Music Review – Soch Lo. Consider it.

I didn’t know any such movie existed, but when I started listening to the album, I was stuck on the first song I heard for some 5-6 times. And then, the whole album was a surprise for me. Here is a review.

Dedh inch Oopar is a song written, composed and sung by Charu Moohan who makes a debut here, and a very impressive one at that. The song is a slow, soft, very relaxing kind that makes you feel like you’re relaxing yourself on a beach. A must listen thing.
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Dedh Inch Oopar

Today I was planning to write a review of this new album called Soch Lo, composed by Charu Moohan, a guy I had not really heard much about, and Nitesh Pires, a guy who had launched an album one or two years back and I had liked one song. But I was somehow interested in the album and I started listening to it.

I started listening to the song, Dedh inch Oopar hoon main, and I was stuck. Believe me, before going to the second song, I heard dedh inch upar some 5-6 times. And interestingly, after listening to the entire album, I was back to the song again.
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