Bubblegum (2011): Music Review (Bapi-Tutul, Hanif Sheikh)

Bubblegum starts with the title song, Bubblegum, sung by Salim Merchant. The peppy-poppy song sounds okay and may work well as a background number.

The next number, Holika, is a Holi song sung by Kailash Kher, with very typical-traditional dholak based song with Indian style rap in between, something that reminds me of Raghubeer Yadav in Kailash’s voice. Nice one if you are up for this.

Javed Ali’s soft, romantic ‘nostalgia‘ is ready to talk one into childhood with very light music, just supporting the words. Totally liked even though the song is hardly musical. Nice job by Javed.

The last track, Party song, is a three minute parody by Hanif Sheikh with just one to two lines taken from every song, more of them of before ’90s. A little funny, okay.

If you ask me in one word, Bubblegum is ‘different.’ Not exactly good, but not really bad for an album from which I was expecting almost nothing, mainly because of Javed’s Nostalgia.

Paathshaala: Music Review (Hanif Shaikh)

After waiting for ages, Paathshala is finally coming. But not like an old piece work. In fact the album sounds quite fresh with all the songs sung by Salim Merchant, Vishal Dadlani, Lucky Ali and Kailash Kher. Frankly, composer Hanif Shaikh has done some good work and the album is certainly worth listening to, and many of the songs worth a dance too. No wonder the movie has Shahid Kapoor. Here is a review of the album.
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Bekaraar (Paathshaala): Lucky Ali: Lyrics n More

Lucky Ali is back with a bang. While he is in the process of launching his album Xsuie online, he can be found in Paathshala too, singing Bekaraar in his well known style. The song, Bekaraar, is a good composition of Hanif Sheikh that suits Lucky’s voice well. The lyrics are good and though the song has only one Antara, one almost falls in love with the song listening to it for the first time as Lucky Ali sings in his typical, lovable voice that has such a huge fan following.

If I am sounding incoherent, just stop reading and go listening. Here are the lyrics of Bekaraar.
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