Damadamm: Music Review (Himesh Reshammiya, Sachin Gupta)

Himesh Reshammiya in Sufi style, with background all bass, makes a nice start, but Damadamm masti masti mast kalandar part of the title song could be a bit more innovative I guess. Still, the song does sound nice, and with all those voices, there is almost no nasal factor in the song. Nice one. Worth a try even if you’re not a Himesh fan.

No touching (toucheeng). Only sing (seeng). Or Umrao Jaan, as they call it. Interesting. Not really quality stuff. Nasal too. But highly addictive. Dhol. Tabla. And not too much western background stuff. Not high quality, but interesting, I repeat.

Meri Gali Aaja ve Mahiya, the next, has strong bass in background, and is a bit of typical Himesh, but is a bit slow and if you don’t mind a slight nasal touch, or simply don’t hate Himesh’s voice, I guess you might well like it. Not bad, at least. Especially liked the last minute of the less than one minute song.

The next comes Madhushala, or Ishq Unplugged, that was earlier the title of the movie. Aditi Singh Sharma is really nice in her English rendition, while Himesh is highly nasal, beating even Saigal and at the same speed, for two lines, and then for two lines he comes to his natural self. In the second part Aditi also gets nasal, while Himesh gets all un-nasal immediately after. And while listening to all these ups and downs, I liked the song. Highly experimental, kinda addictive, and definitely worth a listen for the ups and downs it has got.
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Bodyguard: Music Review (Himesh Reshammiya, Pritam)

In Bodyguard title song, Salman tries to get a Dhinka chika done by Himesh and of course, success doesn’t come, not properly at least. But then the song can do well as a ‘title’ song, making a good background for the movie, and trailers.

Mika’s Desi beat is a nice try at a dance number, and the song should do fine, but again, Himesh doesn’t do any magic here, leaving me a bit disappointed.

What beats everything though, is Pritam’s I love you, sung by Ash King with Clinton Cerejo. Ash is not the best when it comes to diction and things like ‘main’ becoming almost ‘mein’ are common, but still his version sounds better than Shaan’s Unplugged. Typical of Pritam but lovely.

The next, Rahat and Shreya’s Teri meri meri teri prem kahani is a song with a complex, but lovely melody. The Himesh Reshammiya composition might take some time to grow on one, but sounds lovely nonetheless. In that context it reminds me of Anjaana Anjaani title track (by Vishal n Shilpa) though there is hardly any similarilty between the two. The unplugged version of the song is a little more interesting, though it doesn’t really seem necessary with the actual song quite easy on ears already. Nice sung by Rahat.

Overall, Bodyguard is not as good as I had expected, especially from Himesh. Though Pritam tries to make things better. And does that.

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Tum Chain Ho (Unplugged): Milenge Milenge: Lyrics and More

Ask me which singer gets the best track of Milenge Milenge and the answer may surprise you. At least if you haven’t heard the album. Well, with so many big singers around, if the name of Vineet Singh comes up, it IS big. But surprisingly, his version of Tum Chain ho, the unplugged one, looks like the best song of Milenge Milenge to me.

The song, a simple, sweet composition of Himesh Reshammiya, has its original version sung by Sonu Nigam along with Alka and Suzanne D’Mello while the unplugged version is sung by Vineet. And while Sonu sings the song amazingly like ever, Vineet looks no less and then he gets some more plus points for the calmness and purity of the song. Awesome singing by the guy. Must Listen.
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Milenge Milenge: Music Review

This is something rare. The music is out, but then I couldn’t find the CDs as yet, neither the music was there on Nokia Music Store, so I couldn’t buy it from there either. And then, it wasn’t there for free download. So I’m writing a review based on the 30 seconds Preview tracks I could find.

The first track of the album is a well known, typical Himesh Reshammiya thing, Kuch to baaki hai. The song is a slow, nostalgic, painful one, something like Humko Deewana kar gaye title track. Not bad, at least after a long break as I haven’t heard this type of a song for quite some time now.
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Kajraare: Music Review (Himesh Reshammiya)

Himesh Reshammiya is back. On and off the screen. I mean, he is there, composing, singing, and as they are writing there, acting too. The only thing before starting the review, he’s back in his old mode, in the one before Radio.

Kajraare opens with your very own Kajraare. No, don’t be angry. By your very own I mean like it or not, this song is going to be there with you. Very, Very Himesh. The only interesting thing in the song is that he has used both western and traditional instruments in the song, if only you can notice that behind Himesh’s voice. If you think you don’t like the song and can keep away from the song, I can only smile.

