Zindagi na Milegi Dobara: Music Review

Kab tak ginen hum dhadkanein, dil jaise dhadke dhadakne do has that soul that is found in Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy-Farhan combos, that gives you the confidence to ‘do’ something, a Lakshya thing. Joi Barua sings for SEL in this one. Ik Junoon (Paint it Red) is a poppish one that goes to its limited highs in a way that it will be slowly, but highly addictive.

Khwabon ke Parindey has Alyssa singing a beautiful song in her sweet, eclectic voice, while Mohit supports her. Alyssa does a Caralisa in this one, almost going the Phir dekhiye style, though the song is slightly higher on notes compared to that one.

Senorita sung by Hrithik, Farhan, Abhay and Maria Del Mar Fernandez is gonna be the attraction of the album as the three actors seem to be doing good not only in singing but dancing as well. Lovely.

Shankar Mahadevan gives his first solo appearance in Der Lagi Lekin, Maine jeena seekh liya. I think the line says a lot about the song. Javed Akhtar’s positive lyrics have been sung by Shankar with all ease and in a way that the song appeals to you the very first time, to grow on you more, every time you listen to it. DO listen.

Loy, Dominique, Clinton Cerejo. You know what type the song is gonna be as soon as you read the names. A techno-techno Sooraj ki Baahon mein is nothing too new as far as arrangements are concerned, but the composition has got some simple-addictive-good beats and you learn four lines the first time you listen. You know what it means, don’t you? Hey Yeah!

In To Zinda ho tum. Farhan Akhtar renders his dad’s words as a poem with some music in the background, something that tends to inspire you, but though the words are good and well rendered, probably they are a bit too less. Could have been more, and thus better.

As for remixes, Ik Junoon remix is even more addictive than the actual song I guess, though Senorita Remix is not as interesting as the original.

Overall, ZNMD is something to celebrate, like you see in the movie. Do go for it. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are there again.

Guzaarish: A Short Review

So finally I saw Guzaarish. And liked it. Here is a small review, some details, and no spoilers.

For one, Guzaarish is not like Saanwariya. The movie is in a real world and you can relate to it.

Second, the movie has disabilities in subject, but is not much like Black. It has its own story and its own style, which is quite different from the way Black was told, even if not entirely.

As for the movie individually, it’s a good movie. It’s not too complex, it doesn’t talk too big things, but makes you feel happiness, sorrow, and most importantly, helplessness at various points in the movie.

The subject is big, story okay, script good, and direction wonderful. Sanjay Leela Bhansali proves himself in many scenes, something he didn’t fail to do even in Saanwariya, but then, a good story and a world that you know make a great difference. As for acting, Hrithik is just fabulous, while Aishwarya is okay. It was the first time I saw Aditya Roy Kapoor acting and liked him. Shernaz Patel who is is repeated from Black is good.

The choreography is good and you notice the dances even in the few places they are there. Cinematography is good in places but not all the way that great. Probably SLB’s grey shades didn’t suit my eyes that much.

Music is good and SLB has kept only the songs that fit and sound good there. Even the song that weren’t that good without the movie have found a better meaning in the movie. Liked it.

In short, Guzaarish is good, and definitely watchable. Just don’t have too high hopes (read Black) and I guess you won’t be disappointed.

Guzaarish: Music Review

When I heard the songs of Guzaarish for the first time (I’m not talking of the promo here), my first reaction was of disappointment. I could see that there were songs very similar in nature, to each other, and to that of Saanwariya. But I could see that given time, some of the songs could grow on me, or anyone who would listen to them. So I have taken my own time writing a review, hoping I can do justice to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first attempt at music composition.

The album starts with the title song, bas itni si tumse guzaarish hai. The song, sung by KK and Shail Hada, is a slow, beautiful plea with not too much of music, but some really lovable words. The music is the type you would like to listen to while sitting in your balcony with no work troubling your mind. I don’t think you can appreciate the song if you have something else on your mind and just trying to soothe yourself with the track. It’s just not that involving. So the verdict is simply ‘good.’

