Whackiest Blog Post on Dabangg!

Dabangg was good, and to me, the best thing of Dabangg was the movie’s comedy. But today I saw a Blog Post that made me laugh probably more than the movie itself. A guy tries to tell you the story of Dabangg on Facebook, while you have Chulbul Pandey, Dukhiyari Amma, Chhedi Singh, @Mast_Mast_Nain, Beuda Sasur, @Munni_Badnaam_Bhabhi, and even Useless Makkhi tweeting and facebooking.

Must, Must watch thing, and mind you, every single letter put on the post seems to be written with a thought. I wonder how long the author, Sujoy, has worked on it. His best post I have seen till date.

So no more chabad-chabad-patar-patar. Here is the link to the post.

Rajneeti: Review

When i was in school and we were asked to write essays on our favourite books i always wrote Mahabharata. There is a saying in Bengali :”Ja nei bharate, ta nei bharate” which means anything that did not find a place in the great epic, does not exist in India. Politics forms the crux of the epic. Dynastic politics, feud over property, power tussle between blood relations make each page of the greatest story ever told so gripping. But an adaptation of the same with Indian electoral politics as the backdrop fails to impress much. Specially so because this film comes from the kitty of Prakash Jha (who had raised the bar of film making with Gangajal). Had Karan Johar made this film i would have been all praises (like i was in MNIK; that film was pathetic too). Rajneeti works because Mahabharata works.

I will not go into the story of the film. I would just try to talk about certain aspects of the film which if absent could have made Rajneeti a classic. First is the screenplay. In the first half of the film it almost resembles a Yash raj drama! Specially the scenes between Ranbir and Katrina! The scenes went by too fast and editing was really bad which hampered the flow of the film. The songs were complete misfit and could have been given a miss! Prakash Jha should really learn how to use songs as background scores. Some concepts were cliche ridden. Dialogues were stale in most parts and evoked laughter in some serious scenes (like “tum mere jyesth putra ho”). The director’s attempt to adapt Mahabharata boomerangs. He lets many strings loose which becomes very difficult for him to sort out by the end of the film.

This is an extract of Aagan‘s review. Complete Review at Aaganzworld.

Update: I watched Raajneeti and absolutely loved it. My suggestion, Do watch it, if you like or have any interest in that bad game called Politics. I have. 🙂

Solar Eclipse Photos

Twitter is a wonderful thing. You not only get great thoughts there, but you find great people. Today I found one of the best pics of the eclipse taking place outside, Courtesy Prashanth (@Geekoo). And now that I have the permission, here are the photos of 15th January 2010 Solar eclipse. Hope you like them as I did. (Hover the mouse over the pic for more detail about the photo)
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Living in a Van

It would be nice. A middle-class family might think it would be nice to have an in-ground swimming pool. A millionaire might think it would be nice to have a yacht. The billionaire, a private jet. Someone, somewhere might think it would be nice to have food to feed her family tonight. Someone, somewhere might think it would be nice to live in a van in order to afford to go to a wonderful school. I could begin satisfying my desires and buying comforts, but I’ve learned to appreciate what little I have instead of longing for what I do not.

An adventure of loving in a van by a debt-ridden US student. Read it here.