Skylight’s Shaan Live in Concert at Palace Grounds, Bangalore

Kal Shaam, it was Shaan. I have seen Shankar, Sonu, KK, Euphoria, and a few more before this, and this was probably not better than either of them, but then, it wasn’t much less than most of them, and after this long, it was a treat to watch that concert.

The show started at eight. First there was June Bannerjee for a couple songs and then Shaan came in with Behti Hawa sa tha woh, to merge it soon into Don title track. The next song happened to be Jab se tere naina and then, it was good old Shaan for some time, from Tune Mujhe Pehchana Nahin to Woh Pehli baar and then even to a much newer Hum jo chalne lage hain from Jab We Met.

At the time, things were going really good as a nostalgic feeling goes with those good old Shaan songs, but then he jumped to Main Aisa kyun hoon, which was, disappointingly, badly sung, with some mixed-up lyrics and less-than-perfect-for-the-song band. Things again got a bit better when Shaan started singing Chanda Mama so gaye in the mid of main aisa kyun hoon and went on to sing one love, followed by some songs of Sajid-Wajid (Partner n Welcome title) and Rahman composed Humdum Suniyo re.

He also sang two lines of Life bahot simple hai from Stanley ka Dabba before starting a lovely Bum bum bole, but couldn’t sing a third line of the former. Then there was a fast paced, remix version of Musu Musu and a well-subhanallah-ed Chand Sifarish.

After this he was joined by June for some duets that included a not-so-beautiful Hey Shona followed by a train of apna har din – gazab bhayo rama – u r my love – aa khushi se khudkushi karle, after which June broke into a exceptionally well sung Beedi. Exceptionally well sung cuz June wasn’t performing too good and more than that I didn’t expect anyone other than Sunidhi to sound well in that song. She later made things worse with Desi girl and I once again felt that she probably sounded more unconvincing than ever when it came to singing English words.

Anyway, as June left the stage around 9:40, Shaan went on to sing a new series of songs that went like rock n roll soniye – dus bahane – deewangi (OSO) – rock the dance floor – bindass – koi kahe and all is well.

Then Shaan went all emotional about a song that would probably be remembered even when he was gone (this was the time people were shouting for Bhool ja and Tanha dil) and started singing Behti Hawa sa Tha Woh. I was a bit irritated when he mixed up a few lyrics in that one as well, after saying so much about the song. If you are reading this by any chance, Shaan, please remember that song well, if u think it will be remembered well after you’re gone.

After this, when it was almost ten, or probably a few minutes past that, he started singing Tanha dil, and with every note I knew this was what I was waiting for, and I guess the response from the public was quite the same. The disappointment came when I realized after the first para that he wasn’t going to complete the song because of the time restrictions. Then he sang some lines of Bhool ja as well, after which I started walking, applauding the band members whose names I unfortunately don’t remember now. And while out of sight, I realized he was playing Where’s the party tonight to end the show.

In all, the show was good and though there were a few negatives like his not too wide range (as compared to Sonu Nigam and Shankar, I’d say) and some mixed-up lyrics, I did enjoy the show and if you were there, I hope you did enjoy as well.

PS: Somewhere in between, he also sang a para of Eno Onthara, which made a pop corn seller sit down in an empty chair n watch the show for a minute, instead of roaming around and selling. 🙂

Getting Lucky with Lucky Ali

I was not a huge fan of Lucky Ali until I was given that masterpiece called ‘Get Lucky’ by my brother. But then, that one cassette changed things for me and Lucky Ali was one of the biggest names in music for me. After some time I reached college and met a guy called Vaidyanathan aka ydntn aka YD (letters going with years), who was mad about Lucky Ali, and who happened to become one of my closest friends in the coming years. I guess at that time, the only thing he ‘actually’ knew about Hindi music was Lucky Ali. Yes, he had literally used up his cassette of Get Lucky and eventually bought another one after some time.

Six and half years down the line, we were all together, some of us college friends, actually for the Aero Show (which I skipped) in Bangalore but also planning to go for the Bryan Adams concert while I got to know from one of the friends that Lucky Ali would also be playing the same night, at UB City. Now, this YD guy and I were decided that we were going for the Lucky Ali show even thought we had got passes for Bryan Adams concert. Eventually, we all went to Lucky Ali and though we couldn’t get to hear Summer of 69, we got lucky with Lucky Ali, and also, Sachin Tendulkar.

Well, let me come to the concert first. When we reached there, there was a band called Junkyard Groove playing there. While I remember not taking the band seriously when they came to VIT when I was there, this time I liked a few of their songs, including a Twinkle Twinkle little star, how much I love you just the way you are. And after JYG were gone, there was Lucky Ali.
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