Music Review: Bol (Atif Aslam)

Atif Aslam’s debut and Khuda kay Liye director Shoaib Mansoor’s second film. That is BOL for you. Here is a review of the album composed by Shoaib Mansoor, Atif, Sajjad Ali and Sarmad Ghafoor.

The album starts with an expected Atif Aslam song in an unexpectedly easy on ears song, Hona tha Pyaar, one that Atif sings like a singer and not like Atif. Hadiqa Kiyani is a beautiful co-singer here.

The next song, Sajjad Ali’s Din Pareshan Hai, is a beautiful, slightly sad, and quite a bit philosophical nazm. Definitely good.

Hadiqa Kiyani’s solo Dil janiya is the next track and the way she starts singing (somewhat in a Richa Sharma or Jaspinder style, just to get an idea) tells you why she’s so popular in Pakistan. Though I was not equally appreciative of her rap. Lovely song, also tells me about the unknown-to-me usage of Hindi in Pakistan. The word was jitna vi soch-‘vichar’ kar le, diljaniya.

The next song Saiyan Boliyan has a folk and classical touch and hence is a bit different here. The song credited to Shabnam Majid, Sahir Ali Bugga and Bina Jawad has a really sweet voice singing the main song while the alaaps taken in between give the song something to add. Nice one again.
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FALTU: Music Review (Sachin-Jigar)

The album starts with a typical Atif song, Leja tu mujhe. Sachin Jigar create another likable but so-usual number for Atif and he sings it regularly. You can have a feel of Prince here, but I’d say the song is better than an average song of Prince. Still, you miss nothing if you don’t listen to it.

When you listen to the lyrics of Chaar baj gaye, for once you feel that the song is a try to make another Amplifier, but then there are certain differences and Hard Kaur is a bit different from what she does in every second album nowadays. The song is okay in composition but the mixture of composition, lyrics and vocals should be enough to make the song a party thing, that, if it reaches enough people.

In the next, Rab sab se sona, Sachin-Jigar do a full Pritam and make Neeraj Shridhar do a song that is typical him. The song, a relatively slow composition, works simply for its arrangements that completely go with Neeraj’s voice.

The next song, awaaz, is sung by one of the composer duo, Jigar. And while the lyrics of the album seem to stand out from the first two lines, very soon one may find similarities to A R Rahman and Sohail Sen’s patriotic compositions (latter from KHJJS). Still, the song is not too similar to any song and sounds like a good one with some fine lyrics and some likable music as well. Do try this one.

With Mika and a song named Fully Faltu, the album takes a one eighty turn and comes to a completely I-will-make-you-hum-this-at-any-cost song. Yes, aaltu-jalaltu part of the song is a bit catchy, very easy, and highly repeated so that one’s mind is almost pressurised to place it somewhere. Nothing too great, but with the tactics and promos, it should work.

Vijay Prakash and Priya Panchal come next with Gale laga le, another compositions with slight Rahman effects. I suppose this is no coincidence that the composers have come up with one of Rahman’s favorite singers. But beyond Vijay, I liked the voice of Priya who seemed to sing something like Shilpa Rao and somehow Alyssa Mendona too. Though I liked the song, I don’t think the song offers a lot more than awaaz.

Nayee Subah is sung again by Jigar, but this time it’s something like Ale (Golmaal 3). I wonder how I’m able to find everything in the album similar to something else, but this is what I feel with every song I hear in the album.

Anyway, while the penultimate song, O Teri, sung by Jigar again, is more about seen and unseen Obscenities, Neuman Pinto’s Percentage somehow sounds somewhat like Ten on ten, but on a completely different topic. While the lyrics of the song had a huge scope of being better, the overall song somehow manages to sound okay.

Overall, in terms of music, F.A.L.T.U. does not literally characterizes its name, but is not on the opposite end either. While for a comedy songs are not too bad, in certain place there is a lot to be done. While there is not much new, songs like char baj gaye and awaaz are worth a try.

Music Review – Prince It’s Showtime

If there is one person who seems to be getting it big with Prince It’s Showtime, it’s composer Sachin Gupta. The guy has mostly got lesser known and comparatively low budget movies before this but this time the ehsaan itna sa kar de guy has got none other than Atif Aslam to sing half the songs of his huge soundtrack of 16, many of them remixes.
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Atif Concert in Bangalore Kinda #Fail

Yesterday’s Atif show at Palace Grounds Bangalore wasn’t what I had expected from it to be. Neither there was good arrangement nor a show by Atif with standards I had expected. After this show, I’d say that Atif is a huge, but still quite a raw talent.

The show, called Tu Jaane Na, had to start at 7 and 7:20 I reached there with 3 of my friends, two girls among them. The first problem was that my friends were searching rest rooms and there were none available for people with Rs 850 tickets. The lowest one, that is. That is something I have never faced in any concerts anywhere. We were unable to use a restroom even after trying to talk to at least 5-6 people in various teams making arrangements for the show.

Anyway, after a wait of almost an hour Atif was there, in white T-shirt and a brown hat. The guy started singing Bakhuda tum hi ho of Kismat Konnection and got a huge applause. He made a few improvisations in the song and tried more melody, which was likable. Then he went on to sing meri humjoliyaan kuch yahan kuch wahan, ehsaas (main ek fard hoon), Mahi ve, Tera Hone Laga hoon, Doorie, Meri Kahani, Kinara, Parandey, wo lamhe, mahiya ve soniya ve, kuch is tarah, mera piya ghar aaya, allah hu, tere bin, hum kis gali ja rahe hain, pehli nazar mein, sajna tere bina, tu jaane na, Aadat, mostly the Jal band version of it and some more. Besides his own and Jal songs, songs also included some popular numbers of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and probably some of Abida Parveen too. He added lines from Ae Zindagi Gale Laga le while singing ehsaas and sang some lines of Gulabi aankhen too. Expectedly, that was loved by all.
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Atif Aslam Concert in Bangalore

Yes, Atif is coming to Bangalore on 13th February, 2010. Venue: as usual, Palace Grounds. There is report that the show, called Tu Janne Na, will be supporting Kids who have AIDS.

The ticket prices for the show start from Rs 850, and go to 1250 and 2000 for Level 2 and Level 1 respectively.

The tickets for the show can be booked from TicketFlare or BookMyShow.