The second track of the Guzaarish gets a bit Gulzar-ish with the words. Sau gram zindagi treats human life very tangibly and talks about it very poetically. At the same time, the music is almost like supporting the poetry and not going much ‘musical.’ Bhansali gets the required softness in music quite aptly at times but you can feel it’s lack of experience that right after quite a melodic line you get a very banal melody. Anyway, the whole song does sound okay.

Tera Zikr Hai is one of the very highly poetic songs of the album and Bhansali gives quite some interesting music to the few words in every line of poetry. The song makes me feel Bhansali can be a composer even though the song is just likable.

The next song, Saiba, sung by Vibhavari Joshi and Francois Castellino (the guy sings Nakhre of Action Replayy too) is a very soft, little thing, that doesn’t have a lot to show off in terms of music or lyrics but just its sweetness and the beginning parts sung by Francois. Since Bhansali sells the sweetness in three minutes and doesn’t stretch things beyond limits, it’s not bad. Likable stuff.

The next song, or rather track, is Jaane kiske Khwaab, a three minute piece sung by KK. This one is almost a poem recited as there is hardly any music and quite minimal instruments. The negative point about the song is that the lyrics, which make the majority of the song, aren’t too great and hence the song fails to affect.

The next, Sunidhi’s Udi is definitely something to listen to and sounds quite different from the entire album. Bhansali n his team understand that well too and that’s the reason you can see the song being promoted quite highly on television. The song has some fast and different music even though the arrangements have similar touch as the rest of the album. Sunidhi is definitely good with the song and it sounds attractive from the very first time. Most important of all, the song gives you a break from all the similar songs.

Next song is Shail Hada’s solo piece, Keh na Sakoon. This one is quite a touching one and somehow my favorite from the album right now. The song has some good lyrics like most of the songs in the album and while the music is kinda minimal again, Shail’s voice feels touching in this one, especially at the beginning lines of the song, keh na sakun-seh na sakun. I recommend.

The next song of the album is Chaand ki Katori Hai, sung by Harshdeep Kaur. Harshdeep is one of those singers whose name still makes me curious and in Guzaarish once again I loved her voice. The music of the song is not that great but this one is sung beautifully and one can listen to the song for that alone. Overall, the song is okay.

Shall I say that Daayein Baayein is Bhansali’s tryst with modernism here? The next track, daayein baayein, sung by KK, is a bit different from the album and some minor resemblances to what we hear all the time, i.e. Pritam etc. I’m not asking you to expect a complete Pritam song, but this is probably the closest Bhansali as a composer can get to Pritam’s style, or so I feel after listening to Guzaarish. Not bad. Nothing great either though.

Dhundhli Dhundhli Shaam hui, ab to wapas aa jao, ke is samay to parinde bhi laut aate hain, rendered by Shankar Mahadevan. Frankly, such beautiful words and that great singer can make something worth listening to even without any music. To add to this, Sanjay Leela Bhansali gives some very lightly arranged, but deep music to the words and the effect that comes with Shankar’s voice is almost mesmerizing. Somehow I’m expecting more from the little song in the movie as I hope it’ll sound even more beautiful with fitting scenes. Btw, the song in some of its corners reminds me of refugee, probably some notes in the song.

Overall, I have quite a mixed opinion about Guzaarish. The major negative of the album is that many songs of the album sound quite similar in style and arrangement and there’s a lack of variety. The positives include the lyrics, some light, touching music in places and some good work done by singers, the last one matters here more because with the type of songs here, this is one very important requirement. Another positive is that even though many songs of the album are not instantly likable, many songs slowly grow on you and I guess that the songs should anyway have a longer shelf life.

As far as Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s work as a composer is concerned, I’ll have to agree that he is talented here too and he CAN compose, but I think he’s not good enough to compose complete albums with ten songs. Especially when he has a history of movies like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Devdas.

