Poll: Composer of the year 2009

Here comes another poll. This one should not be very difficult for you. There have been a number of music directors with a number of movie albums this year. You have to select who is the music composer of the year according to you. I have given the names of their composed albums in front of composers, finally Pritam too. 🙂

So here is your poll.

Who is the composer of the year 2009?

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Movie Review: Paa

And the question rises once again. What are movie reviews for? To give one’s opinion on whether a person reading the review should go and watch the movie or not. Isn’t it? So I can finish reviewing Paa in one, two or three words. Here are the three reviews.

3 Word Review: Just Loved it!

2 Word Review: Go, Watch!

1 Word Review: Paa.

Rating: 9 on 10. In the hope that Mr Bachchan may still have some surprise someday.

My WORK is over. But if you still want to read on, you sure can.

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Mere Paa (Amitabh Bachchan): Lyrics

A wonderful song sung by Amitabh Bachchan. The lyrics and music of the song are wonderful, but the credit is taken away by Amitabh Bachchan for his superb singing. I guess it’s his best song ever. Here are the lyrics as I got them.

meri jaan teri hai mere paa
meri maa teri hai mere paa..
meri maa teri hai mere paa
meri jaan teri hai mere paa..

maano meri baat
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Paa: Music Review

Paa is an album I had been long waiting for. No, it’s not something that you would be humming after listening to it once and forget by the next month. It’s something that will take its own time, to come as well as to go. One important thing about the album is that while Ilayaraaja has been good with his music in the album, Swanand Kirkire has been an equal with his pen as the lyrics are wonderful almost everywhere, without much of an exception.

Here is my review of the album, Paa.

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Mudi Mudi Ittefaq se: Paa/Shilpa Rao


Paa is something I have been looking forward to from the very time I got to know about the movie. The day their website, paathefilm was launched, I was sitting in front of my monitor with speakers on, playing the paa tune for hours. And now, there is Mudi Mudi, sung by Shilpa Rao that is out there on music channels.

The song, composed by Ilayiaraaja, is a wonderful number. While you पढ़ना जारी रखें “Mudi Mudi Ittefaq se: Paa/Shilpa Rao”