Book: Dilli to Pagal Hai (Shivjeet Kullar)

Dilli to Pagal HaiThe story of buying Dilli to Pagal Hai (DTPH) is interesting. I was in the Bangalore Book Festival, which is running from 6th to 15th November, 2009. I had been through the bookfair and was tired, having a plain Dosa and Appy while my friend told me that we had bought total 13 books. And then, I decided it wasn’t a good number and we needed to buy one more. The reason that was running in my mind was that I was already running behind my schedule in completing 50 books for the year and didn’t want any bad signs. So I once again entered the Hall 2, where books were on display. I had thought of buying a book from The Times Group stall and this time it caught my eye which it had missed the last time (yeah, they’re no Arjunas, they miss the eye of the customer they have to fish) and finally, after loving the title, the cover and part of first article, I bought it.

I do not know if it’s exactly a book review, but now that I have almost finished the book and even the story of how-I-got-this-piece-on-my-hands, it’s very normal that I tell you how I liked the book, or am liking it as there are still 20 pages remaining. पढ़ना जारी रखें “Book: Dilli to Pagal Hai (Shivjeet Kullar)”