Guzaarish. The Trailer.

Guzaarish. Hrithik Roshan. In fact the promo reminds me of Black, and somewhere in between Saanwariya and even krrish. But I am getting a feeling that the movie should be good. After all, such a flop as Saanwariya would have given much to ponder to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Anyway, here is the trailer.

My first comments. Hrithik looks way to handsome to die, at least in the the first look. Aishwarya looking quite like she did in HDDCS. And I guess Bhansali will make quite fine a music director. Rest, when I see more.

Kites: Movie Review

Preview show. Rupees 250. n yes, for those sitting 2 rows behind me, Rs 270. Fame cinemas at Whitefield’s Forum Value Mall had 3 preview shows on Thursday, and all three were housefull. No wonder Fame chose Kites to fly their rates even higher, adding rupees twenty to every ticket.

Worth that much? I guess not.

OK. Kites is a good movie. Doesn’t have that much of story but then Anurag Basu knows how to make a movie and when you have all the money from BIG Pictures and Rakesh Roshan and all the time of a talented actor like Hrithik, he can create magic, and he almost did, as through the entire movie, you know the end, but still, somehow, it keeps you hooked. All points to Anurag for that (But then, he had done it so much better in Metro, though it had a bit more story than Kites).

Other than the story thing, Kites is fabulous. Take any department, acting, music, background score, cinematography, and where it comes, choreography, all of them are awesome. Hrithik and Barbara do share a chemistry and you can watch it on-screen. The small cast, Hrithik, Barbara, Nick Brown (the guy playing the villain), Kabir Bedi, and even Jamaal, the chauffeur played by Yuri Suri are all good. Kangana gets a smaller role than expected though.

The best things about Kites are the music, the background score, the cinematography, and of course, its direction, though I had expected more than this from Anurag after Life in a Metro. He has tried new things (eg, the picturization of Tum Bhi ho wahi) but in a few places it becomes clichd, maybe because of the story. Salim-Sulaiman have been really wonderful with their background score and I absolutely loved that. Cinematography is good in general and the desert scene looks superb.

I guess there isn’t much more to say though I can keep on going. So I would like to summarize it with a tweet of mine.

Not a great story. But otherwise, almost everything is great. Watch it once I’d say.

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Why is Kites named so?

I watched Kites. And liked the movie too, but I didn’t get till now why it has been named Kites. Yes, I don’t yet know why is Kites Kites. So I tried to find the reason behind the name ‘Kites’. So here I go.

After some good scenes in the water, they could name the movie Blue or something, but then in the time Kites was being made, a movie called Blue was made, released, flopped, came to TV, lost TRPs, n got lost altogether, so they went for Kites.

With Barbara and all those Foreign locations and crew, and then an international version too, the movie’s budget was flying high like anything and hence they decided to name it Kites.

Some sources also tell that with the poster of Kites, they were trying to name the movie ‘Bites’ but the censor board didn’t allow that poster and the name together, so they changed the name and retained the poster.

A very simple thought was that with Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar also doing everything with K, Rakesh Roshan didn’t have many words left and so he simple said, K for Kite. And hence, Kites.

But the most probable reason is something else. As someone has said, the word Kites is a metaphor. I guess it is that. Kites was hyped, and so the opening the movie is receiving is awesome fantastic and wonderful. It’s reached the heights. Kites. Omg that rhymes. But then, with so less of story, the movie will, maybe come down and get lost somewhere, like a Kite. So, Kites.

So, I have thought of my reasons, choose yours or gimme some more. 😛

Kites: Music Review

Rajesh Roshan has come a long way from Julie to Kites. And here he composes again for the person he does it best. For his very own nephew Hrithik, for their home production, Anurag Basu directed Kites.

