Best lyrics of 2009

No. This is not a poll/vote/awards or any fight like that. Here I am simply sharing some good words of the year 2009 that I found appealing due to various reasons. It can be a line, a mukhda, an antara, a complete song, or a complete album. So here comes my list. Don’t worry about numbers. They’re just for time pass.

1. Aarambh hai prachand: This list could hardly have a better start. I still remember that from the Gulaal promo during Dev.D, I had taken only these words home. I love the entire song, but the first line, Aarambh hai prachand gives the song the start it deserves. And then, there was Duniya, composed, sung, written by Piyush Mishra. Ye Duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai was probably the best tribute Sahir could have. Through the genius of Piyush Mishra.

2. Sapno se bhare Naina: Believe it or not, I consider them one of the best lines composed by Javed Akhtar ever. When you start withChhoo le ise sagar jise har koi maane, you think it’s good. The next line Paani hai wo ya ret hai ye kaun jaane, even better, wow. Superb. And then, the next two lines beat them, Jaise ki din se rain alag hain, sukh hai alag aur chain alag hai and I thought that was the climax, until I heard par jo ye dekhe wo nain alag hain, chain to hai apna sukh hain paraye. The giant wave has passed from over my head. No matter what Shankar Mahadevan sings now. I am mesmerized. Drenched in those words.
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ab mujhe koi intezar kahan (Ishqiya)

Rekha Bharadwaj is one great talent. And the best part is that she gets to sing Gulzar’s words on Vishal’s tunes. And while many singers might have reasons to be jealous, she keeps on proving her talent again and again. Ab mujhe koi intezar kahan is one such instance. The song is a great one by Gulzar and has been sung as deeply by Rekha. A slow, soft, deep song you’d love to listen to.
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Ishqiya: Music Review

Genius + Genius = Superb Work. Mostly.

Well. Ishqiya is something like that only. Here you have Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar. And with them come Sukhwinder Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Rekha Bharadwaj, and, Mika. The result is certainly good.

OK. First, the bad thing about the album. That there are just four songs in the album (packed as seven tracks though) which was a bit disappointing when I saw the track listing. Second, will be updated when found. 😉

Enough, a seriously good album and here comes a serious review. As good as I can right now.
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Dil to Bachcha Hai Ji: Ishqiya

The reason lot of people don’t listen to Hemant Kumar is not that his singing and that music doesn’t appeal to them, but simply because it’s old. In fact it’s not just about Hemant Kumar but many other old composers who are liked even now but not paid attention by many of us only because their music is old now and we want to listen to new music.

But then, we can always have old back here in new form. Something like that is done by Vishal Bharadwaj in Ishqiya’s song Dil to Bachcha hai ji. No, the song is not picked up from some old movie or something. But he comes up with a composition which sounds as old as some tune of fifty or sixty years back from now.

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Ibnbatuta.. Bagal mein Joota.. Phurr Phurr..

It’s addictive. And I’m loving it.

Yes, the one odd minute trailer of Ishqiya is out and the one minute is enough to get you humming phurr phurr. Vishal Bharadwaj, Gulzar and Sukhwinder Singh. After giving a Dhan te nan, team Omkara is here again with a new magic. And my guess is that one partner of this magical song is Mika Singh too as the voice before Sukhwinder sounds like that of Mika only.

Here is the video released by Shemaroo.
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