Dam 999: Music Review (Ouseppachchan)

Mujhe chhod ke kyun gayi, dil tod ke kyun chali.. when Hariharan starts singing, it sounds like an okay start. Okay because for once you feel that the lyrics have just been set on the music. Or something like that. And then you wonder whether the song will survive, because it’s really slow. But somehow it grows on you, and by the time you finish listening to it, you can play it again. At least I could.

Shreya’s version of the song is more or less the same, except that Shreya’s voice sounds more serious, a little heavier, than her regular voice. Nice.

The next song is a discovery. Of a singer. K Niran is the name and the guy reminded me of KK from the very start even though the voice did not sound much like KK’s. The song, Baat ye kya, is a slow number with very light, background’ish touch of rock in the arrangements. Frankly, the song is lovely, and the singer sings really nice. Problem: Pronunciation, diction. Hope it’ll get better with time, hoping he sings more Hindi.
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Coke Studio India. June 17th. 7 PM. MTV.

Coke Studio is finally in India. And while there may be questions about the credibility of the show and comparisons to its much older Pakistani counterpart, I am quite hopeful and almost sure that this will be a wonderful experience for us.

For now, here is some detail about the show, mostly about who all are gonna be there on the show.

The show will have twenty artistes. While the top Bollywood line of the show comprises of Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, KK and Sunidhi Chauhan, we’ll also see Kailash Kher, Richa Sharma, Shruti Pathak, and Benny Dayal from Bollywood singers.

Besides, there will be Raghu Dixit, or should I say The Raghu Dixit Project, the well known name from Bangalore; once so popular Colonial Cousins – Hariharan and Leslie Lewis; comparatively lesser known Bollywood singers Harshdeep Kaur and Akriti Kakkar (Harshdeep is winner of two television reality shows and has even sung for A R Rahman in Rang De Basanti, Akriti has almost twenty movies to her credit where she has sung); and the singer of mora saiyyan, aankhon kay sagar, mitwa, and many more, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.

Then there are Sabri Brothers*, Aftab and Hashim Sabri, qawwali singers who have sung for Hindi films as well, my best memory being of Allah Allah from Yeh Dil Ashiqana (no idea how crappy the movie was but the songs were good, the qawwali being one of the best) and Tumse mil ke dil ka hai jo haal from Main hoon na.

Also the show will have Sufi singers Puranchand and Pyarelal Wadali i.e. Wadali Brothers there too. The pair has also sung a couple of songs for Bollywood, the latest being Rangrez in Tanu weds Manu.

In lesser known singers, which could and should make the real life of the show, there will be Assamese Bihu specialist Khagen Gogoi, Tamilnadu’s once-a-singer-at-thirteen Chinna Ponnu, another Assamese Mausam Gogoi, maker of boatmen band Majhi Mallah Saurav Mandal and New Delhi’s eclectic music group Advaita.

What is still a confusion though, is that while the list above is given on the ‘Artists’ page of the Coke Studio website, there is another sentence that says ‘The collaborations are so eclectic as to bring together Shafqat Ali and Shruti Pathak, Sunidhi Chauhan and Wadali Brothers, Kailash Kher and Papon, Shankar Mahadevan and Khogen Da, and Bombay Jayshree, Richa Sharma and Rashid Khan among others‘ while going by the list, I won’t find Papon, Bombay Jayshree and Rashid Khan on the show.

* My guess is that there is some mix up regarding them on the Coke Studio’s official website, they claim that Sabri Brothers are a Pakistani Qawwali party.

Kashmakash – Music Review (Sanjoy-Raja, Gulzar)

Shreya Ghoshal is a singer who proves her metal whenever there is a chance. This one is no exception and one is spellbound as she sings Manwa aage bhaage re to start Kashmakash, the Hindi version of Rituparno Ghosh’s Noukadubi. The slow number has very light background music and Shreya takes the song ahead on her own, and so delightfully. Loved to hear this one. Especially if you listen to Gulzar’s words carefully.

Hariharan starts singing the second song khoya kya of the album like he were Ustaad Hariharan. I mean to say, Hariharan has always been wonderful with his singing but this time the depth in his voice almost beats himself. My guess is that he’s getting better with age, if there is scope. Gulzar is definitely better in this one. A bit on the philosophical side, it’ll be definitely loved if you’re one for the slow, serious singing.

The next song Teri Seemayein again brings in Shreya. A well sung one again, though I found the lyrics a bit confusing at some points. Probably haven’t been able to decipher the words of the maestro.

The next song, Naav Meri, brings in Hariharan and Madhushree. While the song treads at a slightly higher pace than the rest, the lyrics are absolutely delightful and hence the song completely touched me. In fact the arrangement of the song is interesting too as it seems to moving like a boat itself. Do listen to this one. Doob ke shayad is nauka ko mil jaaye kinara..

The last track of the album is a rendition of Tagore’s anandloke, mangalaloke by Sudeshna Chatterjee and choir. The good part is that even with my very limited Bangla knowledge, I was able to understand most of it.

Overall, Kashmakash is one delightful album with slow and meaningful songs and if you’re one for the kind, this treat with the big names like Hariharan, Shreya and Gulzar should not be missed, even if contains just four Hindi songs.

You can buy the album from flipkart here.

Music Review: Robot: Hindi

Robot, the Hindi version of Rajnikant-Aishwarya’s Enthiran was a much waited album, composed by A R Rahman. Here is a review of the album.

The album starts with O Naye Insaan and you get to know that this Robot is going to be actually robotic. The song anyhow sounds good as Srinivas croons in two almost different voices, doing the awesome work that is done by two people in Tamil and Telugu. The song has a deep electronic effect and you can feel you’re listening to some sci-fi music. The song is mechanical from the very start and the beginning is the most interesting, I’d say addictively so. But the lyrics are too tough and I doubt many people would be able to understand much in the first few times. Khatija, Rahman’s daughter who sings for the first time here, sounds like a child and I guess it’ll take some time before she should come to sing full-fledged.
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Chand ke Saath: Music Review

Frankly, I don’t think I am good enough to review an album that consists of only Asha Bhosle, Roop Kumar Rathod and Hariharan only. So you may consider this one as just my opinion about the album. The album is composed by Sudeep Bannerjee and lyrics are written by Jai Shankar Mishra.
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Road to Sangam: Music Review

All I was expecting here was a good film without much, or maybe any music. But I got a good album too. As can be expected, the songs of the album believe more in good lyrics but the music is good enough not to get you bored, IF you are interested in words. The music is composed by Sandesh Shandilya, Nitin Kumar Gupta-Prem Hariya, and Vijay Mishra, and I still haven’t been able to figure out who has composed which song. So we’ll simply move to the review.
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