How to remove Who to Follow from your Twitter

Irritated and annoyed by this new, stubborn feature of Twitter called ‘Who to Follow’ that looks like part of Twitter’s Facebookization? Well, here is a temporary solution. It still has to be seen how long it lasts.

I know that if we keep clicking the cross signs, all the suggestions keep coming back like they do in Facebook, but the trick is to click ‘View all’ under the suggestions and when you reach the page full of suggestions, just put your mouse at ‘hide’ and keep clicking as all of them hide one by one. Some twenty clicks and your Twitter is back to its normal, old self.

Now that I have done this, suggestions are not there at present but sooner or later they will come back. Now how successful is the method depends on how long does Twitter wait before I get suggestions.

Update: The thing works for say, one day, after which Twitter comes with a few more suggestions. However, if you are a Chrome user, you can remove the thing for always, with this app.

Google changes appearance!

Though it is not confirmed as people are getting to see different things, but for me, Google has changed its logo and appearance. Interestingly, while the website is showing the new logo to me, still has the old logo in place.

The new logo of Google is not much different from their old one, but the shadows under the letters are removed, and so the difference is noticeable at the least. Here are the 2 logos of Google as could find from my desktop screen. The one on top is while the one below is, the new logo.

But then, talking of the whole appearance, it seems that the new Google is looking somewhat like Bing, though they don’t show a page’s summary if you hover on that, something that Bing does.

Here is a new look of the Google search results page. Click on the picture for a larger view.

What to do on Twitter?

I am a Twitter addict and have made a number of friends through the website. I have got news, advice and help there and have given the same when required by others. So I do recommend Twitter to friends many times, but whenever I do so, I generally face a question — What to do on Twitter? So here I try to answer this.

1. I do not have friends on Twitter, Why do I join it then?

Frankly, Twitter is not Orkut, or even Facebook. Twitter is much more open in terms of talk, and you can and do talk to people you hardly know. You follow unknown people for various reasons, like matching interests, similar likes or dislikes, business prospects, sense of humor or simply because of the way they tweet. So when you go out there on Twitter, find people you like and simply start following them. If you want to keep limited to your friends strictly, Twitter may not be the best platform for you.

2. What do I actually do on Twitter?

You have joined Twitter and even started following your friends (which might not make big numbers) but not many people follow you and you have no idea what to do next. This is one thing that happens to almost all of us when we join Twitter.

Unfortunately, most people give up early and that is the reason Twitter is still limited in it’s reach. In case you are really interested, you will find a way, but if you are not that interested, you leave Twitter and many times it may leave a part of your potential unexhausted if you were planning to join Twitter to promote something, like your business, services, or some campaign. So if you are on Twitter and wondering what to do, here are some things to start with.

Speak. Yeah, Tweet. Simply starting to write whatever you’re thinking, that is, speaking your mind, is probably the best way to start. People around may befriend you for your views. Just be yourself, and don’t try and act ultra smart. That, sometimes, may go negative.

Follow. As I said, keep searching for more and more people with similar interests as yours. The more people you follow, the more you get recognized in the Twitterverse. Also, write a good and short bio for yourself. That helps people people with similar interests find you.

Interact. If you’re following someone, do try to interact with them. If anyone needs help and you can, go ahead and leave an @ reply to the person with whatever you can offer. Retweet people with credit if you think others will like to know what you just read in a tweet. The more you interact and help people, the more they like you. I have many friends on Twitter I have never seen but who do help me with anything they can simply because of the personal rapport we share.

Indulge. Yes, Indulging is more than just interacting. If you have a good sense of humor, you are more than welcome on Twitter. So are you if you have a good knowledge of the world around you. Do not show off, but if you involve yourself, especially when there are some trends doing rounds, you can be better identified and more liked.

Get informed. Frankly, since the time I joined Twitter, the need to read newspapers has reduced considerably as I get more news on Twitter itself. You may follow newspapers, news channels and all on Twitter, but actually they aren’t much needed either if you’re following a number of active people, say hundred or more, because in that case, you get almost all significant news in tweets.

3. How can I promote my business on Twitter?

Many people are joining Twitter to promote their businesses, services or simply their websites/blogs. If that is your objective, be sure of one thing: Until you’re a major name in your business, blandly promoting your business/service won’t help. Go on Twitter like a normal tweeter (even if you’re tweeting with your business’s name) and build rapport with the Twitterverse by interacting, involving yourself and indulging and make your promotion a part of your tweets. That way you can make your business reach more people. @90di is a good example of promoting business through Twitter.

So here is what I think is essential to get started on Twitter. I hope next time you go to Twitter, you don’t ask what do I do here. 🙂

Perfect Spamming?

It’s almost sure it was spamming. And if it was, it was perfect.

Some time back I saw on Twitter than #AamirKhanLive was trending. I decided to take a look and found that Aamir Khan was actually live on a site called ustream and the link was there in all tweets. It surprised me a bit but I was more interested in watching the live chat and was able to catch the last few minutes on the site.

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Plagiarism on Internet: The Copy Paste Story

It was the morning of 18th December when I suddenly saw that the songs of Veer were there in the market. I was planning to sleep again but I decided to download the songs so that I could write a review at the earliest. As I heard the songs, I decided to write the review then and there as I loved the songs. I did start at nine and at eleven in the morning I had the review ready, when I posted it.

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