Now that the movie has been in limelight for quite some time, and Hrithik has not done a film for years now, expectations from the movie, as well as it’s music, have to be high. This is Anurag Basu’s next venture after his superfantabulousmusical Life in a Metro, doesn’t help lessen the expectations. So here is a review of an album with sky high expectations.
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Tum Bhi ho Wahi – Kites (Vishal Dadlani, Suraj Jagan): Lyrics n More

I was wondering what Rajesh Roshan was coming up with when I read the names of Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jagan on the cover of Kites. Definitely it had to be something Rocking, but then, the song starts on quite some low, easy on ears notes and it takes some time before Rajesh Roshan builds up what he has got both the Bollywood rockstars for. Interestingly, even that does not happen suddenly and the song goes from easy to rocking to rock slowly. The music in the background is interesting though there is nothing new from Rajesh Roshan in terms of instruments used.

Overall, the song, tum bhi ho wahi is quite foot tapping from the very start and quite likeable at the very first listening. Here are the lyrics of the song.

Tum bhi ho wahi, hum bhi hain wahi
Baat phir ye kyun, ab lagti hai nayi
Kya hua galat, aur kya sahi
Dono saath hain, sach to hai yehi

Yaadein bahut si reh gayi peechhe kahin
Ye pyaar ab aage hume kheenche kahin

Ke door tak bechain hai sab raaste
Iss haal mein tu muskara mere vaaste

Tum bhi ho wahi, hum bhi hain wahi
Baat phir ye kyun, ab lagti hai nayi
Kya hua galat, aur kya sahi
Dono saath hain, sach to hai yehi

Ab din dhale chaahe jahan ab shaam ho
Parwah kya ab chaahe jo anjaam ho

Woh aasmaan, ho ya zameen
Humne likha pyaar ko har kahin
Sheeshe ka hai har ek pal, iss mein chupa hai apna kal
Toote na ye sambhalo ise
Sheeshe ka hai har ek pal, iss mein chupa hai apna kal
Toote na ye sambhalo ise

Tum bhi ho wahi, hum bhi hai wahi
Baat phir yeh kyun, ab lagti hai nayi
Kya hua galat, aur kya sahi
Dono saath hain, sach to hai yehi

Kites in the Sky (Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne De’Mello): Lyrics and More

So finally Hrithik sings too. And that in an English and Spanish song, though the Espaol parts are sung by Suzanne D’Mello alone. The song has some good music and lyrics and Hrithik sings his part well. Suzanne is of course a wonderful singer and has done her work wonderfully.

Here are the lyrics of the song, as best as possible. The English lyrics are there as it is and the Spanish parts have been translated to English in brackets.

Quiero volar
Con ustedes esta noche
djame gozar
este momento

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Dil kyun ye mera shor kare (Kites): Lyrics n More

Quite. Calm. Deep, and Touching. Dil Kyun ye mera shor kare is probably the best and long lasting song of Kites. A slow and soulful composition of Rajesh Roshan gets a wonderful rendition by KK and the result is Dil Kyun Ye Mera. The five and half minute song sounds great right from the first note as KK starts humming behind the microphone. As the song proceeds, the melody gets better but the lyrics beat the melody too. In between you can feel some high notes on guitar that make me think of Metro for a few seconds. And then, the song comes back to KK. Love the song for it’s music. And more for it’s lyrics, and probably the most for KK. Or decide your own sequence.
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Zindagi Do Pal ki (Kites): Lyrics and More

Slow. Soft. Lovable. Wonderful. A bit nostalgic, and very typical. That’s Zindagi do pal ki. The first song of Kites that hit the television screens months ago is something worth listening to. Composer Uncle Rajesh Roshan brings KK to sing the song for Hrithik and he sings it so smoothly that after listening to the song five times, you feel like you have heard it hundred times and can hear a hundred times more.
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Hrithik Roshan Joins Twitter

As per the latest news Hrithik Roshan joined Twitter as @iHrithik. There has been no proper verification of the fact though, except that he was being followed by hundred plus people within 2 minutes after writing his first tweet, in favor of Karan Johar’s Shahrukh Khan starrer My Name is Khan.
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