Book Review: The Asocial Networking – Dhiraj Kumar

Why this Review?

Because the author asked me if I’d like to review a book, and I said yes, and received the book a few days later, AND the author kept asking me when I’d write the review.

Why this Book?

I hope the author knows. I think it’s because he had a thought in his mind on which he thought of writing a book and just went ahead. Not like I am against the book or something, but I’d prefer a white paper or something on the subject rather than a book.
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How to remove Who to Follow from your Twitter

Irritated and annoyed by this new, stubborn feature of Twitter called ‘Who to Follow’ that looks like part of Twitter’s Facebookization? Well, here is a temporary solution. It still has to be seen how long it lasts.

I know that if we keep clicking the cross signs, all the suggestions keep coming back like they do in Facebook, but the trick is to click ‘View all’ under the suggestions and when you reach the page full of suggestions, just put your mouse at ‘hide’ and keep clicking as all of them hide one by one. Some twenty clicks and your Twitter is back to its normal, old self.

Now that I have done this, suggestions are not there at present but sooner or later they will come back. Now how successful is the method depends on how long does Twitter wait before I get suggestions.

Update: The thing works for say, one day, after which Twitter comes with a few more suggestions. However, if you are a Chrome user, you can remove the thing for always, with this app.