The second song of the album is again the one you might have heard already on TV, Rabba luck luck luck luck rabba luck barsa. Oops. Who is that in the voice over? Mahesh Bhatt I guess.. Well, whatever, the song is a typical Himesh song again which might easily stick to your tongue and you can be found cursing yourself for humming the song sometime. I won’t say it’s good but Himesh certainly what he’s doing. So not bad.

The third song of Kajraare, Aafreen, is actually one of the best songs of the album. Some good music with Indian traditional instruments and Dholak beats sound pretty good and if you don’t mind Himesh Reshammiya’s voice, the song is definitely worth listening to, and more than once. The slow song
also has Harshdeep Kaur singing near the end for sometime but most of it goes to Himesh only. Good but Himesh’d.

Before you listen to the fourth song of Kajraare, REDUCE VOLUME. Because if you don’t, you may get shocked by the sudden high voice of Himesh Reshammiya in Bhindi-lelo-aalu-lelo-paalak-lelo mode. I don’t know why he does that in the song which runs comparatively much smoother after the literally killing start. Tujhe Dekh ke armaan jaage is a soft number with beats, or something that can be close to it in Himesh’s voice. By the way, the song also has Shreya Ghoshal in there and she sings really soft and sweet in the song. You can listen to the song just for her.

Next comes Teriyaan Meriyaan which has some good, soft, music again. The interludes are really beautiful, especially the Santoor part of them, and the melody is good too. Himesh is nasal but doesn’t keeps his voice comparatively low, not going too high, while chakhne-pakne sound a bit interesting. With some other singer, the song could probably be a real interesting thing. Shreya doesn’t get to sing much of this one.

Wo Lamha Phir se Jeena hai sung by Himesh and Harshdeep is the next song of the album. This one is a beat based, typical song of Himesh Reshammiya that really isn’t ‘good’, to say the least. The melody isn’t bad but then Himesh packs the song with instruments and his voice doesn’t help much. I wonder if the song could have done well in the Himesh era but for now, chances are almost negligible, mostly because people not really look interested in his voice.

The last song of the album is again a traditional type, dholak based, and nose-talgic Sanu Guzra Zamana yaad aa gaya. Frankly, the song is good and the music is definitely worth listening to, and had anybody else sung the song, it would have been a hit for sure. In fact, the song doesn’t sound that bad to me with Himesh even but on a few points he just goes too nasal. Another Himesh’d, but good song. Btw, we have Sunidhi here too, if that matters.

Overall, Kajraare is totally a Himesh Reshammiya album where he sings from his nose almost everywhere. Still, if you don’t mind his voice for some good songs, go for Aafreen and Sanu Guzra Zamana. Teriyaan Meriyaan sounds okay too while Tujhe dekh ke armaan jaage has some really beautiful parts sung by Shreya.

In even more short, the Himesbhai is back. Be happy if you’re a fan. Beware else.

Sanu Guzra Zamana Yaad Aa Gaya – Kajraare (Lyrics n More)

Sanu Guzra Zamana is one of the best of the songs of Kajraare. OK. I know it’s sung by Himesh Reshammiya himself, again, and many people won’t bother to listen to the song. But the music of the song, once again on the beats of Dholak, sounds quite good and if you can bear with Himesh Reshammiya, the song is not bad. Or I can say like this, if he had given the song to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or someone, the song could have been a great one. Something that can actually be said about a number of his songs.

Anyway, Rahat, or for that matter, anyone else does not sing this song that goes like Wo kissa purana yaad aa gaya, sanu guzra zamana yaad aa gaya, so let me talk of the song as it actually is.

Well, good music, wonderfully simple orchestra, Sunidhi Chauhan, lyrics that pretty well match the music of the song, and Himesh Reshammiya. Overall, the song has four positives and one negative. Now it depends on you how much you like how badly you take that one negative. For me, I’m kinda liking it. In fact, after listening to the song for a few times, I’m fine here with the singing of Himesh too.

In short, good one. Go for it if you can bear with that voice.
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Aafreen – Kajraa re: Lyrics and more

And Himesh Reshammiya continues. We have some good music by Himesh Reshammiya in Afreen but the voice remains the same, old, supernasal, which is definitely ‘the’ repelling thing for most of the people.

