Kartick and Gotam: Music Review

I got five songs of Kartick and Gotam from EarthSync a few days back. Here is a review of those songs.

The first song happens to be Bonjour, which is a theme piece with percussion beats in the background and flutes and vocals taking most of the fore, generally at different times. The end comes as the best part where background fuses with the vocals and flutes together. Something that starts in a meditative mood and ends up giving you quite a high.

The second one, Tamil Bossa, is a wonderful piece that starts with wind instruments and comes up to BhagvadGeeta’s ‘nainam chhindanti shastrani.’ The background has some wonderful fusion of so many instruments that I can’t probably count, even beeps making some part of it. But the good, and somewhat surprising thing is that it all comes together pretty good, making Tamil Bossa a good song to listen to.
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Kartick and Gotam Hit Mumbai Today

Great news for the fans of non-film music. Oops, this one is only for those in Mumbai. Music producer Patrick Sebag (Kartick) and Sound Designer Yotam Agam (Gotam) are coming to Mumbai today with their collaborative project called Business Class Refugees.

Kartick and Gotam are Global musicians in its truest sense as they mix local music from around the world with Electronica. They collaborate with local musicians to overlay local artistic interpretation and signatures.

You can get a feel of their music at the EarthSync website, and choose whether this world class expression of music is made for you. And you, made for this experience.

Here are the details of the show.

Date: July 16 & 17, 2230 onwards
Location: Blue Frog, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Artists: Yotam Agam, Patrick Sebag, Mahesh Vinayakam (Vocal), Yoav Benzel (Drums), Padma Shankar (Violin), Eyal Mazig (Bass), Meher Malik (Dance)

For more details, you can mail to connect@earthsync.com, tweet to twitter.com/earthsync, or simply make a call to Georgina D’ Costa at 04442052532.

Katalu Talu (Midival Punditz Remix) – A New Day

If you have heard Katalu Talu, you must be knowing that it’s one of the very songs of Laya Project that characterize the name EarthSync. Katalu Talu, to me, is a wonderful piece of music that is actually the music of the earth, it’s very soul. It doesn’t have those instruments we think are essential for music, and still gives you some wonderful music, telling you that music is not just about instruments and actually they are merely a part of it.

OK. Back to review.

Well, there you have this very basic, earth-touching song, and then you have the song in the hands of MIDIval Punditz, the hands that are experts in Electronica. It could probably make or break things, but here, it’s certainly made things, and made them really good. More than changing the basics of the song, they have added their magic to it, which starts right at the start of the song. The small spaces left in the original song are beautifully filled with the MIDIval Punditz’s touch and thus, you get another likeable, lovable six minutes long track. Yes, that matters because the original track is something above four and half minutes. So good work by MIDIval punditz as they add their own bit to some wonderful music.

Nium Nium – A New Day, Laya Project Remixed (EarthSync)

When I heard their music for the first time, I knew EarthSync had some real awesome music with them. I told them that and soon they asked me to review a few tracks. Believe me, it took me the longest ever to review even one track. Because I never knew how to review something that was so beyond me that I could only ‘feel’ it.

Still, I am trying to explain here how their tracks have affected me. I think that can be counted as a review because their words are not in my language and something like analyzing their instruments will hardly be able to give you any idea of its goodness.
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