit in enthusiasm.

So here are the lyrics of the full of life song, with all my wishes to Amitabh Bhattacharya and even Amit Trivedi.

Geet mein dhalte lafzon mein
Taal pe chalti nabzon mein
Naya kuchh naya to zaroor hai
Shaam se leke sehron mein
Dhoop jadi duphero mein
Naya kuchh naya to zaroor hai

Kya baat hai jo baat hai taaza lage
Zindagi ki nayi nayi faza lage o..

Haan yeh umango se phoola hua seena hai
Lamha yeh maanga nahi, isse humne chheena hai
Yunhi jeena hai
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Naya Kuch Naya to Zaroor hai”

Naav – Udaan: Lyrics

Naav or chadhti lehren laangh na paayen is probably the best song of Anurag Kashyap’s next production, Udaan, which has been composed by none other than Amit Trivedi and with lyrics of Amitabh Bhattacharya. The song, sung by Mohan, has a folkish touch and has Amit’s signature rock mood too. And somehow, I agree with my friend Dunkdaft who says the song reminds him of SD Burman too. Anyway, the song has some real good singing with some superb music but it’s the lyrics that I’m loving the most, so here are the lyrics of the song, as best as I could hear them.

chadhti lehren laangh na paayen kyun haanpti si naav hai teri naav hai teri
tinka tinka jod ke saanse kyun haanpti si naav hai teri naav hai teri
ulti behti dhaar hai bairi dhaar hai bairi
ulti behti dhaar hai bairi dhaar hai bairi
ke ab kuch kar ja re panthi..

jigar juta kya baat baandh le hai baat thehri jaan pe teri jaan pe teri
Haiya Ho Ki Taan Saath Le Jo Baat Tehri Jaan Pe Teri Shaan Pe Teri

Chal Jeet Jeet Lehra Parcham tu laal Phehra Ja
Ab Kar Ja Tu Ya Mar Ja Karle Taiyari
Udja Banke Dhoop Ka Panchi chura ke gehri chhaon Andheri Chaao Andheri
Tinka Tinka Joodle Saase Kyun Haanphti Si Naav Hai Teri

Rakh Dega JhakJhor ke tujhe
Tufano Ka Ghor Hai Dera Ghor Hai Dera
Bhanwar Se dar Jo Haar Maan Le
Kaheka Phir Jor Hai Tera Jor Hai Tera

Hai Dil Mei Roshni Tere
Tu Cheer Daal Sab Ghere
Lehron Ki Gardan Kas Ke
Daal Phande Re

Ki Dariyan Bole waaha Re Panthi
Saar Ankhon Pe Naav Hai Teri Naav Hai Teri
Chadti Lehren Laangh Na Paaye
Kyun Hanpti Si Naav Hai Teri Naav Hai Teri

Ulti Behti Dhaar Hai Bairi Dhaar Hai Bairi
Ulti Behti Dhaar Hai Bairi Dhaar Hai Bairi
Ke Ab Kuch Kar Ja Re panthi..

Update: Full meaning of the song is Here.

Bhool gaye hain, joote kahan utare the..

chhoti chhoti chhitrayi yaadein, bichhi hui hain lamhon ki lawn par, nange pair un par chalte chalte, itni door aa gaye hain, ki ab bhool gaye hain joote kahan utaare the.

I’ve been loving the dialogs and the song preview of Udaan. Amit Trivedi gives some good music again and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics are awesome. And then, the dialogs…

Here are the lyrics that I got from the theatrical trailer, read them, listen to them, love them.

kahani khatm hai, ya shuruaat hone ko hai
subah nayi hai ye, ya phir raat hone ko hai
aane wala waqt dega panaahen
ya phir se milenge doraahe
khabar kya, kya pata…

and an awesome end to the trailer with.. sach bhool gaye hain joote kahan utaare the, par lagta hai ab unki zaroorat nahi..

Nanachi Taang!

and, oh, btw, the meaning of Nana-chi Taang, which is incidentally a song sung by Akshay Kumar in Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha now, is what you call in Hindi ‘teri aisi ki taisi.’

nanachi tang is a Marathi Phrase which would literally mean nana ki taang. Now, it also happens to be the title of Akshay Kumar’s first ever song in a movie. The Punjabi guy reportedly speaks good Marathi and now his first song is based on a Marathi Phrase too. This Singh is really a King!

Main Kaun Hoon – Lamhaa

Sanjay Dutt-Bipasha Basu-Kunal Kapoor starrer Lamhaa is proving to be a complete musical with songs like Madhno and Main Kaun Hoon. And while Mithoon has surprised all by giving the first song of its type to Mika, he does an awesome thing by giving Main Kaun Hoon to Palsh Sen who sings the song like it was tailor made for him. The song has a touch of rock and Palash moves between low and high notes with ease and efficiency while Mithoon’s music is brilliant.

But above all, the song has some awesome lyrics which conveys the suffering it tries to. And successfully. Kudos to Amitabh Varma for that.

Here are the lyrics of the song.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Main Kaun Hoon – Lamhaa”

Saajna (Lamhaa): Mika, Chinmayee

The combination might sound strange to you. But here you see the advent of a new Mika Singh, at least for one song. And that’s the other version of Lamhaa’s already hit song, Madhno. The Mika version.

More than anything else, the song comes as a surprise as Mika sings for Mithoon with Chinmayee. The surprise comes as a pleasant one as Mika renders the song quite good and well in control and doesn’t go mad anywhere. The way he ends his Saajnaa sounds like a usual ‘singer’ and you really wonder if it’s him. But then, the voice is almost unmistakable.

Chinmayee is as good in this version too as in the other one. The other difference of the two versions is that this one has lyrics completely in Hindi.

Tum Chain Ho (Unplugged): Milenge Milenge: Lyrics and More

Ask me which singer gets the best track of Milenge Milenge and the answer may surprise you. At least if you haven’t heard the album. Well, with so many big singers around, if the name of Vineet Singh comes up, it IS big. But surprisingly, his version of Tum Chain ho, the unplugged one, looks like the best song of Milenge Milenge to me.

The song, a simple, sweet composition of Himesh Reshammiya, has its original version sung by Sonu Nigam along with Alka and Suzanne D’Mello while the unplugged version is sung by Vineet. And while Sonu sings the song amazingly like ever, Vineet looks no less and then he gets some more plus points for the calmness and purity of the song. Awesome singing by the guy. Must Listen.
पढ़ना जारी रखें “Tum Chain Ho (Unplugged): Milenge Milenge: Lyrics and More”