The song, Aafreen, is a slow, duet song with dholak beats and kinda old background. As a result, the song reminds the listener of Dhoom tere ishq ki from Karzzz. Also, the song has long interludes and given the slow speed of the song, the song reaches almost 7 minutes, making the song sound way too long.

The song also has Harshdeep Kaur singing near the end but she doesn’t get to sing much. In short, the song reminds me of old Himesh, the one that existed before Radio.

Here are the lyrics of the song.
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Kuch to baaki hai – Milenge Milenge

Himesh is totally back. I mean you can certainly get to hear his voice in Kajraare where he’s the hero too, but then after a long time you can hear him In milenge milenge – the long pending venture of Satish Kaushik.

For now, the first song from the move is out and you can hear him crooning kuch to baaki hai, a slow number, belonging to the Himesh era only.

The Interesting thing is that after a long break, Himesh sounded good, at least to me, In the song. And in case you happen to be a Himesh fan, just be happy, your days are here, at least for sometime. Again.

kuch to baki hai..
kuchh to baaki hai..
Sab khatm ho ke bhi,
Tere mere darmiyaan,
Kuch to baaki hai…

kahin to kasak aisi
dil mein baaki hai..

Kajra Kajra Kajraa re – Himesh Reshammiya

Love it, Hate it, Get addicted or decide your own combination, whatever you do, you cannot ignore Himesh Reshammiya’s new song as long as you have access to television or radio. Right now, television is showing the promo of Kajra Kajra Kajraa re almost every minute (yes, literally, and I’m not counting all channels together) and the prophecy I made two hours ago is turning out to be true. The prophecy was simple, however be the singing, the music of the punch line, Kajra Kajra Kajra re is addictive and will stick to tongues soon. Though nobody will dare sing it. After all, we know who has sung it and how.

Here are the lyrics and the video.

na main jaaga na main soya
ujhko dekh ke sudhbudh khoya
maar gayi
mati maar gayi matvaare
kajra kajra kajraa re

Himesh goes back nasal in Rabba Luck Barsa (Kajraa re)

Himesbhai is back. Well, if you think he was back some time earlier with Radio too, I’m not talking of that Himesh. I am here talking of Himesbhai, the one who was there before Radio, in Aap ka Suroor and other movies. And that can be seen in his song, Rabba Luck Barsa.

The traces of Title song that I saw during the first promo also had a nasal touch and now I can listen to Himesh singing Mahiya se deedar kara de rabba luck barsa in a fairly nasal style, though I doubt if he’s actually singing as nasal as he did earlier.

In case u wanna see Himesh in his old avatar, here is a video.

Radio – Love on Air: Movie Review

Is it really going to affect you what I write here about the movie? Well, if it doesn’t and you think Himesh Reshammiya cannot be any good, this is the end of the review. But if you still think there is a chance, here I go.

The last movie I had seen in a cinema hall was De Dana Dan. And though De Dana Dan came from a master filmmaker, I think this attempt of novices which is called Radio – Love on Air, was better than De Dana Dan and I would give them both at least equal stars. My reason: It was fresh. Additional, could be Reason: I had expected a big fat zero from Radio, as I had gone to see an experiment and not a movie.

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Critics Failing it, Radio looks like a hit

“I’ve started respecting Himesh Reshammiya. People said he had voice of an ass and he changed it. People said he can’t act and now he’s acted too.”

This was the first input I got on Radio.

No. Do not expect Radio to be a wonderful 4-5 star or even a 3-star rated movie, but Himesh Reshammiya HAS ACTED even according to the critics who give him a one and half star.

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Rafa Dafa Kiya Nahi Jaaye (Radio – Love on Air)

A little, lovely song from Himesh Reshammiya’s Radio – Love on Air, which reminds me of 90’s songs with Nadeem Shravan’s music and Vinod Rathod’s voice. The song sounds like it’s being played on an orchestra we once used to see in North Indian weddings, largely because of the drums being played in the background.Set in a light mood, the song has depth too, and Himesh’s voice, for the first time, sounds innocent to me. Check out the song if you haven’t yet. Here are the lyrics.

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Radio: Music Review (Himesh Reshammiya)

I had written this music review of Himesh Reshammiya’s Radio in August on my old blog, musicalized. Now that Radio is about to release soon, here is the music review of Radio again:

Himesh Reshammiya is here again. With his new movie: Radio – Love on Air. In a new voice. Yes, the CD cover claims ‘New Voice’ above the song list. पढ़ना जारी रखें “Radio: Music Review (Himesh Reshammiya)”